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The Most Innovative Apple Product Since the iPad

Hello again! It's been somewhere near 100 days since my last post, so I've decided to reassure everyone that, yes, I am still very much alive. Writing means the world to me. It's difficult to fully grasp the beauty of writing; I feel very few things are on par with it (reading being one, of course.) I can channel my thoughts into a series of patterned lines and semicircles and almost magically, it will blend into an informative, yet unique work of art. This, obviously, doesn't only apply to me, but to everyone who writes original work. (I am breaking just about every writing rule in my journalism class, though this isn't exactly a journalism paper, either, now is it?)

Today, I am in the mood to write about one of my two infamous favorite blog topics: National Geographic and new tech, this one being the latter.

Everyone is anticipating the 6. It's bigger, faster, and counts how many stairs you've climbed. Though I, personally, think this next gadget will be responsible for the Smartphone Apocalypse. This is the first major new Apple product since the iPad. The iPhone has been around for some time now, so I was just about as happy for its latest evolution as I was to eat spaghetti for dinner. But. This. Is. Just. Something. Else.
What do you get when you cross a watch with a smartphone and a pulse monitor? THE APPLE WATCH!!!! I mean, that grand title preludes to arguably the best combination of the past decade. Or is it? The Apple Watch seems to be something you either LOVE LOVE LOVE or simply detest. 

Just look at it! It's adorable! Who WOULDN'T want to wear their smile on their sleeve? This isn't the watch itself, (of course) for how would you tell time? (Happy face = 3:00?) It's actually just one of the numerous things the Apple Watch can do, which is to allow you to create your own emojis. I'm not even kidding! You can tap and edit the smiley face to switch it into a sad face or angry face or confused face or bored face or grumpy face or nondescript face, etc... 

And even better, you can draw! Just when we thought tablets were the future of sketching with their super gigantic screens and fine retina displays, some watch the size of a silver dollar comes along and puts tablets on the verge of extinction with its evident mass-appeal to the world's finest artists. I mean, this takes doodling to the next level. Adults will rediscover the joys of drawing. A new generation of world famous artists will be born. The next time you walk into MoMA, there will be 1.5" sketches collaged onto every wall you dare to look at. What better way to express your inner creativity than sketch your masterpiece on a watch-like device on the convenience of your very own wrist? 

"Oh, the agony of choosing a watch." "Oh, how we all hate choosing a watch." "Oh, how terribly boring choosing a watch is." Have you ever heard yourself exclaiming these phrases? If so, the Apple Watch may be just your cup of tea. When you choose a watch, you have to look at the thousands of different dials and thousands of different straps and the millions of combinations of the two available. Then you have to decide (*sigh*) out of the millions of combinations (*sigh*) which watch strikes your fancy. However, when deciding on an iPad, you have two options: black or white. Then you can buy several interchangeable cases, one for your every mood, which you currently can't do with watches. 
Thankfully, the Apple Watch comes in few, yet distinct dial/strap combinations. The Apple Watch's face is equivalent to a screensaver/wallpaper. You could change it every ten minutes for all I care. So as trends evolve, instead of purchasing a new watch and going through the agony mentioned in detail above, you simply change the wallpaper. Now that's not so hard, is it?

Everyone loves Siri, Apple's charismatic virtual assistant. Siri is a philosophical guide built into your iDevice, whom you may ask any question your heart desires, from "Will I need an umbrella today?" to "What is your take on Samsung?" to "What do you look like?" Siri is guaranteed to give polite and honest answers that will ever so slightly improve your quality of life. Sometimes it's even hard to believe we are talking to a database, opposed to a person, about the latest Giants' game, or sometimes, Eliza AI. Customers rejoice as Apple has settled on including our beloved Siri in the Apple Watch.

I'm pretty sure you've already noticed that I have refrained from calling it the "iWatch." Although it is extremely tempting to call it that, and of course noticeably less syllables, this watch is not the iWatch, it is simply the Apple Watch. But why? Doesn't the name iWatch have a better ring to it? Apparently not, according to speculators. Apparently, the "iWatch" would be an item only reclusive people who didn't care about their appearance at all would wear, thus a commercial failure. However, the Apple Watch sounds sophisticated, stylish, and fair game to trade your Rolex for. Why is this? We have come to think of Apple's signature "i" as the fore-teller of a "tech" product, not a "fashion" product. The "i" originally stood for Internet on the original iMac, as well as independent, individual, and just plain I. So subconsciously, when we hear the name "iWatch" we think of wearable tech. Nothing more. The "Apple Watch," though, is an accessory, a true watch, that those with style would wear proudly. 

Did you know the Apple Watch can do everything the iPhone can, EXCEPT replace it? I could write an entire novel on the Apple Watch if I were to continue describing all of its features. Again, the Apple Watch is just something else, and just as with all Apple products, it's either THE FUTURE or the next big fad. 

iPhone 6 is going to be released!

The Apple company is about to release the all new I phone 6 and 6 plus. People are trading in their old iPhones and paying $300 for the iPhone. Sprint is also selling the iPhone and they have a plan for the iPhone. If you get the iPhone 6 from sprint you get a deal. The deal is that if you bye the phone from Sprint you can pay $20 per month and than get a free iPhone after 2 years.
Version says that they will give you a $200 gift card.

The iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 plus is 5.5. They can be grey, space grey, and gold.

Candy that does not cause cavities

There is a candy that does ot cause cavities. Isn't that sweet! The makers of this candy is some scientists from Berlin. As you may or may not know,while sugar is the villain,streptococci mutants are the real culprits. The bacteria that love to feed off the remnants of sugar that remain on the surface of the teeth, release acid while doing so. This causes tooth enamel to wear down resulting in the dreaded holes or cavities.

To try render the bacteria harmless, Christine Lang and her colleagues at OraganoBalance turned to Lactobacillus paracasei. The bacteria that is naturally found in cultured milk product, Kefir, is known for its ability to bind with streptococci mutans and therefore could potentially help draw the bacteria away from the teeth. What was encouraging was that the idea had been successfully tested on rats. So thanks to this candy,cavities are a thing of the past.

My opinion is that I think this is very cool that scientists made candy that does not rot people teeth.i want to try some of that candy.

Hitchhiking Bot traveling far distance.

 Canadian professors named David Harris and Frauke  Zeller made a hitchhiking robot. The robots name is hitchBot. The bot traveled from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria British Columbia. Witch is a total of 3, 700 miles or 6, 000 km. The bot is made out of household items. Thr bot is madeout of a beer bucket for its torso,pool noodles for its arms and legs,and a LED panel for its face. HitchhikingBot has a PC tablet, a GPS, and a camera.
The reason why the scientists did this is becaues they want to see if people would give the robot a ride. Some people thought that the robot wouldn't be picked up but it turns turns out  they were wrong and a couple that was on a camping trip. A few Canadian people gave the robot a plastic cape to keep the robot dry.

Iphone 6

The Apple company is about to release the all new I phone 6 and 6 plus. People are trading in their old iPhones and paying $300 for the iPhone. Sprint is also selling the iPhone and they have a plan for the iPhone. If you get the iPhone 6 from sprint you get a deal. The deal is that if you bye the phone from Sprint you can pay $20 per month and than get a free iPhone after 2 years.
Version says that they will give you a $200 gift card.

The iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 plus is 5.5. They can be grey, space grey, and gold.

IPhone 6 is going to be released!

Recently, Apple has created the IPhone 6! It is going to release next week. Customers have reported that the iphone 6 plus has sold out. The iphone 6 is said to be the best selling iphone of all time. The difference from the 5s from the 6 is the size. The 6 is thinner and longer than the 5; you can either buy the 6 plus which is 5.5 inches or the 6 which is 4.7 inches. The iphone 6 will be released on September 19. The iphone 6 is about $199 and the iphone 6 plus is around $299. Along with the new iphone, the ios 8 is coming out. The ios 8 will be coming out in the fall and its advanced features will make using the iphone easier.

Scotlands indpendence yes or no?

Finn and Caroline
September 13,2013

YES Scotland should be independent from the UK.

I think Scotland should be independent for the next generation of people. If Scotland was independent, child care costs would go down and women would be able to work, improving the economy. From my Scottish background I don't want Scotland to be a part of the UK.

NO Scotland should stay with the UK.

I don't think Scotland should be independent. Scotland is a great country and I don't no why anyone wants it to be separate. I mean whats Scotland going to rely on, oil, really? For children's education your going to rely on oil. I mean what about the pound, "don't worry everything's going to be alright", yah, I've heard that one before. If Scotland separates the grocery bill and the electricity bill is going to go up. So, on September 18, do your part and vote to stay with the strength and security of the Uk. From my british perspective, this is the right choice

New york Governor Wants to Save Big Cats

On Monday August 11, one day after world lion day, the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill to protect all big cats.  The enactment of this legislation makes New York a leader.  In California, a mountain lion was recently exposed to rodent poison at a Los Angeles park.  Elsewhere, lion meat was put in restaurant menus.  People in New York, are making progress to save big cats.  In New York, an organization called IFAW, has sought to put a stop to trophy import and wildlife trafficking.  Though things are starting to look good for big cats there is still a great deal of progress to be made. It is time for Congress to follow New Yorks lead and help protect big cats. Hopefully on next years world lion day there will be even more progress to celebrate.

Written By:  Maddie P.

Save Mountain Lions

Reasons to Love Drones

Drones may be the next thing, and here are some reasons to love them. They will soon be delivering pizza to your house. They can also take great photos in the air that you can post on Facebook or Instagram. They can also be very life like, some new drones are very life like and look like bats, insects, and birds. There also monitoring the world for climate change, wildfires, tornadoes, and endangered wildlife.

School has officially started!

Welcome back! School has started on September 2. It's the 2nd week of school! Many new students have joined the school and it has been really fun. Also many new kindergarteners have joined our school. So far school has been really fun and now we have to see what the school year has in store for us!
 Here is an interview from a new upper grader in 6th grade.
Asiana: ''How has school been so far?"
Leonardo: "Its been awesome and it has been really fun."
Asiana: "what do you enjoy most at this school?"
Leonardo: " I enjoy playing at recess and every single subject." ��

Grizzly Bears Might beMaking a Comeback Here in California

In Three Rivers, CA, black bears are considered a cherished part of the community, and the people are never afraid of them. A local shop owner named Cindy Skeen finds black bears mischievous rather than menacing. She heard that Grizzly bears, a bigger and stronger type of bear were being transported to California and she felt intimidated, remembering that people have their children go out hiking by themselves, and some people from other cities are already terrified of the harmless black bears.

It could definitely happen, while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering setting aside 110,000 square miles for Grizzly bears in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. These agencies are planning on reintroducing grizzlies, but the process could take years. Even though California's state flag has that bear on it, the appreciation ends there, because the grizzlies had been hunted so severely in the Sierra in 1924.

Grizzlies might not be able to find space in California. The comfortable places for big bears are now inhabited by people. "I can understand people wanting to see them there," says Eric Loft, from the California Fish and Wildlife Department. He says it might be too difficult, knowing that there are 40 million people in California.

Another reason why some people might reconsider bringing back grizzlies is that if threatened, they can definitely hurt humans. That's why black bears are a better choice: they don't harm anyone. The willingness that people have to live in the wild with animals could be a problem for antisocial grizzlies. In the end, we will not be bringing Grizzly bears back, there are too many people.

Source: Newsela.
If you would like to do something like this go to this link Once you get on to the website you will see that they offer you a choice of what theme you want your video to be. Once you choose your video you will choose pictures from your file or from the options they give you. You also choose the song that you want to have featured in your video, and if you want they give you the option of adding any text that you would like to add in your video. Once you are done you will click preview and see if you like what you have made, if you do like your video you will click produce. That is how you can make an Animoto video.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today, it's Animoto!

Welcome! First, go to 10FastFingers to practice your typing. What's your personal best this week? Next, either finish your post from last week or pitch Ms. Moorhead your latest Hillwood Herald story. What are your story's five W's? And why does your story matter to the Hillwood audience? Next, head to Animoto. Create a video to accompany your post.

Friday, September 5, 2014

ID Tech

Finn Hillwood                                                                                                               September 9,2014

Id Tech  came to San Fransisco to do a camp for a couple of weeks. The camp itself was 1 week and there was loads of camps inside it. I did 3D game design with minecraft. On Monday we made are own texture packs, which means we changed the colors and textures if minecraft. On Tuesday we used mcedit, which is a program that let's you make big structures easily. On Wensday we learned how to use redstone,which is like electricity, and we made roller coasters with lots of cool effects! On Thursday we started adventure maps, a map with a storyline and puzzles, and we used mc edit too! On Friday we finished are adventure map and the parents came to look at are projects.

America's Giant Panda Cub Celebrates First Birthday

On Saturday, August 23rd over 300 people lined up outside of Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C.  They are all lined up for America's favorite panda cub Bao Bao! What makes this day so special?  Bao Bao's parents were given  to the zoo as a present from the Chinese government, sadly they perished in within a few days and so people celebrate Bao Bao's birthday because he is healthy and he will live a long life.  The zookeepers gave Bao Bao the "Long Life" bamboo.  The zookeepers also made a tiered cake.  The cake was made of diluted apple juice and was dyed with various shades of pink. Flower appliques carved from carrots and sweet potatoes made the big number 1 on the cake.  

When Bao Bao turns five he will go to the special giant panda breeding program at the Wolong Nature Reserve in China's Sichuan Province. Giant pandas only survive in the wild for about 15 years.  They live up to the age of 20 in captivity.  People are trying to save these cuddly animals because there are only about 2,000 left in the world 

Our Fun Filled Summer

This summer my sister and I went to, what seems like, several different places.  At first we didn't really do much but then a few weeks later we went to Washington D.C.  We did a lot of sight seeing.  Just imagine that in hot and humid weather.  It wasn't the best weather but we got to see things we wouldn't see in a long time.  Some things we got to see were, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, MLK Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and we went paddle boating.  The main reason of why we were there was because we were there for our great aunt's funeral at Arlington.

The next place we went to was Maui.  We went to the pool a few times; we also went to the beach. When we went there we boogie boarded, and swam of course, and dived through waves which was awesome and it was fun. YAY!

We had a very fun filled summer and we hope to have our summer this fun next year!

Written By:  Maddie P. and Claire P.

Pastor Lee makes a baby box to save many babies' lives

Pastor Lee-Jong-rak has dedicated his life to saving disabled babies. Here is his story. He created the only baby box in South Korea. There is a box between the inner wall and outer wall where parents put the babies they would have abandoned. The box has heating, patting, and lighting to keep the babies save and comfortable. A bell rings when the baby is delivered and someone brings the baby inside.  He raises the babies alone or finds a suitable parent for this baby.         

It all started when Pastor Lee's son was born disabled. After that, he built the baby box. He didn't think that it would be successful. But, he ended up saving many babies lives.                                 

Knowledge of Planet Earth!

Thanks to the amazing, Kurzgesagt, we can understand planet earth's history in seven minutes. Once you watch this video you will realize how lucky we are to live on this planet, and you will learn more about earth. This amazing video will teach you about what the earth is made out of, it will include how earth was created, it will show you how air is impacted in the layers of the earth, you will also learn about the human life form and how long we have been living for.

New Battery for Tesla

Tesla is planning to make gigafactory to produce double world produce of lithium-ion battery. They plan on using the profits of the batteries to make the electric Gen 3 car that is the fist electric car aimed at the middle class. Tesla has teamed up with SolarCity so that they can also get some of the batteries. SolarCity wants some of the batteries so the can power their solar panels with them. Musk is the head of SolarCity and helped design the Tesla Roadster, he said that the Roadster was no good
because they designed it after a sports car.

My opinion is that I would like to have this new car and think it is good because it helps the world by being less poultice and ecosystem harmful.

New Pokemon Game to be Released

On November 21, 2014, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be released worldwide. The game is based off of generation 5 Pokemon game that came out in 2002 with the starters Mudkip, Treeko, and Torchic, who are the first Pokemon you start off with.

Despite the game being a remake there will be new mega evolutions that were not included in Pokemon X and Y. They also included a new type of evolution called primal evolution where the Pokemon go back to its  original state. There will also be Team Aqua and Team Magma who try to stop you through out the game. Team Aqua and Magma are groups of people who try to capture the legendary Pokemon.