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Ms. Tom

February 27 2015

                                                   Ms. Tom, the amazing 2-4th grade teacher

Ms. Tom is the teacher for the 2-4 graders. She is a very good teacher and loves all of her students and all of her students love her!
Ms. Tom is a native San Fransiscan and she is a Chinese American. She grew up in SF and loves the city and most importantly the GIANTS. Ms. Tom has a very hands on teaching style, I remember once in 4th grade Ms. Tom taught us how sea animals stay warm, the she got a volunteer and put there hand in melted butter and put there hand in cold water. This experiment showed that the sea animals have fat that makes them warm.

Ms. Tom is an amazing teacher and will continue to be forever.

What Upper Graders do on Fridays

At Hillwood we do a lot of different things every day. Some days we like and some we don't. Most people at Hillwood love Fridays.

The upper graders have a very fun day. The morning starts of computer class with the help of are computer teacher Mrs. Moorhead. We blog on the school website called the Hillwood Herald.

When we are done we start art class with Mrs. Anna. Mrs. Anna is a professional artist. Also, Anna is the mother of Rubina who graduated Hillwood two years ago.

After art we eat lunch. On Friday's we usually have Pizza or Mrs. Grantz's homemade Chili Mac

When we are done with lunch Mrs. Anna takes us to the park and we usually play kickball. We always have fun, and we always wish Anna can come more often.

Once we come back inside we do our spelling test or other tests. If we get a 100 percent or an A correct on out spelling tests we get a ticket, and if every person in the class gets them all right we get to go to Beni Hana. Which is a place where they make your food right in front of you and it is very cool!  Tickets are like money in our class, so if we want snack we can buy it with tickets.

After our tests we normally do Current Events and History.

Once we are done with Current Events and History we are done with school and we play on our electronics. We stop playing electronics at 4:30 and then we play dodgeball outside with everyone.

That is what the upper graders do on Friday.

Camping in Yosemite

     Do you like to go camping outdoors? If you do, Yosemite is the place for you. I mean I have never been there, but last year the upper graders did with their teacher Ms.Reinboldt. She is still the teacher and she is thinking of taking us to Yosemite again. But she is also thinking of taking us to Mt.Lasson. I have never been there either so it would also be nice to go there too. But I would kind of want to go to Yosemite because we get to stay in cabins and in Mt.Lasson, we have to slept in tents and we would be near a volcano. And I do not really want to be near a volcano that could erupt on me.

       But I would be okay with either place to go to. I mean I should not judge which place is better when I have not even been to Mt.Lasson. But I really want to go to Yosemite because I have never been there. I might go for my birthday and that would really be fun.I interviewed one of the students who went to Yosemite and this is what she said:

            Grace:What did you think of Yosemite?

            Claire:It was fun because we got to learn things I did not already know. We also got to ride    
             bikes and that was fun.

             And from what I heard, Yosemite sounds fun.

The Hillwood Band

Ms. Schmitt is our music teacher at Hillwood. She is also the instructor to the Hillwood Band.

Last school year, Ms Shmitt and students decided to start the Hillwood Band where the upper-graders could practice together and play music.  Last year we played songs such as Bad Moon Rising, Safe and Sound, and I'll Be Waiting by Adele.  It was a lot of fun so we decided to do it again next year.

At the beginning of the year, we played You Can't Always Get What You Want.  It was spectacular and a lot of fun.  The Kindergartners sang with us and it was really cute and funny to listen to.  Natasha played the piano, Maddie played the guitar, Claire played the violin, Ms. Shmitt played the guitar as well, Ms. Shmitt's husband Tom played the base, and Nicole, Finn, and Grace sang.

Written By: Maddie, Natasha, and Claire

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Here is the link to the pictures for the Yearbook

Here is the link to the pictures for the Yearbook

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hillwood Herald History

      The Hillwood Herald is the main blog Hilwood School. Every week on Friday Ms.Moorhead comes over and we write articles on the Hillwood Herald Blog. It has traveled a long way and as of right now it has 2,085 posts in total. 10 different countries around the world have viewed this blog. The first post was on January 5th 2007.

This is a short interview with Ms.Moorhead

Ethan:"Why did you create The Hillwood Herald?"

Ms.Moorhead: I created the Hillwood Herald because, I had a friend, named Michelle Deval Smith  and her daughter Jordan, went to Hillwood and she was saying  it  be nice to have a computer publication or some type of technology, for the upper graders. And she said you work in journalism, how about volunteering? And so, I talked to The Grantz, and they thought it was an okay idea. And so we started , um started doing very simple blog posts, for the website. And then a couple years later, we started the yearbook.

Leo: "Did computer class exist, before the Hillwood Herald?

Ms.Moorhead: Not that I know of, we have to probably check with the Grant'z, but i dont think it did.

Ethan: Who was the student, that contributide the most posts.

Ms.Moorhead: Well how long your digging, has the Hillwood Herald been around?

Leo: 2007.

Ms.Moorhead: Yeah, so thats a lot of students, but theres' an awfully lot, but Darian, Brigit, Irine, Jay. I think of a whole bunch of students, not one. Thats' the thing about publication, it needs a lot of people to make it,

Leo: Where you the one to make the first post, or was it a student?

Ms.Moorhead: It was a student. Yep. I didn't always do the weekly assignments. Yep. I think accuatly do them, were students would have note cards.
Ethan; would you look forward to expand the Hillwood Herald, to more than just articles and posts?

Ms.Moorhead; It be neat this year, to do a digital version of the yearbook. And I kind of see the yearbook as some of our best ideas and stories, from the blog. Packaged in a different way, and also made to try and be interesting and maybe 20 years.

Ethan and Leo: Thank You for your time!

Ms.Moorhead: You are very welcome.

Written by Ethan.K and Leo.D


Hillwood School Is have their Annual Walk-A-Thon!

Hillwood Academic Day School is having its Annual Walk-A-Thon on May 1st! This amazing event is created by Ms. Caine and Mrs. Grantz. This event has been going on for the kids to get ready to walk from the school to Crissy Fields. Some kids even bring their Pedometers and iPods to track how much they walked. Crissy Fields is 2 miles away, and the walk is about 38 minutes to get there. Crissy Fields is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco.  When the kids get to Crissy Fields, they play games like Tag and Duck-Duck-Goose.

After the Walk-A-Thon, the grown-ups have a BBQ and the kids eat food and play. Mr. and Mrs. Grantz announce the winners of donating the most money. The winners last year were Jo-Jo, Finn, and Mattigan. We have yet to find out who will win this year!

About Free the Children

        Free the Children is an organization that helps children fight child labour. The organization all started with one boy who's name is Craig. In 1995, when Craig was only 12, he got a group of students at his school to help him stop child labour. Now there is a big event called We Day where public speakers come to talk about what they do to help Free the Children. Celebrities will come to give inspirational speeches and give others the chance to help too. Last year, our class went to We Day and had a great time. This year is going to be my first year to go to We Day. I am so excited to go and I just can't wait.

         Last year there were big celebrities. I forgot their names, but I know that there were cool celebrities. This year there will not be a lot of celebrities that I know. But I think I will still like them. We Day will be on February 25. I interviewed Kasama and he said he really liked We Day. He said he liked it because people said a lot of inspirational speeches. Lastly, he said that the speeches made him want to do activities to help people. I think that once I go to we day, I will want to do inspirational activites.

Our Experience at We Day!

On February 25, 2015, the Hillwood upper graders went to We Day. The We Day event was held in San Jose at the SAP Center. Last year, we went to We Day in March at the Oracle arena. For our international action, we are having an Everything Day event where we raise money for sustainable income for people in Rural China. Some of the people that attended were, Cody Simpson, a famous pop singer, Colbie Caillat, a famous pop singer, Kid President, a youtube sensation, Joe Jonas, famous singer and Free The Children ambassador, and some of the team members from the Oakland Raiders, a football team.
It was really crowded and it was really loud. Most of the students said that they didn't enjoy this We Day as much as last year. They felt that there wasn't as many people as last year and they knew more of the performers last year.
 Last year, we earn our tickets by making Kenyan art and selling it. We also had a big Field Day with a variety of different activities. This year we plan on going to an elderly home to spend time with the elderly. We are also planning to do an Everything Day which is like the Field Day. The last event we will be holding is another art sale.

We Day is not just taking place in San Jose, California, We Day will also take place in the UK, the Waterloo Region, Atlantic Canada, Minnesota, Alberta, Manitoba, Vancouver, and Illinois.
                                                                              By: Asiana D. and Sophia B.

Mrs. Okamoto Day

Every year, on opening day for the Giants, we celebrate Mrs. Okamoto day. On that day, we always wear Giants clothes and eat hot dogs for lunch. We always do that outside. I interviewed Mr. Grantz about Mrs. Okamoto. These are the questions that I asked him:

Me: When do we usually celebrate Mrs. Okamoto day? 
Mr. Grantz: We celebrate it on opening day for the Giants.

Me: How long did she work at Hillwood?
Mr. Grantz: She worked here for 53 years.

Me: How old was she when she started to work at Hillwood?
Mr. Grantz: She was 38 years old.

Me: What did she teach at Hillwood?
Mr. Grantz: She had Ms. Caine's job.

Me: Did she always love the Giants? If not, how did she grow to love them?
Mr. Grantz: She always loved them.

Me: Did she ever play base ball when she was a kid?
Mr. Grantz: Probably not. 

Ms. Caine The amazing after school teacher

Finn Malone
February 20 2015

Ms.Caine is the after school teacher and she looks after the K-8th graders from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.    Ms. Caine works very hard and teaches the younger students. At 5:00, Ms. Caine serves snacks for the younger kids, some of these snacks include: goldfish, cereal bars, and pretzels.

Ms. Caine sometimes talks with older graders and supports them in what they do.

Ms. Caine does the walk-a-thon every year and she loves living an active and healthy life. Ms. Caine loves talking to the K-1st because they are honest and they don't kiss-up to her.  Ms. Caine is a very loving teacher and she loves her job. Ms. Caine love helping kids, and all the kids I interviewed said that she is an amazing teacher and is very nice.

Ms. Caine has a son named Darien and he went to Hillwood and he recommended Ms. Caine to be the after school teacher, and she said yes. After that Darien went to a very well renowned high school named "Sacred Heart Cathedral." After that he went to (and is still going to) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kendamas are Trending!

In the age of video games, phones, and apps, people don't play with toy that much any more. But this traditional Japanese toy is taking the west coast by storm. This toy is called the Kendama! It is a ball on a string with three cups you use to catch the ball in, there is also a dull tip you can catch the ball on. This toy is very popular in Japan and now is very popular in west coast. It has not spread to the the east coast yet but it most likely will due to the fact that it is so addicting. They aren't cheap though
the cheapest one that is decent is $17.00, and some of the more expensive ones can go up to $200.00.

The Kendama trend has even gotten into Hillwood, now some kids in Hillwood such as Leo, Ethan, Kasama, and my self have started playing with them. Leo also started Kendama Club, were he teaches people to use a Kendama.

This toy is so popular that there are now professional teams such as Kendama USA which is the most well know that are making their own brands. They make edits and participate in the Kendama World Series.

French For The First Time At Hillwood

   In languages,the whole school is learning French.Every Thursday,Mrs.Miliken comes in to teach the school French.Mrs.Miliken had just started last semester and has gotten pretty good at teaching us .Every time she comes,she has a special prize.How it works is she gives tickets to people if they can say something in French.She then puts the tickets in a jar and picks a ticket from the jar.When she picks the ticket she will give that prize to that student.It is really fun.

The prizes are usually fancy designs on tape, scratch sheets, pens, erasers, and post cards. Two years ago, Mrs. Miliken taught the upper graders. We interviewed a student and asked her what it was like. She said "It was really fun and filled with surprises." We have learned a lot of things from her like the seasons, food, months, the alphabet, and numbers. Soon everyone will be speaking French. Mrs. Miliken is a great teacher. Sometimes she will take her son, Paxton to class. He is one year old right now . Sometimes, the students enjoy holding him.

By Grace M. And Maddie P.

Your Very Own Barbecue

      If you like candy, tag, hot dogs, and other fun stuff, you can come to the all-time famous Hillwood Barbecue.  You might just get a bag o' candy with the pinata.  Or, you hang out by the bridge into the arena where all sorts of sports occur.  Some of the sports that happen there are stick wars.  Another sport that happens outside of the arena is volleyball.                                                

       Last time I was there, my good friend Finn created Newfoundland, only it was pronounced how you saw it.  I am part of it, and we had an amazing empire with a whole lot kids in it.  Or you could go down with the Rivercats with my friend Oliver.  It is set beautiful location with a cute, little waterfall and river.  

       The cabin is set in Muir Woods on a private property.  You get to go on a hike in the hiker part of Muir Woods.


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Assignments for February 6 — yearbooks

Today is the day we start our yearbook stories. But first, warm your fingers up with 10FastFingers.

If time allows, please produce a post for The Hillwood Herald. Here are some story ideas, and of course, feel free to pitch your own:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

Max A Million

If you don't know, Mr Grantz and Mrs. Grantz have a dog named Max.

Max is a very playful pup.  I've known ever since he was a puppy.  He loves all the children and causes lots of comotion downstairs.

Every other day Max goes with a dog walker to get some exercise.  When he's not with his dog walker, he goes to the park with Mr. Grantz.  Smetimes the upper-grades see him at the park.  Sometimes we even throw the ball for him for a few minutes.

Before the Grantz' had Max they had a dog named Zach.  I remeber being very afraid of dogs but being around Zach helped me a lot.  I was able to even get my own dog after a couple of years.  Zach was 14 years old before he died.  He was a joy to have at the school and everyone misses him.

When Max was brought to the school everyone wanted to be around him.  He was a bit more than a foot long.  Now he's huge!  Max is now 3 years old and he is a happy and healthy pup!

Written By: Claire P.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Year Book Stories

1. History of Hillwood-Leo and Rory

2.Max-Claire, Maddie, and Caroline

3.Teachers and Staff-Ethan, Rory, Finn, and Kasama

4.Talent Shows-Natasha, Maddie, and Grace

5.Hillwood BBQ-Rory

6.Art With Anna-Caroline

7.French-Maddie and Grace

8.Free the Children-Grace

9.Student Body Council-Nicole and Caroline

10.Hillwood Band-Natasha, Claire, and Maddie

11.Halloween/Pumpkin Patch-Claire

12.Hillwood Herald-Rory, Ethan, Leo

13.Any School Field Trips-Leo

14.Mrs. Okamoto Day-Maddie


16.Yosemite-Asiana, Sophia, and Grace

17.Ms. Caine-Finn

18.We Day-Claire, Leo, Sophia, and Asiana

19.Lunch-Kasama and Rory

20.Ms. Shmitt-Ethan

21.  Big Storm- Finn and Claire

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lifeguard Gets Fired for Doing His Job.

In Florida, a lifeguard was fired for saving a life. Thomas Lopez was fired because he went past a sign he wasn't supposed to, in order to help save a distressed swimmer. Thomas saved a 19-year-old Estonian tourist named, Maksim Samartsev. After the rescue, Maksim shook Thomas's hand and said "Thanky you." Maksim was swimming in an unprotected part of the beach. People helped pull him Maksim out of the water while Thomas stayed with him while the paramedics arrived. Maksim received oxygen for two days. Thomas was fired for leaving his section on the beach right after the rescue. Jeff Ellis head of the lifeguarding services, decided that Thomas was fired too quickly and he offered him his job back but, Thomas decided thay he wanted to pursue other opportunities. Thomas said he didn't want to work at the company out of spite or anything he just wanted to finish school and find another job.
Thomas was only fired because he broke a big rule for the lifeguards. The reason why they have the rule not to pass the sign is because, it puts the lifeguards at risk as well. They wouldn't want two people to die at once. Two other lifeguards quit as well because they were angry that Thomas got fired for doing his job! For his heroic rescue, Thomas was honored at the city hall ceremony in Arizona and he got to meet Maksim after he recovered.        

Taking the Lowell High School Test

When applying to Lowell, you have to take the school test.  The test itself was not hard.  There were some problems that I didn't understand and didn't answer the questions to.  Overall it wasn't that bad.

When you first get to the school there will be papers in the windows.  One of them will say your name and on that piece of paper it will have other names and the classroom where you will be taking your test.  When you find your name you need to get inside the school and go into the auditorium.  There will be a sign that says the classroom number.  When you find it you need to go sit down with other people with that sign.  You just need to sit and wait and then someone will go onto the stage and talk about what is going to happen. Then your classroom will be called with other classrooms to go.  If you don't have an ID you have to go to a table where you will get your picture taken.  If you do have an ID you need to go to your classroom.  There will be Lowell students in red and white caps blocking off hallways that you can't go through.  They will also help you get to your classroom. 

When you get to your class room there will be a piece of paper.  That looks the same as the pieces of paper in the windows of the school.  Your name will be on it and you will have a number.  When you go into your classroom you need to find the desk that has a piece of scratch paper with your number on.  There will also be a sticker with your name and your ID number.  Once you have found the right desk sit down and wait for everyone else to get in and wait for directions.  There will be the same directions on the white board but don't do anything until you are directed to do so.

Once you are directed to take the test...well...take the test.  The first half of the test will be reading and language.  They are separate so don't go onto the language without instructions.  After everyone has completed the test you will have to leave your classroom and take the 25 minute break.  You have to go onto the courtyard.  It will be crowded so I recommend staying near the hallway or in the hallway.  You will not be able to be on the second floor of the school.  You can bring a snack but I also recommend to eat something at home before and after the test if you don't have anything during the break. 

Once the break is over you will have to go back your classroom and then you will take the last part of your test. The last part is the math.  The math was pretty easy but there were a couple of problems that didn't make since but just try your best.

Once the test is over you will leave and go home.  The test wasn't that bad.  I took the SSAT and taking the SSAT was a good prep to the Lowell high school test.

Written By: Claire P.