Friday, March 9, 2012

The new lizard species. Do you see it?

In the African island country of Madagascar, a new lizard species was found. The chameleon called Brookesia Micra is big, or should I say small news. This remarkable lizard can easily fit on the tip of a match(shown below). The average adult length is about 2.9 centimeters from snout to tail. Sadly, with small size span comes small life span. Brookesia Micra only lives a couple of months likely due to tiny organisms and well, everything.
      Scientist believe the itty bitty size is due to "double"island dwarfism. Island dwarfism is when organisms shrink due to limited resources on islands. Why double? scientist think the dwarf species found on the madagascan resort of Nosey Be found its way to an islet in which it shrank even further.
         The small sizes if this newfound creature makes them extremely vulnerable to habitat destruction. I do wish we knew more about this incredible species but so far this is all or close to all the information we have on our reptilian friend.

By Kennedy S.

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