Friday, May 20, 2016

The Future of Surgery

Being operated on by a robot seems totally futuristic, but it's actually an available option right now.

Luckily, these robots do not completely take over the career of a surgeon because the surgeon controls the robot manually.

There have been some tests using the robots on pigs. Apparently, the robot actually did better with the surgery than the surgeons were able to do. 

"The purpose wasn't to replace surgeons. If you have an intelligent tool, that works with a surgeon, can it improve the outcome? That's what we have done," says Dr. Peter C.W. Kim of Children's National Health System in Washington. 

Considering that the robots can be better than surgeons, you might think that this is more popular. It actually isn't used that much in a lot of hospitals. This is because the robots will come with higher prices than a regular surgery.

Even though the quality of the robot's surgery is most often better than a surgeon's, they do take longer to operate. In one surgery, the robot made fewer stitches when suturing, but it took much longer.

This could be the future of surgery, and it's incredible how quickly technology can advance. 

  EgyptAir flight MS804 disappeared yesterday, May 19, 2016. There were 66 people total aboard. The plane was flying from Paris to Cairo overnight. It crashed over the Mediterranean Sea in the morning.  It is believed that there were only three children on board, two of which were babies.
   The pilot was Captain Mohamed Shokeir. EgyptAir said that he had 6,275 hours of flight experience. That is equal to 261.458333333 days. That's amazing. Just imagine being in a plane for almost a year.

   When the plane came down, it made two sharp turns before plummeting 25,000 feet into the sea. Egypt said that this was more likely  a terrorist act then a technical fault. The French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Aryrault said that there is "absolutely no indication" so far as to how the plane crashed.
EgyptAir flight MS804


Two Israeli divers uncovered several artifacts in the Mediterranean sea. This discovery is Israel's biggest underwater Roman-era finding in three decades (30 years)! Ran Feinstein and Ofer Ranaan came across a shipwreck near the port of Caesarea last month.

The artifacts the two men unearthed was the precious Roman-era cargo, which consists of bronze statues, lamps, jars, animal-shaped objects, anchors, and thousands of coins with images of 
Roman emperors Constantine and Licinius. 

Some of the relics date from the fourth centery, and others from the first and second century.

Dog Leaving Home To Go To Doggy Daycare

A 5 year old Golden Retriever named Riley, left his house to go to his doggy daycare all by himself. And usually, dogs hate doggy daycare. However, Riley loves to go to Happy Dog Cafe and Boutique in Belmont, North Carolina.

What had happened was on May 6, Riley had seen his dog friends at the daycare having a blast and Riley wanted to join in on the fun. So when they got home, his owner Tonia had put him outside in their backyard and put the latch on a gate. After she was gone, he opened the latch and started walking over to the daycare to go see his friends.

The owner of the daycare, Teresa McCarter,  told Tonia not to worry because one of her customers said that Riley was sitting outside of the door and waiting to be let in. He then went inside and was playing with his dog friends. Tonia was then relieved to hear that her dog was safe and she then put a lock on the gate to make sure that Riley wouldn't try to escape again.

A Twelve Year Old Girl Uncovers Egyptian Amulet

Recently a twelve year old girl named Neshama Spielman and her family took part in a Temple Mount Sifting Project, that is inactive now but was a biblical temple in Jerusalem. The object  she found was an amulet that belonged to a pharaoh named Thutmose 111 from over 3200 years ago. Neshama said she found the amulet four years ago when she was a eight.

This amazing project was founded in 2004 by a man named Zeev Orenstein who is one of the officials with the City of David Foundation. There has been around 170,000 volunteers since 2004 or since the project has began.  Spielman was excited about her find after she learned about the significance of the amulet. She also said that this year Passover will be more special then ever.

Sperm Whales Washed up Dead in Germany

In January and February, 13 young sperm whales washed up on a beach near the town of Tönning in Germany. An autopsy showed that the whales had all died of heart failure and researchers believe that the whales, all between 10-15 years old, may have entered the North Sea by mistake. The sea floor is too shallow for the whales and so they parish. 

The deaths of these whales are sad, but what's worse is that the autopsy showed plastic inside the stomachs. They also found man-made trash ingested by the young whales and the remains of a 13 meter long and 1.2 meter wide safety net used for shrimp fishing and 70 centimeter long plastic cover from a car engine and some sharp edged pieces of a platinum bucket.

Even though the plastic didn't kill the whales, it reminded people of the plastic that is thrown everywhere. The head of the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Reserach at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Ursula Siebert, says, "If the whales had survived, the garbage on their guts might have caused digestive problems down the line." If more whales eat more trash, whales will believe they are full and stop wanting to eat, causing malnutrition. 

Sperm whales aren't the only marine animals that are hurt by the amount of plastic in our oceans. sea turtles also mistake the trash for food. As man-maid items get stuck  in the animal's digestive tract, they result in a build-up of gas that causes "floater syndrome." Floater syndrome is when the turtles can no longer dive into the ocean to seek food. Instead, they just float on the surface and wait until they get rescued. If they aren't rescued in time, they starve to death. 

According to researchers from the University of Queenland, the number of marine life species ingesting or getting tangled in plastic increased from 250-700. The scientists are scared that even tiny plankton, a common food source, is consuming trash.

Still ruling the waves? UK’s biggest ever warship nears completion, amid claims it’s obsolete

Finn Hillwood
May 20 2016

The UK is building it's biggest ever warship. They are also buying new planes to accompany it. The ship that is nearest completion is HMS Queen Elizabeth, which will be finished in 2017.  After its completion it will be moved Portsmouth. It will become the Royal Navys flagship and will be joined on the waters by her sister ship, the Prince Of Wales.
RN Captain Simon Petitt Commented on these ships by saying
“If someone does want to start a war I think they might think twice if they see one of these ships coming over the horizon.”

“We have never seen these ships before. It will change the way the Navy does its business,”Petitt added.

Curry wins MVP again, this times he makes history

Curry has recently won MVP for the second season in a row.  While doing this, he also made history. He is the first ever basketball player to be unanimously chosen. This means that every single NBA reporters and sportswriters have voted only for him. Curry received a total of 1310 points from the 130 voters.

The superstar is also the 11th player in history to win MVP two seasons in a row. He is also the first ever Warriors player to win MVP two times in a row. The only other Warriors player to win MVP is Wilt Chamberlain(1959-1960).

Curry is one of the most recongizable basketball players in the world, arguably the best. He has made an amazing 403 3-pointers after no one else in NBA history had ever hit 300. Warriors coach Steve Kerr has said that he is good because he can take a shot from anywhere, not just the three point line.

My opinion is that I am very happy that curry made history. He is a very skilled basketball player. I am also happy that he plays for Hillwood's home team, the Warriors.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Willie May's 85 birthday on Friday

Last Friday, May 6, 2016, famous baseball legend Willie Mays turned 85! He played for the San Francisco Giants baseball team. He was number 24, and he was a center fielder for the Giants. He first played for the New York and San Francisco Giants, but then he was traded to the New York Mets. His height is 5"11, and his parents were Annie Satterwhite and William Howard Mays. He is loved by most people in America and has inspired many people.

Willie Mays' major league career started in 1951, and he was drafted into the army in 1952 and 1953 during the Korean War. After that, he returned to the Giants and was really great at hitting and catching. Then he was moved to the San Francisco Giants. During entire his baseball career, he won two Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and was also inducted to the baseball Hall Of Fame in 1979. There was many more awards that he got such as the NL Rookie Of The Year and the Golden Glove award.

For his birthday, he got to ride on a cable car with the number 24. He rode in the cable car with Mayor Ed Lee and started at the Cable Car Barn and went down Washington Street. Willie also got a message from President Obama saying, "When they say a San Francisco cable car is the first national landmark the moves, they forgot to count Willie on the baseball paths." Willie also took pictures with fans at the Cable Car Barn. Willie also got balloons and a plaque on the Cable Car with a description of him.

In conclusion, Willie Mays is an awesome player and he really deserves all of this. I am happy him and that he got this.

A Postal Worker Found a 108-Year-old Message in a Bottle

On November 30, 1906, a sailor named George Parker Bidder dropped a bottle with a note in it into the sea. The bottle sank to the bottom of the sea and floated in the sea for 108 years, 4 months, and 18 days.

It was finally found when Marianne Winkler, a retired postal worker, found it on the shore of Amrum Island in 2015. She had no idea that it was the oldest message in a bottle ever recorded. It gave her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

When Winkler found the bottle, she saw that there was a paper telling her to break it open. She didn't want to break it open at first because she could tell that it was old. When she finally got the bottle open, it turned out to be a postcard addressed to G.P. Bidder, the man who dropped the bottle, at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, England. The not promised a one-shilling reward.

Winkler filled the note out and sent it to the Marine Biological Association, which luckily still exists. According to a press release, the association was very surprised and thrilled to get the postcard. According to Corey Fedde from the Christian Science Monitor, the employees researched how much a shilling would be worth today.

Apparently, this bottle that was found was not the only one that Bidder had sent to sea. Between the years of 1904 and 1906, he put notes inside of bottles and put them in the ocean to chart the currents. 

The queen calls visiting Chinese ambassadors very rude

The Chinese demanded numerous remarkable things, even setting up technology tents. They wanted all the furniture in the room to be moved and they brought there own food. They also wanted a security guard in the carriage where the president was riding, which, by tradition, is not supposed to have security. The president also demanded not to see the free Tibet protesters.

The Police Unity Tour


By Mia L. and Savannah H.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Wildfire In Canada Grows Up To 210,000

In Fort McMurray, many officials are moving thousands of people away from the wildfire in Alberta, Canada, where the huge wildfire is blazing. Officials got 8,000 people out of the fire on Thursday and continued on Friday and will move south of Alberta along with traffic moving south. More than 1,100 firefighters, 145 helicopters, 138 pieces of heavy equipment and 22 air tankers were used to fight the big fire on Thursday, which had already grown up to 210,000 acres, and still needed rain to stop the fire.

The fire is continuing to grow, but slowly moving away from Fort McMurray. The rate of the fire's pace is fairly slowing. No rain was expected to come to Fort McMurray until late Saturday with a 40 percent of showers. Over 8,000 people have fled Fort McMurray in the heart of Canada's oil sands. Roughly 25,000 evacuees moved north in hours later on Tuesday's mandatory evacuation, oil sand work camps have been converted into houses to the people. But the bulk is much more than 80,000 evacuees, who fled south to Edmonton and elsewhere. Officials say that moving everyone south can get better, since there are support officials to help.

In conclusion, this is very shocking event and if I was there, I would be traumatized. Being trapped in a very horrifying fire like this is scary and I am sorry for the people that had to leave their homes or got trapped in the fire.

Story done by Grace M and Savannah H

Women are Standing up for Themselves when it comes to Equality in Companies

In the Bay Area's very own Silicon Valley, women and people of color are having a harder time getting onto firms and panels. Three women joined together to create a database called Project Include in attempt to change companies.

Project Include is meant to address pay gaps in companies, hoping to change this discrimination against minorities. 

The founders are Ellen Pao, Erica Baker, and Laura Gomez. They realized that women like themselves get paid significantly less than their counterparts. 

Companies try to dismiss their ignorance for discrimination by coming up with excuses. "The standard mantra for every company on diversity statistics is, 'We're not doing well, but we're working on it,'" says Pao. 

Pao has experience working with discriminatory firms, such as her former law firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. She sued them with accusations of gender inequity, but she lost.

Project Include has one of the more visible pushes in Silicon Valley because other companies struggle with criticism and the makeup of their workforces. Luckily for this group, their makeup is mostly female, which stands out in the the crowd. 

Once the group reaches their peak of popularity, they will begin to reveal social bias in workforces. they believe that it is important that this prejudice subsides in the future. 

Large companies have paid attention to Project Include's main goal, and have admitted to their lack of diverse groups and employees. Some have tried to change that, like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. 

Michael Moritz, a partner in the venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, confessed to having absolutely no female members, and he intends on fixing this issue by hiring women. He also said that the firm was blind to gender and race. 

This organization has excellent ideas about diversity, and they will hopefully succeed in changing the way that minorities are perceived in the workforce.

Sickouts by teachers in Detroit shutter public schools

In Detroit, Michigan, nearly all of the public school in Detroit were closed and more than 45,000 students missed school becuase half of the district's teachers teachers called in sick. the teachers called in sick to protest the possibility that some of them won't get paid over the summer of the struggling district runs out of cash. The series of sickouts shuttered 94 of 97 schools for the day as 1,562 teachers stayed home. The protests began becuase Detroit Public Schools' transition manager said the distric would soon have no money to continue paying the Detroit Federation of Teachers any longer. 

The state had approved $47.8 million in emergency money to keep the student school system operating, but the amount only pays the bills through June 30. Detroit Schools also would be unable to fund summer school programs after June 30. The Legislature considered a $720 million restructuring plan. 

The teachers can choose to recieve their pay over the course of the school year or spread it over the full 12 months. Approximately 3,000 educators chose to have it spread over 26 weeks. Some say that they chose this becuase they need the paycheck becuase without it, they won't survive through July and August. "We have already put the work in," says Kimberly Morrison, 54, a reading and recovery specialist employee. "If I don't get my pay, then somebody else-who I owe- won't get their pay." 

A few hundred teachers picketed outside the district's administrative offices. "There's a basic agreement in America: when you put in a day's work, you'll recieve a day's pay," says the Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President, Ivy Bailey in a statement. "DPS is breaking that deal." 

Hulu Will Offer Live-Stream Service In 2017

Hulu will start to offer a live streaming service in 2017. This will offer a mix of cable and will broadcast many things such as news, sports, and important events. This means that they will start to rival with other services such as Dish's Sling TV and also Sony's PlayStation Vue and many more services.

The CEO of Hulu, Mike Hopkins, said "Very soon, fans will be able to enjoy favorite shows and cheer for favorite teams all on Hulu." He also promised a "very deeply personalized experience."

Hulu didn't give details on the partners it will work with on the service. There were also no details about the exact programming that will be included or what the pricing might be. 

The company also announced the creation of Hulu documentary films.  Its first documentary, already teased, will be named "The Beatles: Eight Days a Week."  This documentary will talk about the band's early career. 

Hulu will also introduce a virtual reality system, a coming feature from director Ron Howard is to create a virtual reality concert series later this year. 

Hopkins noted that Hulu, one of the bigger streaming websites currently active, will most likely reach 12 million paying subscribers by the end of May. By comparison, Hulu is one fourth the size of Netflix, which currently has 47 million US subscribers. 

Our opinion is that this new feature of Hulu is very innovative and smart. We are excited to watch our favorite shows and events live on Hulu TV.

Source: SF Chronicle

By Leo and Jo

Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 3: The morning started when everyone met up with their workshop instructor and got to their busses. The bus dropped us off at the World War ll Memorial where the students got to explore. We saw the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the memorial and looked at the engravings of different activities the soldiers did during the war. After our exploration time in the World War ll Memorial, we got in our busses and drove to the National Museum of American History. At the National Museum of American History, we had to go through security. Our workshop instructors led each group to different exhibits. After looking around, the instructors gave everyone food vouchers to go eat in the cafeteria. After eating, everyone got back on the busses to go to the White House. At the White House we took pictures and walked around the area. There we saw a man that was an activist; he was fighting for no more lobiosts. Next we stopped by the Iwo Jima Memorial. There, we took lots of pictures, learned the history of this war, and what this memorial represents. Later, we went to Arlington National Cemetery. There, we visited Jonh F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy's grave and saw "The Changing of the Guards." "The Changing of the Guards" is a ceremony where the guards switch jobs and watch "The Tomb of the Unknown" soldier. For dinner, we went to the Union Station. The last memorial we went to for the day, was the Navy Annex. It had statues of soldiers and bunches of flowers to honor them. Later at the hotel, we had our workshops and then room check at 10:00 pm.

The Last Day of Washington D.C

The Washington D.C trip was, in my opinion, was the biggest and best trip of the year. On April 14th, 2016, was the last day of the entire trip. The first thing we did was wake up at 7:30 a.m, Eastern time. We packed our luggage and went to the terrace to eat our breakfast. For breakfast, there was eggs, sausage, brioche bread and cereal. There was also orange juice and apple juice. After we had breakfast, we went to our rooms, got our luggage and checked out of each of our rooms.

Before we headed to the airport, we stopped at the Smithsonian and went to two of the seventeen buildings at museum. We got to see the actual Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. We also got see the exhibit of civil rights, where Rosa Parks fingerprints are. Then we went to the gift shop and some people got a few things. I got a coaster of Rosie the Riveter who is saying " We Can Do It" (Rosie is a woman who represented the woman of America during World War II.) After the gift shop, we went to the Air and Space museum in the Smithsonian and got to see some of the real planes or replicas of planes that were flown by famous pilots. For example, we got to see the actual plane that the Wright Brothers flew.

Since the only nearby restaurant was McDonald's, we went there for lunch. I had gotten the double cheeseburger and it was very filling. After that, we went to the gift shop and then headed to the airport. At the airport, we went to a Starbucks and to a very political gift shop. I had gotten a pair of glasses that had the United State's flag on it for someone that did not get to go to Washington. Then we got to our gate, got on the plane and headed back to San Francisco.

Overall, this trip was once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and I am glad that I had gotten to go.

The Washington D.C. trip

Written by:
                                            DC Trip: Monday (Day two)

On the second day we went to the the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial. It was made up of mostly gardens which spanned across seven acres of land.  there were so many beautiful  waterfalls and statues. The Vietnam memorial was a lot shorter than I expected it to be. There were still a lot of names, it was just not as many as I expected. The Lincoln memorial was so tall. I thought it would a lot smaller. So much of the architecture  was breathtaking almost everywhere.

We went to the Capitol building while we were there, we got to go inside the House Of Representatives. We also got to go to the offices of the representatives and we got to meet a Florida representative and he was very smart. We also went to the library of Congress where we got to see Thomas Jeffersons own library.

Our Forth Day of Washington D.C

On the fourth day in Washington D.C we woke up at around 6:00am to get to breakfast. At 6:50 we left to got on the buses to go to Willumsberg. In Williumsberg we went to the printing press where we learned how newspapers were made in the 1700's. The people there dressed up like they were in the 1700's. Next we went to a tavern for lunch called the Shield where we ate salad,chicken pot pie,and ice cream. To drink we had an option of water, lemonade,and sweet tea.

Right after, we went to the Silversmith, there they had many guns and weapons from the 1700's. The lady explained how everything worked. After leaving the silversmith, we had 5 minutes of time to explore the gift shop Even if things were a bit pricey, they were very interesting. They had such things like toy muskets, and wooden recorders(the instrument). 

Then we walked to the capital building. There we went to the place where they would debate, we also went to the place where our founding father wrote the declaration of independence. 

Soon after we walked to the old jail and this was the only building that we went to that has not changed and was not rebuilt. The jail cell that we went to held Blackbeards crew members the cells were made of wood and the toilets looked very old. 

In the governors palace we saw many stuff. We visited Governor Dunmores palace, There we saw many rooms and even his daughters room and the mirror they would dress in. After that we saw their bedrooms. It was a very big palace, it was also fancy and heavily decorated. 

After our fun filled day in Williumsberg we took a bus to the Union Station to have dinner. After dinner we went to the hotel to do our last workshop. In the workshop we played train wreck then we wrote down our goals when we get back home.