Friday, October 24, 2014

A New Minecraft movie!!!!!!!!!!!

Warner Bros will be release a new Minecraft movie soon. The Awesome video game will be made into a movie. The movie is still being  produced, and  will might be produced by Roy lee through is company, Vertigo Entertainment. The movie doesn't have a storyline yet , but since the movie involves blocks and breaking blocks , like the Lego movie , but the Lego movie did very well in the box office. The movie might be coming out in 3 to 2 years. I hope this movie will be a great movie and I will like to see it soon.

Have a Very Scary and Happy Halloween!!!

European Scientists Conclude That Distant Comet Smells Terrible

For years people have been wondering what a comet smells like. Well now European scientists can answer that question. The European spacecraft was orbiting a distant comet. "It stinks!" Says Kathrin Altwegg, a researcher at the Univercity of Bren in Switzerland who runs an instrument called ROSINA that picked up the door.

The ESA, the European Space Agency, has posted a full rundown of the comets BO on its website. The post talks about ammonia(NH3), hydrogen sulphide(H2S), formaldehyde(CH2O), and methanol(CH3OH).

Of course everyone who goes near the comet has to wear a spacesuit, but still the stench goes through the suit and smells like sharing a horse barn with a drunk and with a dozen rotten eggs. "It's quite a smelly mixture," says Altwegg.

Why didn't humans know what comets before? "That's mostly becuase we've never been that close to a comet," Altwegg says. The Roseta Mission, the mission to smell a comet, is now just 5miles from the comets surface. The chemicals are clues to how the comet, and maybe our solar system, formed. For that reason, Altwegg doesn't mind the stench. "It's a little smelly, but at the moment it's a lot of fun to go work every morning." She says. "Fun for now, but that could change. The comet is currently getting closer and closer to the sun, and like anything you leave out in the sun too long it will soon start to smell worse.

Ebola Vaccine in the works

Ebola vaccine is ready on the shelf, but it has not been licensed by medical officials. The doctors don't want to develop it because the countries with Ebola outbreaks can't afford to pay for the vaccine. The developers of the vaccine say to send it into the market could cost 1 billion to 1.5 billion dollars.                                                                                                                                                     
Another issue is how to distribute the vaccine. There are millons of kids in Africa who are susceptible to getting Ebola and just as many adults. Many doctors would be necessary, but they don't have many doctors.

Diwali, India's Glittering Festival of Lights!

India has many festivals but Diwali is one of the most popular.  Diwali is five days and it expands over many cultures and beliefs.  Diwali began on October 21st.  On the holiday you shop a lot because the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, loved to shop.

The days before Diwali, Kali Chaudas and Narak Chaturdasi, is where Indians celebrate with fireworks and good food.  For others it's a holiday to get rid of demons, by performing many rituals but everyone is excited for the after.  

Diwali begins by visiting a temple to pray.  After you pray, you visit family and friends to exchange gifts and sweets.  If you didn't buy gold on Dhan Teras, you I can buy gold on Diwali.  In the evening, all the households light up their houses with diyas and out lots of really good Indian food on their tables.  

Recently, a GMO (genetically modified organism) Apple has been invented! The Apple's genetics must have been modified or the chemical blocks out the enzyme that Brown's the Apple. From now on, you cannot complain that your Apple is unfit to eat BECAUSE IT WILL NOT BROWN. But l do not think that this should be all good because the chemical might mutate our DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid to cause cancer. Also, this is not good because this is nature's job, not scientist's job. But it really makes no difference because the brown stuff is still there. I am sorry because there is probably a scientific name for the brown that I do not know.

Dogs To The Rescue

Two secret service dogs stopped a fence jumper from getting into the white house. Jordan, one of the dogs, took a kick to the snout. Hurricane, the other dog, was slammed to the floor and punched. But at least they both stopped the man. The dogs were injured, but they were both rushed to the veterinarian said that they just had minor injuries. The dogs received a day of of work as a reward. The way the episode unfolded was the dogs went up to the fence jumper and bit him then the cops came to arrest the man. At first the secret service used bomb sniffing dogs, but then they used these dogs because they thought that a bite, no matter how much it hurts, it was a lot better than a gun shot. Now the dogs are happy and loved.

Minecraft Project Has Started

The Minecraft Project is finally here! The project everybody was waiting for is here.This project consists of making a family house with 3 floors.We will be graded on how creative we will be.This project is in math so we also have to measure the area and perimeter of our houses.Most of us will be using Minecraft PE but Mia's group will be using the Mac version of Minecraft.All of our groups are of two and one of three.I think this project is going to be very amzing and its the battle to the coolest house!

Assignments for October 24

First, practice 10FastFingers; then proofread your story from last week — find and fix any typos. Then move to writing a news or feature story for the work and making an Animoto video.

Here are some story ideas for the week:

Friday, October 17, 2014

A New Female Super Heroine is Going to Become Popular

The natural first instinct to a superhero is probably a muscular man flying in the clouds, but have you ever though about a sixteen year old, Pakistani-American Muslim girl to be your iconic super hero? Didn't think so.

Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona decided to take up the difficult task of meshing together the teenage spirit and hero qualities. Her name is Kamala Khan, living in America by Muslim traditions, and are to create the new Ms. Marvel.  Even though fans are expecting Ms. Marvel to be a tall white woman with perfect hair, they are not quite ready to see what she really is going to be.

Many people do not agree with the idea where super heroines being portrayed as skinny women wearing skin tight suits, and others completely disagree, and prefer the perfect woman. There have been new renderings of both Batgirl and Wonder Woman, where they are not wearing the "swimsuits", but wearing clothes that show a more powerful female. Batgirl is complimented with Doc Martens and a leather jacket, while a huge argument sprouted from Wonder Woman wearing something she normally lacks: pants.

There are so many ways that the new heroines are better for displaying, especially since young viewers love superheroes. Kamala is just one step from great and popular female heroes, the way she completely crushes the old Ms. Marvel, that young blonde woman wearing the iconic suit.

I believe that our feminist cultures are finally getting realized to be important towards all equality, and am very glad this is finally happening. I never liked the whole inappropriate look for Wonder Woman and all of these female heroes/antagonists.

If you want more information, visit this link on NPR.


Tedx is coming to the Bay Area. Tedx is a non profit organization that lets youth speak about issues they care about. Ted is a lovely organization that lets anyone speak and now you can apply to speak at               Tedx  here.

Four years ago a parrot disappeared. The parrot belonged to Darren Chick and the parrots name was Nigel like the name of the grey parrot in Rio. The parrot is an African Grey parrot and it had a British accent. But when it returned recently it was speaking Spanish. The person who found the parrot is named Teresa Mocco. When Mocco found Nigel she found a microchip in the parrot. Then she found the owner Chick was very happy and started crying of happiness.

This article is by: Kasama and Ethan

World's Largest Ice Cream Scoop

A couple of months ago, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin there was a Strawberry Festival. Durring the festival  they kicked off their National Ice Cream Month. Starting with free strawberry ice cream and some people even got to eat from a really big sculptures. They called the sculpture "World's Largest Ice Cream Scoop." They were even put in the Giuness World Record book. 
There were five people making the ice cream sculpture. They are called the Minnesota Big snow. The Kempts Dairy helped make the ice cream and because of that the Minnesota Big Snow made their sign and wrote 100 years. 

The giant ice cream scoop weighed 3,010, was 5'6 feet tall, and 6'2 wide. It was made out of 733 containers of Strawberry ice cream. 

GIANT'S WIN THE PENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On October 17, 2014 the Giant's win the pennant against the Saint Louise Cardinal's in an amazing walk off home run by Travis Ishikawa with two on and two one out. The Giant's led three to one in the series and the home run in the bottom of the ninth by Isikawa got them into the World Series again. The amazing thing is that they were in one of the wild card spots and surprisingly made it all the way. In the World Series they are playing the Kansas City Royal's who were also in the wild card spot, as a long time Giant's fan I hope they win. GO GIANT'S!!!!!!! 

Hero dog helps pull girl from icy river

There is a dog who is a mega hero. Two girls named Samara and Krymzen Sunshine were playing by an icy river. They both fell into the river. Lucky for this family, a man with his dog were walking right over a bridge. They heard all the commotion and ran down as fast as they could. The man's name is Adam Shaw, and his dogs name is Rocky. Adam was able to pull Krymzen out of the water, but the current was pulling Samara to fast down the river. Adam asked her if she could swim to the edge of the water but she said she could't move her arms or legs. Adam tried to through her Rocky's  leash, but it was to short. By that time she had moved about 50 or 60 feet down the river.

Adam and Rocky ran to her again but she was still to far away. Adams wife called the fire department for help. Adam put Rocky in the water to get her. Rocky managed to get to Krymzen so Adam called him to come back to him. Krymzen's mom said that if two more minutes went by then Krymzen would have been gone. Adam got rewarded with a fire men's hat, and Rocky got a rawhide bone, which he grabbed before the fire man could take of the plastic rapper.

The Giants Are Off to the World Series!

Last night the San Francisco Giants made it to the World Series! The Giants were losing in the first few innings and then Joe Panik hit a home run which made the score 3-2. Later on in the game Brandon Crawford hit a home run and he tied the game 3-3. When it was the top 9th, the Giants held up the Saint Louis Cardinals so they didn't score. When it was the bottom 9th, the Giants were batting. There were two people on base and Travis Ishikawa was batting with one out. Michael Wacha was picthing and Travis hit it far in the distance which made a home run! That made the official score 6-4. Next week the Giants will be playing the Kansas City Royals in the World Series.

Say Goodbye to Peanut Allergies!

Do you have a peanut allergy? Do you wish you could eat peanuts? Well now you can! A scientist and his team, named Wade Young, found a way to change peanuts so that adults and kids that want to eat them can.  Before they can let people eat the "nut" they have to collect more data on it.

The allergy reacts when your body is triggered by peanuts, your body is basically just overreacting to something that is not dangerous treating it dangerously.  To protect the body, your immune systems antibodies "tell" the foreign food particles that the peanut is an enemy invader.  The body responds by releasing its histamines.  The histamines try to get rid of the harmful foods by triggering common allergy symptoms.  Sometimes the histamines will induce anaphylaxis.

Wade made the "peanut" by, breaking whole peanuts with bursts of xenon-light.  The violet colored blasts of light helps inactivate the the major peanut proteins, Ara h1-h3.  They do this to help the human antibodies not to recognize the peanut.  Wade's method could work on all nuts so that people with allergies can try nuts and the different kinds.

Mad Minute Tests Help You!

A lot of people think that, “Mad Minute/one-minute tests” are just tedious, but a study shows that they are actually helping you. According to Stanford scientists, these tests will eventually help you become a math wiz! They have proven this study by looking inside the minds of elementary school students, adolescents, and adults.
This study shows that most kids stop using their fingers to count with and actually try to use the stuff that they memorized at age 8-9. Some kids are already good at adding, subtracting, multiplying, and adding numbers, and those kids become smarter than other when they grow up.
Scientists put together 28 students ages 7-9 to find out why some kids can memorize faster than others. Each student was put in a simple MRI scanning machine; with a screen that projected simple math equations. All the kids had to press a button to see which answer was right or wrong. The scientists recorded their activity even before they pressed a button.
After the MRI scans it showed that the older the kids were the faster their brain was and their accuracy. The scientists saw that there was less activity going on in the prefrontal and parietal area of the brain, than the hippocampus.
The scientists were confused because the hippocampus is the area for long-term storage and not short-term storage.
According to Dr.Menon, the kids with the fastest results were the kids with the healthiest hippocampi.
The scientists than selected 20 adolescents and 20 adults and put them through the same tests. This time there was no reaction from the hippocampus or the prefrontal or parietal area of the brain. They got the answers almost instantly. They know now that they adults and adolescents got the answers almost right away because they have practiced the basic math enough times to memorize it, and it took them very little effort.
Dr. Kathy Mann Koepe believes that if people can mentally do simple math equations then it is harder for these people to do harder equations. Basically they have not memorized the concept of the harder math equations.
Dr. Menon plans to help kids with mental disabilities with their math by giving them one-minute tests, and so scientist can find new ways to help kids with this subject.



Friday, October 10, 2014

Hillwood's 65th Annual Barbecue!

On Sunday, Hillwood's 65th annual barbecue will be held at 12:00pm- 4:00pm on October 12. The cabin was lasted from 1949-2014. There will be hikes in Muir Woods, volley ball, basketball, and, a children's play area. Here is interviews from Sophia B. and Leonardo D.
Asiana: "Since you have gone to the barbecue multiple times, are you excited?"
Sophia: "I am excited because its on a weekend so I get to see my friends and there is good food."

Asiana: "Are you excited for your first time going to the barbecue?"
Leonardo: "Yes I am very excited and I think it will be very fun."

Invading Bullfrogs will eat almost anything

American Bullfrogs have been invading Montana's Yellow Stone River.  They will eat anything that will fit in their mouth. American Bullfrogs are a threat to native frogs in the area. From 12 inches long, the frogs would even eat their own kind. The number of frog breeding areas , have quadrupled since 2010. The Bull frogs are causing many problems. They out compete with animals for food, eat
many of the native frogs, and spread fungus that is causing a decline of amphibians.   

 The Frogs were likely to come to this area because farmers must have sold their legs to be eaten. State and federal agencies are stopping the invaders and killing them on sight. They are trying to find a solution to contain their spread. The Bullfrogs came from people releasing them into state water's.

How do we kill the Bullfrogs?  You can kill them in Washington. Do not buy them or keep them.