Friday, March 2, 2012

Interviews with Rubina

I interviewed Rubina, and she interviewed me, about current education, the environment, and politics.
Rubina to Anya
Q: What do you think about public schools in America that neglect to give a proper education?
A: Most public school have a great education, and if a child is feeling neglected it is usually her/his fault because they are not paying attention and trying hard.
Q: How do you feel about animal cruelty?
A: It is an ongoing issues that may never stops but we should keep trying.
Q: What do you think of the programs that sponsor cancer patients?
A: I feel the programs will save lives and help find a cure for cancer.
Q: What do you think about modern literature?
A: My favorite book happens to be a modern novel, and I feel that literature is still important but has changed a lot.
Anya to Rubina
Q: What is your take on eco-friendly objects?
A: I think that not everybody can afford them but they will pay off in a while.
Q: How do you feel about hunting?
A: I feel that hunting is bad if a person thinks that having an animal collection is amusing. Hunting was okay hundreds of years ago when people had to hunt to survive.

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