Friday, November 20, 2015

Assignments: November 20

If you have a keyboard, start class by warming up your fingers with 10FastFingers. (If you have a
device without a keyboard, skip 10FastFingers or borrow a laptop from someone else.)

Record your score here. Expect to do this every week.

If you are in 5th grade and log into Newsela, use the following code: G5TX5W
This week, we will be writing our articles in the "inverted pyramid" format of newspaper writing:

Below are stories to inspire ideas:
  1. Are girls meaner than boys?
  2. Natasha: winners of the New York Times' comics contest
  3. NYT VR: How to Experience a New Form of Storytelling From The Times
  4. Skills and Strategies | Fake News vs. Real News: Determining the Reliability of Sources
  5. Make an editorial cartoon — contest
  6. College bound: Our President's daughter
  7. Water on Mars, The New York Times
  8. Dogs hurting have special place to heal or Kitty-cats on display
  9. What causes a blood moon? (Leo)
  10. Don't Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste (Mia)
  11. Captain Underpants visits Green Apple
  12. Wacky Birds (Kasama?)
  13.  Testing Neurons With Ultrasound
  14. Students can’t resist multitasking, and it’s impairing their memory. 
  15. Have you been following news this week? Take The New York Times' quiz.
  16. Crash Course: How to videos to help you learn
  17. Science videos for fun 
  18. Can you read emotions? 
  19. What's going on in this picture?
  20. Kids National Graphics 
  21. Time Magazine for kids. Check out the kid reporters.
  22. Kahn Academy
  23. Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel
  24. Images from Pluto
  25. Indonesia’s ‘Mud Volcano’
  26. Can’t Swallow a Pill? There’s Help for That  
  27. The mementos of Ernest Hemingway 
  28. 6 Tiny Cavers, 15 Odd Skeletons, and 1 Amazing New Species of Ancient Human: The inside story behind a spectacular new hominin find, The Atlantic
  29. Homo Naledi, New Species in Human Lineage, Is Found in South African Cave, The New York Times
  30. Cats of New York, The New Yorker  Cat photography: Smile, The Atlantic 
  31. Is this 8-year-old's newspaper better than ours?, Columbia Journalism Review
  32. Cave Paintings
  33. Zombie Spiders: How a parasitic wasp larva turns an orb weaver spider into a slave that builds a web to host the larva's cocoon.
  34. Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power
  35. Shaun the Sheep Movie’: Designing the Characters
  36. Editorial cartoons (Natasha?)

jo's post

Ms and Mr Grantz  and BBQ im righting what they do for hillwood next month i will interview Ms and Mr Grantz

Sophia's Yearbook Stories

1. Washington DC Trip: With Mia and Nicole
-Due: April
-Who we are going to interview: Mrs. Grantz, Mia, and Caroline  

2. Holiday Party: With Mia and Nicole 
Due: February 
Who we are going to interview: Mr. P, Mia, and Finn 

3. Pajama Day: With Nicole and Mia 
-Due: March 
Who we are going to interview: Mattigan, Noah, and Savannah 

Mia Yearbook Stories

Washington- With Nicole and Sopia.
Start writing in April-May.
Interviewing me, Mrs. Grantz, and Caroline.

Max- With Caroline.
Start writing when Max comes back.
Interview Max's dog walker and the Grantz's.

Christmas Party/Talent Show- With Sophia and Nicole.
Start writing before (preparation for the talent show)and after.
Interview Mr.P, me, and Finn.

Pajama Day- With Sophia and Nicole
Start writing after and during pajama day.
Interview Mattigan, Noah, and Savannah.

Nicole's Yearbook Articles

1. Washington D.C.- With Sophia, Mia, and Nicole
2. Due: April 
3. Who we will interview: Mia, Mrs. Grantz, Caroline 

1. Christmas Party- Sophia, Mia, and Nicole
2. Due: February 
3. Who we will interview: Mr P, Mia, Finn 

1. Pajama Day- With Sophia, Mia, and Nicole 
2. Due: March
3, Who we will interview: Mattigan, Noah, Savannah 

caroline yearbook stories

ice skating
mrs carvjal and leo
Notes for the Hillwood Herald

Hillwood history, Hillwood teachers, Anna, Michelle, Zulma, Schmitt, Carvajal, Piatavitch, Halloween, Food drive, Ice Skating, Sleep over, Okamota day, International day, Tom, Grantz, Walk-A-Thon, Field Day,

Finn, Savannah, Caroline, Grace, Natasha- Cover

Finns Post

Mrs. Carvajal: we will interview Mrs. Carvajal and some of her students
Upper Grade: We will interview are teacher and some upper grade students
Food Drive: I will interview Mrs. Grantz
Current Events
Ms. Caine: I will interview Ms. Caine and some of the students she takes care of

Friday, November 13, 2015

Roofers flooded with calls ahead of El Nino

In El Nino, a flood struck, but not like any flood -- it's rain! The rain is overflowing, and from it pushing trash around, it clogged the drains. So some roofs are either cracked or broken due to some rain damage. This is what is overwhelming the roofing industry.

"We can only take on so much. I can't just go out and hire 20 new roofers. They're all working,"

Read more here:
said Lang, president of the 100-member Roofing Contractors Association of Southern California.

This has been happening with similar industries like: people who clean and repair rain gutters, fix sump pumps and trim trees around Southern California. Which is good and bad for all industries.

The National Weather Service has predicted that the area from San Diego to Los Angeles has a 60 percent to 69 percent chance of "above-normal precipitation." This will most likely happen during winter because of El Nino's weather. This has these Californians worried about weather hoping it won't be too bad.

Some property owners have complained on Yelp! about finding good prices and having a hard time finding help to replace their roof. Others have been told that the fastest the workers can get there is late March.

"We're getting about 10 times as many calls as we usually do this time of year," said Gary Abrams, also known as the Home Doctor, who has been repairing and remodeling homes for 35 years.

Handyman Roy Persinko is a generalist who can fix roofs, check a sump pump, and much more and he has plenty of business to deal with.

The potential dangers were illustrated in Pasadena during the summer. For instance, a pine tree fell and trapped 33 children injuring 8 of them. Home owners want to ensure that their trees can withstand the tree which is causing more industries to be overwhelmed with work.

"We're booked for months, several months," said Pat Bresnahan, who runs Bresnahan Rain Gutter and Cleaning.

This is causing other Californians to be making sure they are making use of that rainfall in El Nino, due to the drought.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:


Gray Wolf
Tribe: Canini
Species: C. Lupus
Speed: 31 - 37 mph
Head & Body: 36 - 63 in
Tail: 13 - 20 in
Weight: 40 - 175 lbs
Protection Status: Endangered

 Wolves develop close relationships and strong social bonds. They often demonstrate deep affection for their family and may even sacrifice themselves to protect the family unit. A wolf which has been driven from the pack or has left of its own accord is called a lone wolf.  It avoids contact with packs and rarely howls.The grey wolf has been the notorious villain of fables and fairy stories for centuries, yet this highly intelligent and sociable animal has done little to warrant its terrifying reputation.Once widespread throughout North America, Europe and the Far East, the grey wolf is, sadly, now only found in large numbers in specific parts of the USSR, North America and Eastern Europe.The grey wolf has always been feared by man and has probably been persecuted more than any other animal. Did you know that centuries ago, wolves were ‘tried’ by people and burnt at the stake? However its intelligence and flexibility have saved it from extinction.Another reason for its decline has been the dramatic reduction of its natural prey.  This has largely been replaced by farm stock which is protected by the use of poison, traps and even guns.  The final fate of the wolf depends on whether man can allow the animal to coexist alongside him.

Red Wolf
Species: C. Rufus
Weight: 50 - 80 lbs
Protection Status: Endangered

These wolves are carnivores, that find its food in small animals such as, rabbits and birds. However, if these wolves assemble a pack they can hunt a big deer. Red wolves hunt during the day and rest in the night. The wolves are usually in packs of 5 to 8 individuals, which consist of an adult breeding pair and their offspring of different ages. Red wolves communicate with other wolves by howling and growling. They can also communicate by reading each other's expressions. After the reproduction, female red wolves are seen building many dens. They keep shifting there pups from on den to another.

VR, the new 3D


The New York Times has stepped up its game in the storytelling world, letting people experience stories in an unusual way. The New York Times has started using virtual reality and Google Cardboard to put people in the story. Virtual reality lets people feel like they are in the area.

There are many stories. The main application is called NYTVR. This stands for New York Timed Virtual Reality. There are a few videos in there. For example there is a story that talks about how nature is affecting our modern industry. There are also many different sciences on YouTube. You can find just about everything there, from Extreme Sports to Horror stories. The only downside is that in some videos you cannot move your head around.

Google cardboard is an easy to use virtual reality headset. The costs on average $10 and is compatible with iPhones and android. All up you need to do when you get the cardboard is assemble it, get the New York Times app, and follow the directions. Google is truly making virtual reality accessible to everyone.

Truths and Myths about Kids and Electronics

8 to 12 year old kids usually spend most of their time on electronics of 4 hours. And 13 to 18 year old kids usually spend about 6 and a half hours. Common Sense Media is a non-profit group that put up a survey online and found out that kids spend more of their time looking up music videos or playing on their electronics rather than reading a good book. Here are some truths and myths on kids and technology.

Truth # 1:  More than 18% of teens spend more than ten hours on screens. Often kids are watching T.V. while texting their friends. One in five tweens spend more than six hours on social media.

Myth # 1: Some people think that this the end of reading. Kids usually spend only 30 minutes a day reading on a screen or an actual book. But kids said in the survey that reading was their favorite activity.

Truth # 2: Gamers tend to spend only around 47 minutes doing physical activities out side. Social media users get out for more like an hour and a half.

Myth # 2: Kids are too busy to be producting in a day. They are doing a lot of consuming. A kid spends about 5 to 9 minutes making something with digital tools. The chief executive officer, James P. Steyer, said " This gives parents and teachers an overview of what kids are usually spending their time doing.

  In conclusion, kids need to stop going on electronics for such long periods of time. Start exercising more and be happy! Also, go outside more.

Modern Day Aladdin Rides Through NYC On His Magic Carpet

A YouTuber and a reality TV star, Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat, wanted to create something dramatic and entertaining for people. They created a "magic carpet" out of a Boosted Board, PVC pipes, red fabric, tape, and zip ties. The carpet can go to up to about 22 miles per hour. On October 30th, Jesse dressed in an Aladdin costume and started riding on his magic carpet.

When he passed by, some people didn't care and some people were very surprised and excited. Casey was behind him taping the whole thing. After the video was posted on YouTube, getting over seven million views. The video shows Jesse, in the costume, riding through NYC and peoples reactions.
Source: PrankvsPrank

India's Birdman feeds thousands of parakeets a day

In India, a man named Joseph Sekar (62 years old) feeds thousands of parakeets daily. The man lives in Chennai, an Indian city, and he says that he had always left small amounts of rice and grain out for the neighborhood sparrows and squirrels. But things too a dramatic turn in 2004 when a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit India curse a massive tsunami.

A few days after ten tsunami, Jeseph Sekar saw two parakeets flying in the vicinity and fed then some rice. The next day, the two birds came back and this time with more hungry birds. Today between 2,000 - 4,000 parakeets visit the Birdman twice a day.

Sekar doesn't feed the birds raw grains, he cooks them. That means that he has to wake up at 4:30 AM every morning and spends over an hour cooking their food. Then he spreads the grains across 14 planks that go across his roof.

The birds come at about 6:00 AM and continues until the very last grain of rice is gone. The birds also come again at 4:00 PM and until 6:00 PM. The birdman also takes in sick and injured birds and takes care of them. After they are healed he lets them go free.

Of course feeding the birds is not cheap. Joseph says he spends 40% of his income of $13 USD. The man says all of his actions come out of love, which he thinks should be universal. Sekar has no immediate plans to stop the feeding, he worries what will happen to the birds as he gets older. Hopefully, another birdman will take his place.

Orphan Bear Cub Found With Apples.

Recently in southwest Washington a family got a surprising. There was a little black bear cub somewhere between Erica and Bruce Hazens' road. Then that evening it was raining and the Hazens' fed the little black bear cub apple slices. The family first saw the bear when the black bear was looking into their houses glass door. But it was very strange that the mother black bear didn't come for two nights. So the family called the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Then some people set a bear trap and used apples to trap the bear. Now he is at a rehabilitation center with other
bear cubs. The people at the center hope that the little bear cub will one day go back into the wild. Here are a few facts about black bears, black bears are omnivores and they are mammals. They can also grow to 6 foot. And they can weigh to 200 to 600 pounds. Their life span is 20 years. And lastly the scientific name is Ursus americanas.

This picture is from
and you can go to this website to find more amazing articles.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Arata Pumpkin Patch Experience

On October 23, 2015, Hillwood Academic went to the Arata Pumpkin Patch, All the kids were split into groups of three with parents. When we arrived, some friends and I went into the Minatour's Labyrinth Maze; sadly, everybody got lost. After everybody reunited we split back up and went to different parts of the pumpkin patch, Some went into the haunted house, others the playland and or petting zoo. When it hit around 11 a.m, everyone met up and had a little snack; we had little granola bars. People said they were ready, even though they didn't get a pumpkin.

After people got pumpkins, we all paid and then headed off back to school. Around noon we arrived at school and had lunch, which was pizza and cucumber and carrots. We had no work for the entire day and no homework, until Monday.

 Source: Arata Pumpkin Patch


Finn and Leo 11.6.15

You may not know about it, but it's getting more and more popular, it's Diplomacy: The Board game. It is a game that challenges your every sense. It has been around for a long time and is  just recently becoming popular. The game only costs about $22 and lasts 6-8 hours. This game will truly take a day to complete and up to 7 people can play it, although it is recommended that you have a game 'master' or a game referee.

The game starts by you and your friends/family each picking one of several major European powers: Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Germany. The first thing you will do (is (called negotiation for about 20-30 minutes is meet in private with the other players and make or break alliances.You can also share information about other countries you may know about. Much like in real life, these alliances can be broken at anytime.This phase is the probably the most crucial, as it will decide if you have the correct information about other attacks and defence.

The game begins in 1901 and advances in seasons. There are two main seasons in this game. The first one is “Spring” and the second is “Autumn/Fall” The seasons are divided into movement and negotiation. After negotiation you write secret orders for every unit. These orders are revealed and executed simultaneously. Units can move from its location into a empty space around him. You can also move units in “armies”. Armies can occupy land and sea borders all around the map.

After each autumn season, supply centers become owned by the players who are occupying them. If a player has less supply centers than units, their units are disbanded. There are 34 supply centers.Players who own no supply centers are immediately eliminated from the game. If a player contains 18 or more, which is more than half of them. The player is automatically declared the winner. Players can also declare a draw if they would like. This happens when there are unusual stalemates occur.

So yeah, this game is very complicated, but for people who like war and strategy games and who are willing to put the time and effort into this, it will be a fun game for you and your friends.

The Pumpkin Patch

All of the upper graders were able to go to the pumpkin patch. When we were at the pumpkin patch we went to the hay maze, haunted house, and the hay ride. We all went to the pumpkin patch on October 23rd. In the hay maze many people got lost. At one point JoJo, Sophia, Sebastian, and Kasama kept running into to dead ends and were getting really mad. And we kept running into Mrs. Rodriguez and Nicholas. And then we went to the haunted house and JoJo and Kasama were screaming and laughing allot.

When we were picking out pumpkins Savannah tripped and fell. We also went to the hay ride and it was very slow and kind of beoring but it was ok. There were also a petting zoo and a pony ride.

After we were done we went to Mr. Grantz truck and we got water and put the pumpkins in his truck. Then we went back to school and we played for the rest of the day.

We sadly didn't eat lunch at the pumpkin patch because there was a bee problem and if you take out a bunch of food allot of bees will come out.


The Royals won the World Series

The Kansas City Royals won against the New York Mets in the World Series. The Royals have not won since 1986. For 30 years, the Royals went to the World Series and won. Both teams played in both of their own stadiums.

In the first game, it was very long. Instead of the regular 9 innings, they played 14 innings. The game ran for about five hours. But Kansas won the first game. In the 2 game, the Royals played outstandingly good. They won 7 to 1.

In the third game, the teams played in New York City. The Mets fans were very nervous, but the Mets ended up winning the game 9 to 3. In game 4, the Mets were doing pretty good until the 8th inning. When one of the Royals hit a ground ball, but the second baseman missed the ball, which let the Royals score. The game ended 5 to 2.

In game 5, the same thing happened as it did in game 4. But in the 9th inning, they were both tied 2 to 2. In the  12th inning, the Royals got 5 runs and the game ended 7 to 2. They held a parade for the Royals when they returned to their town. But the Mets were disapointed because they also have not won for 30 years. Now the Mets will have to wait and see if they win next year.
cnn images

The Pumpkin Patch

On October 23rd 2015, the whole school went to the pumpkin patch. When everyone was at the pumpkin patch, about an hour drive to Half Moon Bay, we got our tickets and started. At the Pumpkin Patch they had many things for us to do. There was a corn maze, a haunted house, a pony ride, a train ride, a hay ride, and a petting zoo. First, most people went into the maze. The maze was very confusing and many people got lost. In the haunted house the younger kids loved it and wanted to go in again. Not many kids went on the pony ride, but they enjoyed it. The hay ride was very popular, but it was very slow. While on it, you could see the view of Arata's Pumpkin Farm. Many people enjoyed the petting zoo because some of the animals were let loose and very sweet.

Hillwood School has been going to this Pumpkin Farm for seven years. This year everyone got to go because we had more volunteers than usual. Another reason why this year was different was because Mrs. Carvajal bought her family with her. Before we left, everyone got to pick out a pumpkin to take home. Some people got little pumpkins and some people got bigger ones. All the pumpkins got loaded into the truck and everyone headed back to school. Everyone had a great time and waits for next years field trip.

By: Mia L., Caroline P., and Sophia B.

Source: and