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Nikola Tesla's Imigration

     Nikola Tesla an amazing inventor. But how did he get here?
     Nikola Tesla was born into a Serbian family in 1856 in a village in Smiljan, Croatia. His childhood was harsh for the death of his older brother and a bad relationship with his parents. The thing that kept this off his mind is reading Mark Twain's books. At the age of 12 Nikola was diagnosed with a serious disease.
     In 1884 at the age of 28 Nikola immigrated to America after working in Paris. For less than a year he worked at Thomas Edison's laboratory. Because of low pay Nikola moved on.
     In March 1895 Nikola's laboratory was burned down. Edison kindly provided space for Nikola.
     Later, in May 1895 Nikola, Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell attended the National Electrical Exposition in Philadelphia.

  Tesla's Impact on the World
 Tesla is a unique company that started in 2003. And blew up in 2016. This all-electric company is

very different from the others. They try to make fanciest, efficient and fastest cars. In 2003, the first 

car they made is part of the roadster model. It looks similar to the new roadsters. But technology was 

very different in this car. It didn't have the LED lights like today or the fancy display for GPS and 

radio. It was just a normal early 2000s car.

 In 2016, The big hit happend on them. Three new models came out, The Tesla Model X, Tesla

 Model S, and Tesla Model T. And now everybody is driving these cars. In fortunately, the Batteries

 in the cars are dangerous. Which means cars are still poluting this world. And it requires a lot of 

money to maintain this car. Since electricity doesn't flow as fast as gas. IT will take 12 hours at least 

to juice these cars up again. But these cars take us one step closer to saving the world.
I hope you've learn a little from this and this company. Maybe this will make you buy one of this.

Tesla is one on the worlds smartest inventors. His greatest invention was the “Tesla Coil”. This coil created electrical currents. This is the base of many of todays technology. All though he had great inventions some were never built. These include an earthquake machine to create energy to a death ray that could kill millions of people in on shot. One of my favorite inventions that he never made was a thought camera. This camera could basically read peoples minds. It would create an artificial retina to read their minds. Without Nikola Tesla life as we know it wouldn’t be the same 

Friday, November 30, 2018


     What we are going to talk about today is moons.There are 8 total planets in our solar system.Most in which have moons.
     Both Mercury and Venus do not have moons.Earth has 1 moon.Mars has 2 moons.Their names are Phobos and Deimos after 2 sons of Ares,the Greek god of war.(look at "Greek Gods" by Savannah)Jupiter has 79 moons.Some,of which,are named after some Greek names in Greek mythology.Saturn has 53 moons.Uranus has 27 moons.And last but not least Neptune has 13 moons.
     Total there are 173 moons orbiting the full sized planets.(M V E M J S U N)Orbiting the dwarf planets are 8 moons total for all of them.
     Next time we will be talking about the Sun.


Nikola Tesla died by himself in a room 3327 on the 33rd floor of 
hotel ew Yorker. 

A made in the hotel saw the do not disturb sign but ignored it. she found
Tesla dead in his bead she .
she then called the FBI who ransacked  his apartment and reported that he died of  coronary thrombi

then FBI then took every thing out of his apartment and put it in Federal storage
his Friend then made a funeral mask for him which is still in the Nikola Tesla museum                

Friday, November 9, 2018

Other Greek gods

ηι (which means hi)

So we talked about the original gods 3 gods and 3 goddesses 

Well Zeus married Hera who was practically his sister but gods don't have DNA 
So all was good.
Well they had a kid named ares who was the god of war.
Well Zeus had a lot of marriages like when he had two kids named Artimes & Apollo.
Well this made Hera angrey and she said she was going to have a kid all
By her self! 
Well yes this is medically impossible but Hera was also the goddess of marige & child birth
So that had to count as something.
Well it did she had a son named Hephaestus who was horribly misshapen 
So ugly she threw him of mount Olympus!!! 
''Cough cough bad parenting cough"
Well yeah . 
Then a few days later Hephaestus (the god of blacksmiths and fire)
Demanded a place on Olympus 
Then Aphrodite was brought into the picture
And was forced to marry Hephaestus Aphrodite was the goddess of (love).

Well the Romens belived in the gods to but named them (Jupiter ,Juno,Neptune,
Yes some of those are planets and you can learn more about  the planets 
In the blog MASA . 

          By my people yours truly Daughter of Hades ΔΩΔ


      Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful.I have 13 cousins,4 uncles,4 aunts,and grandparents on my dad's side.We all gather together for Thanksgiving.
      Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the Native Americans and Pilgrims.
       In England the Pilgrims took a ship and sailed to a town in the "New Land" that was soon to be America.On November 11,1620 the Pilgrims saw land.
        Through the winter months things grew tough.Food was scarce and many people died.Still people built houses and fought.
         By March,6 houses had been built.One day an Indian named Samoset came.He helped the Pilgrims learn many things.Samoset soon brought Squanto,another Indian.
          Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to grow many things.Soon the Pilgrims were healthy once again.
           In October William Bradford,the new governor was so happy that he announced "Let us give thanks!"
            For days people worked.Women baked and cooked.Men hunted.Young children dug for clams on the beach and soon everything was ready.
             The Pilgrims invited the Indians which brought a deer for the feast.
             The celebration lasted 3 days.The Pilgrims and Indians danced,played games,and feasted.
              That day was therefore celebrated as Thanksgiving.


Since the upper graders visited Alacatraz recently, we decided to draw pictures of Alcatraz

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Outskirts of the Milky Way

     Our solar system is not the only solar system out there.We are one of 500 hundred solar systems in a universe that goes flippin'  forever!
     Plus,guess how old space is? It is 13.8 billion years old!The Big Bang happened about a year afterward.About 13.7 billion years ago.
     When that happened a lot of gas, water,and other things came together. As you know,from my previous article, there are 8 planets and 3 dwarf planets.

     Well,back to today. Outside of the Milky Way-our solar system-there are 500 others along with gas and comets and - you get the picture.
      But there among those planets the one question swimming around in every space geek mind is:Is there life? Any life. More humans? Aliens? Hopefully we are soon to find out.
     I can't say much more because I don't know much more. So that will be the end of my article.

The Greek gods


So we learned about the titans last blog 
But now we will learn about the children 
Of the titan rhea and Kronos so  let's 
Go.             People!

So the firstborn god was a goddess and
Her name was Hestia then Kronos ate her!
Because of a prophecy he had heard about
That his kids would over throw him.
So thay had a another kid named Demeter 
Kronos and of course ate her.
Then Hera,posiden,hades,then Zeus.
So Kronos ate all of his kids except for 
Then Zeus tricked his father into coughing 
Up his sisters and brothers. Then hades,posiden,and zeus took their fathers 
Scythe and chopped him up just like
Ouranos. So since the three gods Zeus,
Hades,and posiden chopped up Kronos 
They became the big three! hades got 
Death,posiden got the sea,and Zeus got 
The sky.well yaaa! There weird!
Well there are more gods and demigods
But we will talk about that later
               Σε υπό νύχτα τιμές 
          (Which means see you next time)

Daughter of hades!

Tamir Tells All

Tamir Tells All

LeBron James, arguably the best basketball player ever, chose to join the Los Angeles Lakes. With a new team there’s always a question of how the chemistry will be. Although the season just started LeBron says the team needs time to get their chemistry together. LeBron says this from experience, he’s been on two different teams twice, and the chemistry is amazing. Although the chemistry isn’t instant oatmeal, LeBron dropped 26 points with 12 rebounds, and 6 assists last night. Although there were impressive numbers, LeBron admitted that the timing of passes was off. Although he thinks things are off to a good start LeBron thinks things can get better. LeBron said, “You have to put in the time you have to put in the commitment and trust the process.’’

Friday, October 19, 2018

NASA Space

     Time to learn about space. For all those space geeks like me I have an article based on our future.

      Space is a wonderful thing that human beings are still learning more and more about.
      First let's talk about the Sun. The Sun is the closest star to Earth. When the Sun produces a large amount of magnetic energy that sends jets of gas into space. This is called a solar flare. The Sun is 10,400 F. (5,750 C)
      The Moon is another important thing in our solar system. Some planets have moons, Earth is one of them. But we got off track. A moon is a small, rounded body in orbit around a planet. A solar eclipse happens every 2 to 4 years. In that event, the Moon blocks comes between the Sun and the Earth blocking out the Sun. It is a very interesting event. The Moon, however, does not give off light. It appears in the sky at night because the Sun reflects a small amount of light causing the Moon to "glow".
     There are 11 planets in our solar system: 1)Mercury; 2)Venus; 3)Earth; 4)Mars; 5)Jupiter; 6)Saturn; 7)Uranus; 8)Neptune; 9)Ceres (dwarf planet); 10)Pluto (dwarf planet); 11)Eris (dwarf planet). All planets are named after Roman gods. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are considered "rocky" planets.
     Now we are going to talk about comets, meteors, and asteroids. So what is an asteroid? An asteroid is pretty much a small planet. They come in a variety of sizes. Some asteroids even have moons! Asteroids are made of metals like some planets. Believe it or not shooting stars are actually meteors. When a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere rubbing against the air as it gets hotter and hotter and eventually causes a streak of light. Last but obviously not least we have the comets. Comets just float around in the solar system. Some comets are inside the Oort Cloud which is on the outskirts of our solar system. Other comets are from the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune.
     So my dear space geeks, that is my article about our wonderful solar system. Next time will be about the outside of our solar system.
P.S. For those Star Wars geeks there is another star close to the Sun called Proxima Centauri like Lady Proxima from Solo.
                                        By: Mattigan Tanko

Greek mythology

            So hi people  we are learning about Greek mythology
    Well here we go

So before we get into Zeus, posiden and the other Greek gods let's talk about
Some barbarions because that's what the gods and titans are!
So before the gods there were titans who were the children of Gea and Ouranos
Gea was titan of the earth and Ouranos was titan of the sky
Well they had kids  who were Oceanus,Coeus,Crius,Hyperion,Iapetus,
Kronos,Thea,Rhea,Themis,Mnemosyne,Phoebe,And Tethys
Well Gea got angry at Ouranos for throwing there other children the
Hundred handed ones and the cyclops in to Tartarus! So Gea talked to her children the titans
And ralleyed them to kill there father Ouranos!
No one volunteered but Kronos!
So Gea gave him a scythe to chop Ouranos up into tiny pieces.Well Kronos did it
And then became king of the cosmos.Well he had help the titans Koios,Iapetus,Krios,Hyperion
Who later for there reward became the titans of the four courners of the world!
Well yay well Kronos got married to Rhea who yay was his sister but that doesn't matter when
Your a titan because they don't have d.n.a. Well they had kids called the gods but that's
For next time!βγδ
(Which means bye in Ancient Greek ) see you next time Daughter of Hades.

Camila Cabello

                                                      STARS LIVES NEWS

Camila Cabello is a American-Cuban singer-song-writer. Some of her songs are Havana, Crying in the Club and Consequences. Camila Cabello was born March 3, 1997. Camila Cabello used to be in Fifth Harmony but its unclear why she left. Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony December 2016. Camila Cabello has partnered with Save the Children and Children's Health fund. Camila Cabello joined other Latin artists in the song Almost Like Praying, to benefit people who live in Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Maria. Camila Cabello has won a Billboard Music Award, an MTV Europe Music Award, an iHeartRadio Music Award, two MTV Video Music Awards, three iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, and a Billboard Women in Music Award for Breakthrough Artist and many more awards. She has also said that Micheal Jackson, Rihanna and Shakira are her influencers.

Friday, October 12, 2018

I'm here to give news

Hey my dudes. I'm here to tell you guys stuff. So I love life and i love food.  I really like North Korea.  I'm a kewl Republican dude.  "make america great again.''  So we have had a lot weird weather lately.  But honestly i could care less.  As long as it doesn't affect me I'm good.   I can't wait until next year its gonna be so kewl.  Im always tired which is really weird.  I think i get enough sleep.  I wonder what i'm gonna be for Halloween.  I'm probably just gonna get a cool mask.  But is has to be a very scary mask.

   I hope one day i can visit North Korea.  North Korea is so kewl.  I really liked learning about Kim Il-Sung.  Hes the best leader this world has ever seen.  I also really like Yongle Emperor.  He was born in May 2, 1360 and died August 12, 1424.  He was the emperor of China.

Friday, April 27, 2018


My peice of art is about a man named, Julian Schnabel, who since 1977, has been creating pieces of art to represent his incessant appetite of sculptural art, physicality, and pictorial symbolism. This picture has been exposed to a over fourth mont exhibition, that incorporates history of the museum.

"The materials come with their own story before the artist adds his. And in the San Francisco exhibit, another chapter will be added as tha work is exposed to the elements."
- The New York Times

ancient rhino

The ancient rhino I drew was in the 1500s. I love rhinos and I think I did a pretty good job drawing the rhino. I wish I was there to go and see the rhino in real life. I really think that rhinos are cute animals and it's sad that people are killing them. I really think they are important in our ecosystem.
Ya boi

Erwin rommel

 Erwin  Rommel was a famous German feild marshal he fought in Africa korps and led a panzer division. What is so intreuging about Rommel ? And what did he do ? Rommel always carefully studied his enemy. That helped him understand how the warfare worked. Rommel was one of the best yet remarkable feild marshals. Rommel always payed attention to his family. He also was the one who enforced early military training in the hitler youth. Rommel however was forced to commit scuicide because they thought he had ties to Valkyrie.Valkyrie was an attempt to assasinate Adolf Hitler wich failed and was orgainised by Claus  Von Staulfenburg who foughtin Africa the plan was to put a bomb in a conference room where there was a meeting with Hitler . Unfortunantley Hitler  didint die . But allot of people were assasinated but rommel was given a choice to takecyanide and have a funeral for his service or firing squad or live and have his family killed . He chose cyanide.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Reason Behind the Lion and Dog "Shaking Hands"

3 weeks ago a viral video of Miki, a full grown male lion, and Camila, a full grown female brown lab, were supposedly seen as "shaking hands" in a wildlife sanctuary.

Miki was a former pet, owned illegally with Camila. An organization known as BJWT rescued both of the pets, and brought them back to their sanctuary where they are currently being housed together.

Now you may be asking, "why are they being housed together?" Well the answer is simple, Miki and Camila have formed a special bond together since they have been housed together since they were babies. This is not the first case of different species bonding, for example, a bear, lion, and tiger were rescued from a private collection, and now are very closely bonded, and living in a reserve near Atlanta.

And that would explain why Miki and Camila were seen as "shaking hands" in the video.

Although BJWT claims to be a sanctuary on its website, some animal rights activist claim that the amount of human-animal contact is exploitive to the animals which is not good for the animals. Also the sanctuary is not officially registered as a sanctuary.