Friday, April 27, 2018


My peice of art is about a man named, Julian Schnabel, who since 1977, has been creating pieces of art to represent his incessant appetite of sculptural art, physicality, and pictorial symbolism. This picture has been exposed to a over fourth mont exhibition, that incorporates history of the museum.

"The materials come with their own story before the artist adds his. And in the San Francisco exhibit, another chapter will be added as tha work is exposed to the elements."
- The New York Times

ancient rhino

The ancient rhino I drew was in the 1500s. I love rhinos and I think I did a pretty good job drawing the rhino. I wish I was there to go and see the rhino in real life. I really think that rhinos are cute animals and it's sad that people are killing them. I really think they are important in our ecosystem.
Ya boi

Erwin rommel

 Erwin  Rommel was a famous German feild marshal he fought in Africa korps and led a panzer division. What is so intreuging about Rommel ? And what did he do ? Rommel always carefully studied his enemy. That helped him understand how the warfare worked. Rommel was one of the best yet remarkable feild marshals. Rommel always payed attention to his family. He also was the one who enforced early military training in the hitler youth. Rommel however was forced to commit scuicide because they thought he had ties to Valkyrie.Valkyrie was an attempt to assasinate Adolf Hitler wich failed and was orgainised by Claus  Von Staulfenburg who foughtin Africa the plan was to put a bomb in a conference room where there was a meeting with Hitler . Unfortunantley Hitler  didint die . But allot of people were assasinated but rommel was given a choice to takecyanide and have a funeral for his service or firing squad or live and have his family killed . He chose cyanide.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Reason Behind the Lion and Dog "Shaking Hands"

3 weeks ago a viral video of Miki, a full grown male lion, and Camila, a full grown female brown lab, were supposedly seen as "shaking hands" in a wildlife sanctuary.

Miki was a former pet, owned illegally with Camila. An organization known as BJWT rescued both of the pets, and brought them back to their sanctuary where they are currently being housed together.

Now you may be asking, "why are they being housed together?" Well the answer is simple, Miki and Camila have formed a special bond together since they have been housed together since they were babies. This is not the first case of different species bonding, for example, a bear, lion, and tiger were rescued from a private collection, and now are very closely bonded, and living in a reserve near Atlanta.

And that would explain why Miki and Camila were seen as "shaking hands" in the video.

Although BJWT claims to be a sanctuary on its website, some animal rights activist claim that the amount of human-animal contact is exploitive to the animals which is not good for the animals. Also the sanctuary is not officially registered as a sanctuary.

The science of nazi Germany

 While the Americans were pursuing the Atomic bomb the Germans being a really fascist, and mean nation decided to make an atomic bomb which consisted of a substance called heavy water which has a high amount of hydrogen and is therefore is toxic.

The project went to a boost when Germany occupied Norway. Unfortunately for the Nazis the Americans and the Russians came and they had to drop the project.

But one interesting thing is that one of the scientists was a spy for the allies which reported to the countries like Russia Britain and America.

 Unfortunantley the project took too long and the war was over and the project had to be dropped .
      And thus the war was lost and the noutorious plan was never carried out.

Colossal Creature

Paleontologists recently announced the discovery of ancient remains from a giant winged creature in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The giant pterosaur was one of the largest living things to ever take flight.

Pterosaurs lived around the same time as dinosaurs. They were the first animals with a backbone to evolve the ability to fly. The recently discovered pterosaur was the first ever found in Asia "this new find shows that giant pterosaurs had spread over most of the world before being wiped out," says Brian Andres, a paleontologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

My opinion is that I think it is cool they found a prehistoric animal in Mongolia. I hope to see it in a museum with history about it. I love dinosaurs so this article was fun to read and write about it.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Winter Olympics 2018

As you may have heard, the XXIII Winter Olympics will be coming up on February 9 and will be ending on February 25. The event will be held in the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang, South Korea. However, North and South Korea have both reported to having flu outbreaks. They have both warned athletes and tourists about the outbreak. 

Some of the sports that will be in these Olympics will include figure skating, cross country skiing, curling, and ice hockey. Some of the ice skating athletes include Adam Rippon, the first openly gay male to qualify for the US Winter Olympics.

The first Winter Olympics was in 1924 and was held at the foot of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France. It was held between January 25th to February 5th. 16 nations competed in six different sports, with around 258 athletes competing. The first person in the Winter Olympics to get a gold medal was by Charles Jewtraw of the US in the 500-meter speed skate. However, the country that won the most medals was Norway, with a total of 17 medals; four gold, seven silver, and six bronze. 

In conclusion, I'm very excited for this year's Winter Olympics because I really want to see which country will get the most medals and which athletes will bring those medals. In my opinion, my favorite sport in the Winter Olympics and the one that I'm most excited to watch is the figure skating competition because for me there is something magical about watching the skaters on ice and come up with all these cool moves that I probably could never do.

Four things you did not know about band of brothers

 Number 1
     This show made alot of peoples careers. This cast is full of actors who have gone on to have sucsessfull careers .People like Tom Hardy, Simon Pegg, James McAvoy, and more actors .
Number 2
       The expences for this show were about 120 million . The show took three years to film and was filmed on a 12 acre set that continiously was modified to demonstrate 11 different location in europe.
Number 3
     There were 10,000 extras and a huge waredrobe section with world war two uniforms military paratrooper boots made to fit army regulations. Also there were also fivehundred speaking roles.
  Number 4
They went  throught a ton  of ammunition according to the producers after a day of filming they went throught 14,000 rounds of ammunition and 70 weapons .

Rare Super Blood Moon to rise

For more than 150 years,the west coast will have the opportunity to see a blue moon turn red this week. Neither skywatching glasses nor travel plans are required. On Wednesday there's three lunar spectacles: a blue moon, a super moon and a total lunar eclipse.

Astronomy lovers have appreciated each of the lunar events behind Wednesday's show.

A super moon is only slightly more common,happening roughly every 14 months. Super moons appear about 7 percent larger than an average full moon and as much as 15 percent brighter,according to NASA .

My opinion is that the moon was awesome! I went to go see it, it was so cool. To me it was more white than blue and I took some awesome pictures with the moon in it.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Refuge form North Korea

My article is about a man named Charles. He was born October 1 st, 1994. He grew up without out his parents. His father left at five years old and his mom passed away six years later of starvation. Eventually he was on the streets and had to battle starvation, beg for food, and try get through the freezing weather. But one day this changed and his stepfather came and took him for awhile. When he was 14 he was brought to China to live with his father. Life was better in child and he thought he would never have to think about starvation, food, and a place to think. But nine months later he and his family were arrested by the Chinese police. They were kept in a Chinese jail for two weeks.

Charles was then sent back to North Korea. This is when he realized that happiness no longer existed for him. The happiness was only temporarily. The North Korean government questioned him, abused him, and made him work as punishment. At this time he was only sixteen years old. The only thing he ate was a piece of corn. Eight months later he was released and was almost starved to death. 

He had no money so he had to find work. He worked at a coal mine which allowed him to buy rice. He knew this was very risky because he could lose their arms and legs. He actually saw people lose there arms and legs. He realized he couldn't stay in North Korea anymore and had to figure out to escape. He knew this was going to be extremely hard to do, especially because he had no money or food. He also knew that he could be killed but he was willing to take the chance. 

The first part of his journey was he boarded a train to take him closer to the North Korean and China border. He was able to keep himself hidden but at one part he was caught without a birth certificate by the train security. They locked him in a room and had plans to kick him off at the next stop. The train slowed down and he realized that he might be able to escape. He opened the window as planned and escaped. But the journey wasn't over yet. He worked for hours and eventually boarded a second train which brought him to the border of North Korea and China. He now had to go across the Tumen River. Around the river was constant of security and if caught he would be shot. He waited until dark to swim and was halfway across. He almost fell and screamed. A guard screamed and said "come back here or will shoot you." He made to the other side but still his journey was not over yet. 

He traveled by foot, van, bus, motorcycle, and boat. There were many days when he wanted to give up. He cried many days until he couldn't cry anymore because he was too dehydrated. When he arrived at his fathers he expected him to welcome him but instead he wasn't happy. He beat him and asked why he came. He sent him away with his first wife and together they escaped police officer eyes. Eventually he made it to Southeast Asia and was safe there. He was kept in a refuge embassy camp and then an international refuge camp where he was helped to come to the united states. Charles is now attending community college and pursuing his own coding project.

My opinion is this is an amazing story and I'm so glad he made it out alive. I hope he is doing well and enjoying his life in the United states. He resettled in the US in 2012.

The beggining of ( Band of Brothers)as a primer on good military leadership

     Band of Brothers is a miniseries by HBO about the exploits of the soldiers of E Company 2/506 PIR(PARACHUTE INFANTRY REGIMENT) and incase any one is wondering what E stannds for Easy company. The miniseries is about the regiment starting from training before the war and till the end of world war two . The miniseries came out in the summer of 2001. And it focuses on the main charecter army officer Dick Winters.
   However that is not true in episode one they all train with the mean captain Sobel . Wich forces them to run noutorious  runs up a hill called Currahee and its a six mile run. And  you are not allowed to drink from your water . Sobel makes soldiers march accross the border just to show off how easy company can ovethrow other companies by fitness .
     The question people are asking is Why ? Dose this show demonstrate good military leadership.
Well here is the answer ? There is one quote from Winters that states “Never put your self in a position where you can steal from these men”. That demonstrates what people respect out of  a good leader. And how a good leader should control his people in certain situations .Overall this miniseries states that a good leaders work will payed off reflecting on the younger people and encouraging them.    
    My opinion is that I agree with this type of reasoning .I also think that this miniseries shows the value of freindship in critical situations . And the conclousion is that Band of Brothers is a miniseries that teaches you life lessons and the value of teamwork and freindship .
       My sources are
        And wikipedia.

The Story of Tonya Harding

You may have heard of the 1994 scandal of professional ice skater Tonya Harding one or two times before. However, I'm here to tell you the bigger story.

Tonya Harding was born in November 19, 1970 in Portland, Oregon. She was born to LaVona Fay Golden and Albert Harding. Her activities included hunting, drag racing, and learned automotive mechanics. However, she has been skating since she was three.

Tonya had a hard life. She was abused at home, mentally and physically, by her mother. Her mother has admitted to spanking her and hitting Tonya at an ice skating rink. Tonya dropped out of high school sophomore year to commit to skating.

In 1991, she performed at the World Championships and performed a triple axle, which got her to place second behind Kristi Yamaguchi and in front of Nancy Kerrigan. In the 1992, she came forth in the Winter Olympics and came sixth in the World Championships. In 1993, she failed to earn a spot on the World Championship team. Now, this is where things get rough.

In 1994, a scandal happened. A man by the name of Shane Stant attacked Nancy Kerrigan while practicing on the ice. He struck her with a 21 inch telescopic baton. Even though her leg was only bruised, she was forced to withdraw from the national championships. However, Kerrigan won a silver medal in the 1994 Winter Olympics and Tonya placed 8th because of a problem with her skates.

You may be asking, what does this have to do with Tonya? Well, it turned out that her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and her bodyguard sent Stant to attack Nancy, and many people think Tonya had something to do with the attack. Even though she has denied this many times, many people believe she is lying. A 2017 movie, "I, Tonya", where Margot Robbie plays Tonya, has brought up the scandal again. However, what really happened?

Hundreds of BART Cars Just Became Short People Friendly

Have you ever been in a BART car? Well I have, and it was horrible. I almost got separated with my parents. People push other people and trample them. They also trap you in a corner. Nowdays, BART officials are making BART trains more friendly.

One of the latest improvements in BART trains is that they have longer straps easier for smaller-sized people. These hand holding straps have been installed in 187 cars with seating plans, BART announced Thursday. The new carriages include one row of seats until new BART cars are out. Ellen Miller said, "Thank You, I'm sick of having to stand on my toes."

 There is more to come because BART cars are near the end of there useful lives. The new BART cars are going to be quieter, cooler, more comfortable and easy to use. The seats are going to be padded,  routes are going to be color coded, cooling systems will be put in, and micro-plug in doors will help seal out noise.

My opinion is that I think it's great how they did it for smaller people because they can't reach the straps. I'm so glad they did this and I think it's cool that they are changing there BART cars with new ones.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Bomb Cyclone

In the past week, we have heard of the new bomb cyclone over on the East Coast. Everyone in the East Coast has been taking pictures how they are spending their time with the bomb cyclone. Not only is it happening in the East Coast, but the whole entire country. States like Florida who haven't seen snow in their state are showing what it is like there.

Even though many people are making jokes of the storm by making snow angels, many do not have power because of this storm. Also, the weather is worse in the night than in the day. While it is in the tens during the day, it is below zero during the night time on the East Coast.

Other places have also had chilly weather. In Los Angeles, one of the sunny cities, it is around 54 degrees. And since the storm is coming into the US from the north, some parts of Canada like Toronto are in the negatives as well.

In conclusion, this week is one of the coldest weeks in about 100 years. Some places are even colder than it is in Alaska. Some places in Florida have even been issued warnings because of the storm.
However, Saturday is predicted to be the coldest day this week, so bundle up with some hot cocoa and hope it gets warmer!



Avengers Infinity war

My article is about the upcoming movie Avengers Infinity War. It will be released May 4,2018. This isn't just an ordinary superheros movie, it is a mixtures of all of the marvel super hero's you have seen sense the first Marvel movie Iron Man which was released in 2008. This move will be part one part two will release in 2019. I don't when part two will come out unfortunately. 

The big bad of this movie is named Thanos. Who is Thanos? I am 99% sure that he is one of the most if not the most powerful character in the Marvel cinematic universe. He will be stronger than any of the villains that we have seen before. The producers have been setting this villain up ever sens Iron Man one. I can already tell that the minute the movie comes out, everyone will want to go see it. And not just because there big Marvel fans but because this movie will be the hugest superhero's movie.

Now your probably wondering what this movie about. This movie is mainly about Thanos. What he is doing he is trying to collect all of the infinity stones. The infinity stones are separate little stones that can be gathered into the infinity gauntlet which could destroy anything. All of the infinity stone are found through out the galaxy. There's six infinity stone. These stones are called the space gem, reality gem, power gem, mind gem, time gem, and the soul gem. If I am correct we have only seen five. I'm not sure which ones. When he destroys the avengers, I'm not sure what he will do next.

My opinion of this movie is that I'm really excited for it. I'll see it Saturday a day after it releases. Hopefully it is a little more than two hours long. Also Marvel will have competition because DC will be releasing movies too.
                   falling iguanas in Florida

      Beware the falling iguanas in South Florida.
When temperatures dip into the 30s and 40s, people from West Palm Beach to Miami know to be on the lookout for reptiles stunned — but not necessarily killed — by the cold. They can come back to life again when it warms up.
In Boca Raton, Frank Cerabino, a Palm Beach Post columnist familiar with the critters, stepped outside and saw a bright green specimen by his pool on Thursday morning, feet up.
“It’s one of those ethical things: What do you do?” he said in an interview.
Iguanas, which can be as long as six feet, are not native to South Florida. They have proliferated in the subtropical heat, causing headaches for wildlife managers — and occasionally popping up in toilets. It took a prolonged cold spell to significantly reduce their population in 2010. (The same cold snap also resulted in the deaths of many invasive Burmese pythons.)
Iguanas climb up trees to roost at night, said Ron Magill, communications director for Zoo Miami.
“When the temperature goes down, they literally shut down, and they can no longer hold on to the trees,” he said. “Which is why you get this phenomenon in South Florida that it’s raining iguanas.” (Including on windshields.)
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“Even if they look dead as a doornail — they’re gray and stiff — as soon as it starts to heat up and they get hit by the sun rays, it’s this rejuvenation,” he said. “The ones that survive that cold streak are basically passing on that gene.”
he suspected he they couple of decades, iguanas will creep north because they will be able to withstand colder climates.
On Thursday, Mr. Cerabino poked at the animal with his pool skimmer, hoping to wake it up. In a previous backyard encounter with a paralyzed iguana, he said, picking it up with a shovel did the trick.
But no luck this time.
“He didn’t move,” Mr. Cerabino said. “But he’s probably still alive. My experience is that they take a while to die.”
So he opted for leaving the iguana where it was, “and dealing with it when I come home.”
“He’ll either get enough sun where he’ll revive himself and get himself up the tree, or he’ll continue to freeze and turn dark brown — almost black — and I’ll know he’s dead,” Mr. Cerabino said.
The iguana lived.

Why Sitting Is Bad for Your Heart

   We all know that sitting for extensive periods of time is bad for your health. But why is it bad for your heart? Sitting demands so little from your heart. Well, I’m going to explain why and how.

   We all heard that sitting on end is unhealthy. People who sit more than 9-10 hours are prone to get diabetes and other heart problems. Even if we exercise, the risks still remain high. Excessive sitting has also been assosiated with heart failure, a condition in which the heart becomes weaker and can’t pump enough blood to support the body. As I mentioned, sitting demands so little from the heart. Well, a group of cardiologists proved that.      
   A group of cardiologists decided to test this out. They pulled about 1,700 healthy participants with no heart symptoms.They checked their blood samples for Torponis-proteins produced by cardiac muscle cells. When they are hurt or dying, the heart releases troponis into the blood stream. They checked how much people sat and the experiment showed that no matter how much the people moved, the sitting was associated with unhealthy troponin.p.
  Side note: if you want more info check out from Gretchen Reylonds New York



Protests in Iran

Right now in Iran there are protests about prices going up and younger people are using guns. The Iranian government has turned off Telegram for a day for leaks of protests going out. Trump  posted on Twitter the people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth being stolen on terrorism.Media and newspapers all over the world are flooded  with pictures. One picture is a picture of a woman raising her fist in defiance of tear gas fired at protesters Saturday in the University of Tehran.

After four days of rare protests in Iran the President Hassan Rouhani tried to calm the nation  on December 31,2017 , saying people had the right to protest and acknowledging public worries over the economy and corruption. He told Iranians not to resort to violence. The protests are the first major demonstrations in Iran since 2009.

Two troublemakers were reported killed in recent days in the city of  Dorud, and dozens arrested across Iran.Iranian authorities started blocking Telegram for a day. The  crowds were chanting death to dictator and clerics should get lost as the article mentions.

My opinion is that people are basically giving there  lifes away by shooting people and just saying a sentence. I think that this is stupid that people shouldn't give there lifes away.i also think that the president should do more and I think that people should calm down.