Friday, March 23, 2012

What Happen's on Friday's At Hillwood

Each Friday Miss Morehead comes in and we do the blog. Miss Morehead is Oliver's mom. The blog is called The Hillwood Herald. The blog is when we wright an artical and post them on the blog. After we do the blog, we have art. Our art teacher is Anna. Anna is Rubina's mom. After art we have lunch and we go to the park. When we come back we have study hall and we have a selling test. On Friday's we have thirty mins of study hall instead of 45 because of our science class which is really fun. On our third time we flew our hang gliders. After the day is over at 3:00, we go down stairs and we watch a movie!

claymation video first take

Last Friday, I made a claymation at home about a rabbit eating a carrot and then gets eaten by a snake. It toke 3 hours to make and video tape. First I made the vegetable garden, then the rabbit, and then the snake. I had to download a stop-video app on my tablet to video tape the thing. I would move the rabbit or the screen very slightly and then click the screen. Then the app would combine the images to make a video.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Freaky Life of a Freaky Man, Author of Many Freakin' Good Freaky Stories

Edgar Allan Poe was a writer, literacy critic, and poet. Edgar Allan Poe was
the first American author who tried to live off of his writings. He wrote many articles, stories, and reviews. He also worked in a newspaper company called Southern Literary Messenger. He was part of the Romantic Movement and was the first American author to start writing short stories and grotesque mysteries. In 1845, Poe wanted to start publishing his own magazine. Unfortunately, he died before he could do it. Some of the genres that he wrote in were macabre, detective, and science fiction.
Most of Poe’s stories are about being buried alive because while he was serving in the army, he saw people getting buried alive.
Born in 1809 to a family of traveling actors, Poe became one of the world’s greatest authors. In 1811, after both of his parents died of tuberculosis, Edgar Allan Poe began living with John and Frances Allan, who never formally adopted him. Later in Poe’s life, he fell in a pool of debts but John Allan refused to pay for them.
The paternal grandfather of Edgar Poe, David Poe, was of Irish descent. He spent lots of money while aiding the American Revolution. His son, (also David Poe), abandoned his law studies and became an actor. On stage, he met an actress named Elizabeth Arnold. It was love at first sight. They married afterwards.
In 1807, a baby boy named William Henry Poe was born. They went to Boston. There, the second son Edgar Allan Poe was born. David Poe fought with his wife and drank a lot. Their baby girl, Rosalie, was born in 1810.
In 1811, both Elizabeth and David got sick with tuberculosis and died. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Usher, (people who worked in the theatre), took care of Edgar and Rosalie. But on the day after Christmas, a terrible fire destroyed the Richmond Theatre.
Poe’s paternal grandparents raised Henry Poe. A Machenzie family raised Rosalie Poe. The Allans took in Edgar Poe. John and Frances Allan took in Edgar happily but never formally adopted him.
Frances was, like Eliza, always suffering from some illness. Frances was an orphan herself. Since she was living in a childless marriage, she accepted Edgar. Frances was poorly educated, but was a very good housewife and created lots of comfort for the growing Edgar.
John Allan was the son of a seafaring family in Scotland. He traveled to America at age 16 to work for his uncle, William Galt, Virginia’s leading merchant. John Allan worked as a tobacco exporter. John Allan and his family had three slaves.
John Allan was extremely mad at his uncle for not giving him a normal education. He believed that a man, (or woman), has to “stand on his/her own two feet.” Edgar Allan Poe was expected to do the same. Some people say that John Allan might have had an illegitimate child.
John Allan sent Edgar Poe to the best boarding schools and later on to Virginia University.
Edgar had a boyhood friend, Elmira Royster, who was a fifteen-year-old girl when Edgar was seventeen in the Virginia University. Edgar sent her love letters but never received a reply. He later found out that Elmira’s father was against Edgar sending love letters to his daughter and burnt all of the love letters before his daughter could read them. Maybe this unshared love was the reason why Edgar began drinking and gambling, which completely destroyed his relationship with John Allan.
Edgar sent letters to John Allan asking for money. John Allan sent him the least amount of money as possible. Edgar considered that “abusive” and instead of trying to live with what he had, he began gambling, even more, to get more money. Instead, that behavior left him with a greater debt.
In 1825, John Allan’s uncle was breakfasting in their home. At the end of his meal, he slouched in his chair and died. Edgar witnessed it. William Galt was considered one of the richest men in Richmond. He left absolutely everything, estimated to almost one million dollars, to his nephew John Allan but that money did not help Edgar in any way.
On May 26, 1827, Edgar Allan Poe entered the Army under the name Edgar A. Perry. Edgar published a book called, Tamerlane, and other stories. Since he did not want to be asked about his book in the army, he took the pseudonym Edgar A. Perry.
On January 1, 1829, Edgar was named sergeant major for artillery. That was the highest rank that a soldier could reach. Edgar confessed his real name to his commanding officer and told him that he had trouble with his father. Edgar did this because he wanted to leave the army. Edgar served only two years in the army, even though he was supposed to serve five. His commanding officer was a kind man and allowed him to leave the army.

During his time in the army, Edgar sent many letters to John. John never answered. Edgar did not write to Frances the whole time he was in the army. He had no idea that she was dying. John Allan did not answer Edgar until Edgar wrote in one of his letters that he wanted to enroll into West Point, a US Military Academy. John sent a letter to Edgar telling him that Frances was dying. Edgar arrived in Richmond the day before her funeral. John agreed to pay for Edgar’s entry into West Point and even bought Edgar a new set of clothes. On July 1, 1830, Edgar enrolled into West Point. The pay was $28 per month.
In 1830, John Allan proposed to Miss Louisa Patterson. She said that she would accept only if he changed his womanizing behavior. He did. They married. Edgar hated John for that.
After a few years, Edgar wanted to leave West Point. For that, he needed John’s consent. John refused to give his consent. Edgar knew that if he did vandalistic things at West Point, he would get kicked out. He got expelled for drinking, gambling and missing out on classes.
Edgar moved in with his Aunt, (Maria Clemm), and her daughter, (Virginia Clemm). Maria supported the family by working as a dressmaker. Edgar paid her for her help by tutoring his cousin, Virginia. In 1835, Edgar secretly got married to Virginia. He was twenty-six ad she was thirteen, even though their marriage certificate said that she was twenty-one.
In 1834, when John Allan had his third son, he fell ill and died. He left absolutely nothing to Edgar and Edgar was devastated.
In 1847, Virginia Poe fell ill and died of tuberculosis. Edgar did not have enough money to keep his wife warm so he used their cat. The poem Annabel Lee was written for Virginia.
In 1849, Edgar and Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton became engaged. Edgar was on his way to bring Maria Clemm to the wedding when he stopped in Baltimore. He was found half-dead, half-alive on the streets on October 3.
Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849. His death is as interesting as his own make belief mysteries.
Edgar died of unknown causes. Some of the theories are: suicide, cholera, rabies, syphilis, influenza, cooping, hypoglycemia, overdose of laudanum, tranquilizer and painkiller. Some people believe that it might have even been murder. Joseph W. Walker found him and said that he found Poe “in great distress and in need of immediate assistance”. Edgar died in Washington College Hospital at 5 a.m. on Sunday.
Since Edgar had no visitors, the new about last few days of his life came from his attending physician, Dr. John Joseph Moran, even though the man was considered untrustworthy. Moran claimed to have contacted Maria Clemm as soon as Poe died. What really happened was that Moran told Maria Clemm when she began demanding an answer on where Edgar was.
Edgar Allan Poe was buried on Monday, October 8, 1849. The funeral lasted three long, grave minutes. Poe’s coffin had no handles. On October 10, 2009, Poe got a “second chance” funeral. A bit better. The original burial place of Edgar had no headstone. The headstone that his uncle bought for him had been destroyed. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a poem that was read at Poe’s funeral.
“Fate that once denied him,
And envy that once decried him,
And malice that belied him,
Now cenotaph his fame.”

A few years later, Virginia was moved next to his burial place.

The End

Rubina Tycoon

Banker Saves Ducklings From Plunging Into Death

A banker saved ducklings from falling off of a balcony ledge in Spokane. Go to this video to see how he did it.

Many people were gathered there for a parade. The 43 year-old banker, Joel Armstrong, saved all twelve baby ducks. Their mother flew down before them and was waiting for them to jump down. When a mother duck in nature is about to take her ducklings to water, she jumps down from the tree and waits for the ducklings to jump down after her. This mother duck was doing the same thing.

Written By: Rubina H.

Hillwood Assignments

Welcome Mr. Clarke to class today. He'll be leading everyone through the making and filming of a stop-motion claymation activity.

To start the morning, though, practice typing using this website. At the bottom of site's page, you will find code that you can embed onto The Herald, if you like.

Now, watch the following claymation videos and get inspired:

If you finish early, tackle one of the following stories:
  • Write about how to take photos of people. Please include tips for taking photographs that are cited to this source, as well as information from Mr. Clarke. Read this list of 10 tips for taking photographs. Which ones seem most important to you? Include at least three of your favorite photos from this National Geographic site in your post. Why do you consider them good photographs?
  • Write about how to take photos of cities. Please include tips for taking photographs that are cited to this source, as well as information from Mr. Clarke. Read this list of 10 tips for taking photographs. Which ones seem most important to you? Include at least three of your favorite photos from this National Geographic site in your post. Why do you consider them good photographs?
  • Write about how to take photos of landscapes (what is the difference between a landscape and a city?) Please include tips for taking photographs that are cited to this source, as well as information from Mr. Clarke. Read this list of 10 tips for taking photographs. Which ones seem most important to you?Include at least three of your favorite photos from this National Geographic site in your post. Why do you consider them good photographs?
  • Make a Wordle
  • Explore your neighborhood with Old SF. Write your first post about your neighborhood and what it looked like long ago. Include images in your posts.  
  • Start taking this free online typing course for kids. Each week, write a review of the site.
  • This assignment will take patience: Here's a new site that promises easy-to-do editing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s fantastical opera Don Giovanni has three heroines in it. Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, and Zerlina.

Donna Anna is a noblewoman. She is engaged to Don Ottavio and at the beginning of the opera her father, Il Comendatore, was murdered. The action in the opera starts with Leporello sitting in the cold outside while Don Giovanni is seducing Donna Anna. (Who knows where Don Ottavio was at that moment?) When Leporello hears footsteps, he quickly hides. Don Giovanni enters with Donna Anna clinging on to him. She says that she will not let him run. Il Comendatore hears Donna Anna’s shrieks and runs to her aid. Donna Anna, seeing her father, runs off to get Don Ottavio. Don Giovanni kills Il Comendatore and exits with Leporello. Donna Anna is left mourning over her father’s death with Don Ottavio. Donna Anna once was attracted to Don Giovanni. If he was able to seduce her that means that she wanted to be seduced. Donna Anna is confused in what she wants. She is attracted to Don Giovanni, but she does not want to be unfaithful, but she has to avenge her father, but she also has to act like a noblewoman at the same time. . . Together with Don Ottavio, they decide to avenge her father’s death. Her head is full of emotions and feelings that are all jumbled up and she has a hard time sorting them all out. Donna Anna is confused.

Donna Elvira is also a noblewoman who was previously seduced and dumped by Don Giovanni. She wants t0 find him and cut his heart out. Hopefully, she does not mean it literally! Donna Elvira is always considered a comical character that always show up at the wrong moment. Well, it is the right moment for her but the wrong moment for Don Giovanni. Lorenzo da Ponte, the librettist, made her the comical character that is always hysterical and is always fighting against Don Giovanni through the words. Mozart’s music is beyond being comical. Donna Elvira has the most serious music in the whole opera, (not counting the Comendatore). Donna Elvira still loves Don Giovanni and wants him to return to her. Obviously, he does not even have that in mind. Donna Elvira is also confused in her emotions but she knows how to sort them out. Part of her loves Don Giovanni and desperately wants him back but the other part of her wants to kill him when she sees him. In other words, Donna Elvira does not want to suck up the fact that Don Giovanni does not love her and never did. She is trying to win him back all the time. She knows that once she loved and trusted him and thought that he did the same to her. Now, when she knows that it is not true, she does not understand how that can be. The other part of her is raging with fury. Why is Donna Elvira protecting Zerlina? Donna Elvira does not want Zerlina to make the same mistake that she did. But she also does not want to lose Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira is too chaotic.

Last, but not least, Zerlina. Zerlina is just a plain old peasant girl who is engaged to Masetto. Don Giovanni attempts to seduce her too but Donna Elvira comes and stops him. Zerlina is not attracted to Don Giovanni’s character or body. She is attracted to his status. He is a nobleman and she is a peasant girl. Of course, any peasant girl in her right mind will be happy. Unfortunately, Masetto is not happy. He understands that Don Giovanni will never marry Zerlina and Masetto thinks that Zerlina is tricked by Don Giovanni. Zerlina does understand that Don Giovanni will never marry her but she wants to believe that he will. Just like Donna Elvira who wants to believe that Don Giovanni still loves her. Zerlina is witty.

Who is the most important lady? I say that it is Donna Elvira. Donna Elvira is not only trying to save herself but also everybody around her. When Donna Elvira comes to Don Giovanni in the last scene and begs him to stop being immoral and love her, Don Giovanni is stubborn and refuses. In a way, she is even trying to save Don Giovanni from doom that is about to come upon him. Donna Elvira is the most important lady in Mozart’s masterpiece, Don Giovanni.

Written By: Rubina H. Tycoon

Friday, March 9, 2012

The new lizard species. Do you see it?

In the African island country of Madagascar, a new lizard species was found. The chameleon called Brookesia Micra is big, or should I say small news. This remarkable lizard can easily fit on the tip of a match(shown below). The average adult length is about 2.9 centimeters from snout to tail. Sadly, with small size span comes small life span. Brookesia Micra only lives a couple of months likely due to tiny organisms and well, everything.
      Scientist believe the itty bitty size is due to "double"island dwarfism. Island dwarfism is when organisms shrink due to limited resources on islands. Why double? scientist think the dwarf species found on the madagascan resort of Nosey Be found its way to an islet in which it shrank even further.
         The small sizes if this newfound creature makes them extremely vulnerable to habitat destruction. I do wish we knew more about this incredible species but so far this is all or close to all the information we have on our reptilian friend.

By Kennedy S.

Ideas For Our 2012 Yearbook

Today, on March 9, 2012, the upper-grade students decided to brainstorm for ideas for articles in our 2012 yearbook. These are our idea,

1. Max the new dog
2. An article in memory of Zack the Dog
3. Mrs. Gayle Schmitt and music at Hillwood
4. An article about these quails that are coming for easter this year
5. Auritte and Celsius and Beyond at Hillwood. Building airplanes.
6. Anna and art at Hillwood
7. Laura and computer class at Hillwood. The Hillwood Herald
8. Lidia and Spanish at Hillwood
9. Pennies for patients/mathathon/walkathon and other fund raisers for leukemia patients.
10. Pumpkin Patch and Halloween at Hillwood
11. Ann and guitar class at Hillwood
12. Cabin overnight at Muir Woods
13. Soccer
14. List of many books we read and what everybody in the class thinks about the books that we read
15. Substitute teacher Mr. G


16. Prop 8
17. President in the city
18. Bay Bridge tweaks problem and what they caused
19. Several xo planets discovered
20. The new The Hunger Games movie coming out
21. PLastic bag issue
22. The movie Gone
23. Academy of Sciences field trip
24. Leap Year!!!!!!!!


Of Mice and Men
Maniac Magee
The Outsiders
To Kill a Mockingbird
Cyrano de Bergerac
The Hunger Games

Written By: Rubina H.

Meet the Press

This article is about Dr. Martin Luther King and about his interview with Meet The Press. As you know from watching the video, the press doesn't seem to like Dr. King very much. It even looks like they are trying to discourage him in his actions. As you see, this video was black and white. That was a long time ago, and Meet The Press is still around! Despite all this bad criticism, Dr. King took it all in and responded professionally. What do you think about this video? I think it's very interesting.

Now it's time to wrap this up, so, if you think history is boring, think again. Here is why you might change your mind.  So now it's time to talk about why this is important today. Number 1, civil rights would be different. However boring this might sound, this is SUPER IMPORTANT! Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate the feedback, thank you.

How to interview

When you interview someone you want to ask good questions and not inappropriate questions. And you want to make the person you interview feel comfortable. Also you want to ask questions that you would feel comfortable with, and if the person you interview doesn't want to answer the previous question you just asked just move on to the next with question.    

By Asiana D.

How to Run a Good Interview

Interviewing can help you learn a lot about a person but, all though their thoughts may be interesting to you, making it appeal to others can be much harder, or much easier, than you think. Sometimes the one being interviewed wont give you the answers you want, but lying makes things all but better. Here are some easy tips to help you get a good interview out of someone and give a good interview to someone.
          No matter their reaction keep a straight attitude. Try to give questions (or answers) that appeal to others because a rude answer or sarcastic answer only puts trouble on your behave. If you've been asked a question with an answer that isn't favorable, don't lie. put your answer n a different way to keep your reputation safe. What ever happens, don't panic. Just keep going on, and if the question really bugs you just avoid it in a civilized manner. When this occurs a good counter is to answer with a question, not harshly though.
     Well there you have it. follow these easy tips and you probably wont run in to too much trouble. Thanks for reading!
                             By Kennedy S.

Were Interviewers More Aggressive Than Now?

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was interviewed by Meet The Press. The interviewers were:

Mr. Ned Brooks
Mr. Frank Vandolin, (I think that's how it's spelled :/ )
Ms. Meg Craig
Mr. Anthony Louis
Mr. Lawrence . . . (I don't know what his last name is. I tried figuring it out but it wasn't clear enough.)

Martin Luther King Junior was thirty-one years old in this interview. He was born in the South and was educated for the ministry in the North.

Some of you might know that Meet the Press is still on. Go to this website to see their cite.

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was provoked by the interviewers. They were asking him questions in a way that would hurt anybody's feeling. Dr. King reacted correctly. He did not start yelling and swinging his fists at them. Part of it was because Dr. King was an excellent speaker and he knew that, the way that they were talking to him, was supposed to provoke him.

I think that the number one rule, when you are being interviewed, is to not overreact to the provoking questions.

If you wish to watch the interview itself, go to the Hillwood Herald's from door.

Written By: Rubina H.

How To Interview Somebody

How you can interview somebody is to stay on topic. Make sure you talk less than the person you are interviewing. Make sure you do not ask offensive questions. If you talk about racism be sure not to say anything inappropriate. Also do not say inappropriate things. Here are some example questions. Do not ask harsh and upsetting questions. When your interview turns into a debate have a reasonable opinon on your topic.
What is your view on racism?
What is your opinion on Charles Dickens' work?
What is your opinion about Sherlock Holmes being bad or good? What is your view on boy bands?

Interviewing Tips For Newbies

Here are some tips on how newer reporters should interview people with respect. Make sure these tips pertain to who you are interviewing.
  1. Ask serious questions that don't upset people.
  2. Look at the person you're interviewing so they do not feel uncomfortable.
  3. Don't ask insulting questions that could hurt some one's feelings.
  4. Don't say anything mean or cruel because some one's opinion is different.
  5. Ask interesting questions that people would like to learn about.
  6. Don't ask yes or no questions.
  7. Have fun while your interviewing.
  8. Ask questions you are interested in because other people will be interested too.

When you are videotaping: you should take different videos at different angles, look at the camera, make sure you know what ou are going to say before you start taping, and smile. Also, use the tips I listed above.

Tips in Interviewing

What might help while interviewing some one is not to ask embarrassing questions. Also, asking questions that will make people sad will not help. You might also want to ask question that will interest people who are going to hear the interview. Boring questions might just get a smaller audience. Asking mean question that will make people feel insulted might not help either. More than one answer to a question might be interesting as well. One kind of a boring question is yes or no questions.

Some questions that are interesting are:

1.What is your sport and why?
2.What is your view on debates?
3.What do your plan for when your grown up?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hillwood Herald Reporter Christen

Christen is a 6th grader who moved to S.F. last summer from Davis. Christen's favorite book is the Hunger Games and is currently reading it again! Her favorite animal is a Red Panda, and she has a 160 pound Bull Mastiff dog named Brutus, 4 cats. She is also a huge fan of Jane Austin. She's surprised about going to huge malls because in Davis the stores were smaller. When she lived in Davis, she visited went S.F. every weekend. If a tourist asks her "What should I do in S.F.", she responds ,"Go to the Fairy Building at  night.
Kennedy is Hillwood's most recent upper grader. She comes from Austin, a city known for its record-breaking summers. Although she was born in Chicago, she only lived there for two weeks. She has one cat, one dog, two rabbits, and two hermit crabs. During her life, she's cared for four lizards, two dogs, two cats, and three hermit crabs. Suffice to say, Kennedy loves animals. Her favorite book is Unearthly.
Her favorite subject is marine biology.

By: Nikita K.

Hillwood Herlald Reporter Asiana

Asiana D. is a 5th grader. She has lived here her whole life. Her favorite book is Freak the Mighty and The Outsiders. Her favorite animal is Pandas. Asiana has one sister in kindergarten here at Hillwood. Her favorite thing to do is to play sports at the park. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher. Her favorite author is S.E. Hinton.

Hillwood Reporter Jordyn

Angela interviews Jordyn
Q: What's your favorite school subject?
A: Literature and sports

Q: What's your favorite animal?
A: A lynx and a lemur

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: I have four cats, and a large English Bull Mastiff named Brutus

Q: What's your favorite singer or singers?
A: I like Big Time Rush, Varsity FanClub, Christina Aguilera, Kristina DeBarge

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: A criminal profiler, criminologist, or a criminal psychiatrist.

Q: What college do you want to go to?
A: I would like to go to N.Y.U., or go to a college in England.
Nikita in free time enjoys the arts of artillery complicated video games that prove strategic methods. When it comes to school, he prefers things such as science, things that are attentive in other words. His species likes are in the area of poisonous parts of the animal kingdom such as certain snakes. Nikita also enjoys Greek mythology for reading. Nikita is an incredible person especially once you get to know him.
                                    by, Kennedy S.

Interviews with Rubina

I interviewed Rubina, and she interviewed me, about current education, the environment, and politics.
Rubina to Anya
Q: What do you think about public schools in America that neglect to give a proper education?
A: Most public school have a great education, and if a child is feeling neglected it is usually her/his fault because they are not paying attention and trying hard.
Q: How do you feel about animal cruelty?
A: It is an ongoing issues that may never stops but we should keep trying.
Q: What do you think of the programs that sponsor cancer patients?
A: I feel the programs will save lives and help find a cure for cancer.
Q: What do you think about modern literature?
A: My favorite book happens to be a modern novel, and I feel that literature is still important but has changed a lot.
Anya to Rubina
Q: What is your take on eco-friendly objects?
A: I think that not everybody can afford them but they will pay off in a while.
Q: How do you feel about hunting?
A: I feel that hunting is bad if a person thinks that having an animal collection is amusing. Hunting was okay hundreds of years ago when people had to hunt to survive.

Hillwood Herald Reporter

Andre J. is a 5th grader. He's lived in San Francisco his whole life.  Andre has a Maltese pet dog that weighs 10 pounds named Kirby. His hobbies are playing video games, playing tennis, play drums, and likes reading. Andre is currently reading  Lord Of  The Rings the 1st book. Andre's favorite subject is History.

Hillwood Herald Reporter Angela

Jordyn interviews Angela
Q: What's your favorite thing to do?
A: I love playing tennis and Flag Football

Q: What's your favorite subject?
A: I enjoy art and math

Q: What's your favorite book?
A: I like the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games.

Q: What's your favorite type of music?
A: Country and music by Selena Gomez

Q: What's your favorite movie?
A: The Devil Wears Prada

Hillwood Academic Day School Graduate Irene Returns for an Interview

Rubina interviews Hillwood graduate Irene about what you need to know for high school. Irene graduated in 2010, and she is already looking into colleges.

Get Fit with First Lady Obama