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Ps4 Booth

Written by Finn, Jo, Grace, and Kasama

Last Friday, the upper grade class took a field trip to Marina Green. When we got to the PS4 booth we had to register.  Everyone would enter their names and zip codes and email. After the person would register, they would get a wristband which allowed them to get in and out and also get 20 percent off the games. With registering, you could also get a chance to win a playstation 4 but only for people 13 years and older.

The PS4 booth had many exciting games such as Madden, 2K 17, Fifa 17, Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter, Uncharted 4,  Littlebig Planet, and Lego Marvel’s Avengers. Also if you beat 10 people in Street Fighter you could win a free t-shirt. All of these new PS4 games are available for PS4 in stores for about $60.

In the corner, unbeknownst to most, the ps4 crew were setting up a virtual reality experience. Jo and I (Finn) quickly rushed there to get in a nonexistent line. There was one man ahead of us and when we saw what he was doing it got us riled up. We saw how that he was playing a VR game, 'Rush of Blood' was a horror carnival game with blood and guts, this made me and Jo start shouting which in turn made more people notice and line up. So me and Jo were very lucky as once people noticed the line grew bigger and bigger and bigger, and we did not have to wait as we were first. After me and Jo did it another Hillwood student decided to try it out, Layla, she got five minutes into it and was so scared she had to quit.

Finn and I (Jo) played a game called rush  of blood where you are on a horror rollercoaster ride. You experience piggs that are split apart moving where you can see there insides moving. There are chainsaws all around almost killing you. There are nude dolls recording you while you ride. Some parts you go fast. For the final parts you go through a hall that gets in and out. There’s a part where a scary monster opens the hallway roof and opens his mouth. Then you go to a part where clowns try to kill you with knifes.
All in all this was one of the more exciting days of Hillwood

History of Fleet Week

In 1935, San Diego hosted the first Fleet Week. Fleet Week was made to expand the US Navy, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. An aircraft company was moving to San Diego which then started Fleet Week. 

At 11 a.m. On May 29, 1935, a color guard on the U.S. Marine Corps led a parade across Cabrillo Bridge where the U.S. flag was raised. At 8 p.m., Roosevelt said, "The decision of the people of San Diego thus to dedicate the California Pacific International Exposition is, I believe, worthy of the courage and confidence with which our people now look to the future. No one can deny that we have passed through troubled years. No one can fail to feel the inspiration of your high purpose. I wish you great success." 

In June 1935 during Fleet Week, 114 warships and 400 military planes came with US Navy Admiral Joseph M. Reeves, who is also the Commander-in-Chief  of the US Fleet Week. This Fleet Week included forty eight battleships, cruisers, and aircraft carriers. More than 3,000 commissioned officers and 55,000 enlisted men were there. The people of San Diego were allowed to be guests in those ships. 

It was common for U.S. Navy ships to dock in San Francisco. One of more of the shops were "visit ships" for tourists to board and the local community took in sailors for home visits. The name Fleet Week was applied to a more publicized visit in 1981. The celebrations were always on the second week of October. 

Army Suits

Last Friday, the fifth-eighth graders went to fleet week. When we first got there, we saw stands that showed gear that is used in the military. Some of the gear included suits that the military uses for certain rescue missions. That is what I'm going to write about.

One of the outfits that they showed us was a snow suit. It had a heavy jacket and goggles. The jacket also had a part that covers the mouth. They told us that this suit was used to rescue people who got stuck hiking or got stuck in an avalanche.

Another outfit was a scuba suit. They said that it was mainly used to save people from a boat that was sinking or already sank. They also had a boat that they used with it. They said that they would pack it into the helicopter that they used. They would put a parachute on the boat and throw it out of the helicopter and it would land perfectly on the water.

They also had a car that they would throw out of a helicopter if somebody was stuck in the mountains. We were all really surprised that they could throw a car out of a helicopter and it would land on the ground, undamaged. They also had a suit they used with the car. It was a camouflage suit with a helmet and a gas mask.

I thought that it was really cool learning about all of this. My favorite part of it was hearing about the car that they throw out of the helicopter.

Playstation at Fleet Week

Playstation is a type of computer gaming system with a bunch of unlimited games to play on. The owner of Playstation is Sony Interactive Interactive. The company was founded on December 3rd of 1994, which was 22 years ago. Our class took a trip down to the Marina Green last Friday and played in the Playstaion truck. It was a really exiting and fun experience to play on the Playstation. 

When registering, people would have to list information in order to play on the Playstations. After registering for the Playstation, people would get a wristband that would let them get 20% off the games and allow people to get in and out of the truck. Also, when registering, players would get a chance to win a Playstation4 console. 

The experience where we played on the Playstation was really fun. There were games like Mortal Combat, NBA2k17, FIFA World Cup, etc. I played Mortal Combat and NBA2k17 and I kept losing. But that is okay and it was still pretty fun. I am glad that we did it.


Pusheen is an animated character that was created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff. She was a character inspired by Andrews childhood gray fat tabby cat. Pusheen was first created on the daily Everyday Cute.  Everyday Cute was a comic that revolved around Pusheen and his family.

Pusheen is currently 12 years old, being launched in 2004, Pusheen became very popular in 2010. As she became more and more popular, Andrew made more friends for her such as; Stormy, Duncan, Chika, etc. Pusheen became so popular he became a global superstar and websites and merchandise dedicated to him.

In conclusion Pusheen is the cutest cat in the world and everyone should love him.

link to website:

By; Layla and Madison

Food in Space

Outside of Earth's atmosphere, astronauts have to learn new ways to eat. They don't have the resources in a spaceship that we have on our planet, so they make do with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, dehydrated meals, and liquidized salt and pepper.

Before much technology was developed for meals in space, astronauts ate food from a tube filled with puréed fruits and vegetables. This way of eating was not considered very appetizing, and many astronauts did not enjoy squeezing their food directly into their mouths. They could also eat freeze-dried powders and bite-sized cubes that were equally uninviting.

As more and more people went into space, the culinary advantages expanded into more edible meals. Nutrition was taken more seriously in space as well. During the Gemini missions in 1965-1966, astronauts ate foods including shrimp cocktail, applesauce, chicken and vegetables, butterscotch pudding, and toast squares. Rehydration methods were simplified, making it easier to bring more food onto spaceships.

For the Skylab space station, eating became more domestic with new dining tables and trays that could warm their food while they ate. There were brand new freezers on the spaceships as well, allowing even more variety for enjoyable foods. Butter cookies, ice cream, fresh bread, and processed meat products were among some of the new menu choices.

Although there was more variation for consumption, astronauts still believed that it wasn't very satisfying. This was because the atmosphere (or lack thereof) in space changes how your tastebuds perceive food. Smelling and tasting is dulled in outer space due to congestion from weightlessness.

Today, meals can be enjoyed at any temperature, and astronauts can even request meals from home like beef jerky, spaghetti, and fruit salad and could be easily brought into space. Through dehydration processes and freeze drying the food, al different types of sustenance can be eaten outside of our planet's atmosphere.

All of the astronauts' meals are planned eight to nine months ahead of time. There are mathematic equations that help scientists to get the travelers the calories they need, like the basal energy expenditure formula that varies based on the astronaut's weight, age, gender, and height. This helps minimize the amount of necessary food for the trip, while also making sure they have enough.

When packaging food for space trips, scientists must use special tools in order to dehydrate food for preservation. Things like drinks and other liquidized foods will be turned into a rehydratable powder or mix so that it doesn't spoil before consumption. Here is a document explaining the exact formulas for executing this procedure.

Some astronauts are figuring out new ways to cook food in space so that there's plenty of delicious variety when they're away from home. Sandy Magnus worked hard to make space food more interesting, flavorful, and nutritious. Here is her complete diary of her food adventures.

While our current technology for outer-space nourishment are advanced, there is always room for improvement. The process will continue to adapt accordingly, and so will the national space station. All information about space habits are available on NASA's website, chock-full of articles and explanations, and even some simple ones for little ones.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Carseat safety

 Cybex, Britax, Diono, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Clek, Chicco, and Uppababy are the leading brands in carseat safety. Many people turn children forward facing as soon as they turn two. This is very bad. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Little kids necks are very fragile and it is up to five time safer to face the rear than forward facing.

  Another problem is that people take there kids out of carseats in favor of boosters. A full harness keeps children in the ideal position even when asleep. There is a reason that racing cars are equipped with five point harnesses. Because it's safer!

  Clek seats are designed by the best car companies in the world. They take the technology that makes cars safe, shrink it, and put it in the carseats.

  The new Cybex Cloud Q infant seat has a full recline when you take it out of the car so your baby can sleep at a pediatrician recommend angle. It also features Linear Side Impact Protection.

  Britax is, well, put it simply, one of the best brands on the market. It's patented honeycomb-shaped impact absorber is revolutionary.  

   Just because your child is tall, or heavy, or in 4th grade, doesn't mean you can't find the right seat for your child. Diono makes good ones for older kids.

  All in all, I think safety is number one for all parents, but most people don't realize that you can, and should, keep your kids in carseats for as long as possible.

Fairy tale food

I like food because it keeps me alive. Other people like food because it keeps them alive. Food is something everyone needs like water. There are lots of types of foods like Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Etc.My favorite kind is microwaveable Mac and cheese. Today I am going to write about what princesses, wizards, elves, etc ate in fairy tales.

According to a lot of fairy tales ate breakfast foods such as bread, porridge, fruit, pecans and more fruit. In fairytale they can make them eat whatever they want, but the food is usually a magical or a regular food. In all the fairy tales I have watched there are usually magical food.

Sweets are also very popular in fairy tales like in Hansel and Gretel They find a house made of candy and in the ginger bread man there is a world made out of candy. In the fairy tales there is always a evil god mother or evil person trying to put a princess to sleep,like in sleeping beauty the evil person gave the princess a poison apple. 

In conclusion I think the most common foods for fairy tales are sweets. I think they did sweets because every child likes candy and sweets.


Something To Say About Food

All people love eating food, it's one of the things that keeps us alive. One of my favorite things to eat is a burger from In N Out. Whenever I go on a road trip, I like to stop and get a burger, shake, and fries. Some things I don't like to eat include mushrooms, zucchini, and squash.

I like to snack in between meals, so do many people I know. I get hungry easily, so I eat something small before lunch or dinner. I eat small things like crackers, fruit, or chips. Having a snack can prevent people from overeating at lunch or dinner. Snacking can also help keep your energy up in the middle of the day.

Overall, food is just one of the best things. Everyone has their own comfort foods they love to eat. Mine is mocha chip ice cream, it's really good and it just satisfies my hunger.

What did dinosaurs eat

I think food is amazing. I love food. Food is made from the beast stuff on earth. Without food I don't know what i would do. I would die without out food.  I need food. When ever I am  hungry i go into my kitchen i grab a snack. Food makes me happy it also makes m tummy happy too.  That's my reference about food.

I wonder what dinosaurs ate when they were still alive.  I found out that dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs or they ate plants but some other dinosaurs didn't eat plants.  The plants that dinosaurs ate are leaves,twigs and seeds. Thees plants were found in higher tree tops or close to the ground.  The dinosaurs called Apatosaurus ate stones.  Velociraptor attacked and killed other dinosaurs for food.

That's all I found online. Dinosaurs are very interesting creatures. It was fun learning about Dinosaurs.

Polish Food

Food is a delicious thing and is very essential to life. Food is one of the things that help you stay alive all of anyone's life. There are many different kinds of food all across the world. For example, Italian, Japanese, American, etc. Everyone likes different types of food. I am going to talk about one type of food that has influenced America and parts of the world. This food topic will be coming from a place called Poland in Europe.

Polish people have many types of food like desserts and main courses. However, there is a history to Polish food. During the middle ages, the Polish liked to use meat a lot. That and cereal was their main ingredients in most of their dishes. If you were to look at the Polish cuisine, there would be a lot of foods with meat, especially beef, in them. And during the Renaissance period, the Italian queen, Queen Bona, and many Italian cooks came to Poland, and during that time, vegetables were used more.

There are many types of foods from Poland that you may have not known originated from Poland. There is one very good type of food that is very popular in America and in the world and it is called a bagel. A bagel is a type of dough that is the shape of a circle with another circle in the middle. Bagels have a total of 245 calories per bagel. There are many types of things you can put on a bagel. you can put cream cheese, nutella, salmon, etc. Bagels are admired all over the world.

Sernik is a very popular dessert in Poland. Sernik is cheesecake but with the Polish name. Many people love cheesecake and the recipe is simple. The ingredients are flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter, eggs and sour cream. The instructions are preheat oven 350 degrees, mix first four ingredients and add eggs and sour cream until it becomes a ball. Flour sides of a pan and pour mixture into pan. For the filling, beat egg yolks till stiff and set aside. Beat egg yolks, sugar and vanilla till light and fluffy. In a food processor, place butter, potatoes, cheese, nutmeg, salt, limoncello, and orange zest. Add to yolk mixture and incorporate, pour onto crust, and bake for 45-50 minutes. Then let cool.

Polish food is very important because if there wasn't Polish food, some foods wouldn't be around.

What Slaves Ate

In my opinion I think everyone likes food because it keeps us alive. It stops weird knots in our stomachs, which is called hunger. My favorite food is ramen. Ramen is a Japanese noodles. But compared to slaves, it's like we get a whole moth of food in one day.

Slaves use to normally eat cornbread and pork. A few foods that slaves got a little less often were; lard, molasses, peas, greens and flour. Occasionally slaves use to get their food from their harvest, like fresh fruits and veggies.

A negative about fresh harvest is if its not a great harvest, slaves will have to eat rotten harvest until the next harvest, but then again that harvest might not be great either. Slave owners sometimes gave slaves a small patch of land for their own harvest, this way owners could still feed their slaves but not have to pay for food.        

In conclusion, overall slaves were treated very badly, especially for all the hard work they did. Slaves food portions were very small and not cared about.

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The Difference Between Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescetarians

Everybody likes food, and so do I. My favorite food is pizza. My least favorite food is salmon. My sister really likes salmon, but I don't know why. I'm going to write about the differences between the three diets vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian. 

A vegetarian and a pescetarian are often confused. People say that vegetarians are people who don't eat meat, but they do eat fish. That's not true. A pescetarian is a person who does not eat meat, but still eats fish or other sea food. A pescetarian also eats dairy, eggs, and honey.

A vegetarian is a person who eats absolutely no meat including sea food. A vegetarian still eats food like eggs and honey. This is also called a lacto-ovo vegetarian. There are actually other types of vegetarian diets like a lacto vegetarian who eats no meats or eggs but still eats honey. An ovo vegetarian does not eat meat or dairy, but does eat eggs and honey.

A vegan has a big difference from a vegetarian and a pescetarian. While a vegetarian and a pescetarian both eat dairy products, a vegan does not. A vegan diet excludes meat, cheese, eggs, sea food, milk, and any dairy products or food that came from animals. They also generally do not own leather or fur products. Vegans also do not eat any candy. A vegan diet consists of only fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.


Food in the military


Food is something that we all eat, but I love food. I love trying different food and finding something new that you love! I think food is beautiful as people can connect with food, such as if you eat your home country's food you might think of the time when you lived there. Food is a very amazing thing and that's why I love it.

Food in the military is a very important thing. Food has changed the face of history, especially when it come to wars. Like in the Cold War, when Russia cut off food supply to West Berlin to try and get the UK and US to leave, but the UK and US were determend, so they dropped food from planes every day for 11 months. There are still towns and communities that have been cut off of food  because of wars and conflicts and the Red Cross and World Food Programme are trying to help these people.

In the military today the most popular form of food in war is Meal, Ready-to-Eat  (MRE). These small, lightweight meals can be cooked by using a heater bag. This meal usually includes a main course, a snack or desert, crackers or bread, spread of cheese or jam or peanut butter, powdered beverage mix, and utensils. The meal has to be at least 1,200 calories, the reason being soldiers are running around all the time with 50 pound bags on there backs

On something like a military ship that isn't involved in a war there is usually a kitchen that makes meals on the ship. These meals range from burgers and fries to mac and cheese, they usually also have a salad bar on the ships. The meals are usaully made by other soldiers, as they switch who will cook every week.

How to make an MRE: link

Family Food Traditions

People eat food to survive. I like meat, salads, soups, and occasionally junk food. I don't like eating vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, and brussel sprouts. I occasionally eat junk food like pizza and burgers becuase when you eat normal and healthy food all the time, junk food is string new and fun.

My mom cooks food that my grandmother cooked. My mom cooks the food from her childhood becuase she's used that kind of food. I think most people make the food that their parents made becuase of the same reason. They feel comfortable and related to that food that their mom made in the past. 

The importance of family food traditions is the memories of ancestors. If you don't carry on the food that they created or started, you start to forget. You can't just remember people by pictures, it's better to do something that they did when they were alive. It feels more special. Whenever I ask my mom what she's making she would tell me what the food was and who made it before her, if anyone did.

Also the traditions that the families and ancestors bring. When they die, the traditions carry on and people remember the ancestors. I think that it's really cool that people carry on traditions to remember others that died. I like that people do kore than just take pictures to remember, they do recepies and carry on the traditions that I will carry on and so will my sister.

One of the recepies that my mom makes that my grandmother used to make is something called pelmemi. Pelmemi are little dumplings made of dough with meat, or anything of your choice. To make the drought you need 2/3 cups buttermilk, 1 tablespoon sour cream, 2 large eggs, 2 cups warm water, 1 1/2 tablespoon of salt, and 7 cups flour. To make the meat insides you need 1pound ground turkey, 1 pound ground pork, 1 onion, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 3 pressed garlic cloves, 1/2 tablespoon ground pepper and lastly, 3/4 tablespoon salt. That's the recipe to pelmeni. How to cook it

Imaginary Friends are Nothing to Worry About

Childhood is a golden time in all of our lives. We saw everything through rose-colored lenses, and craved creativity while living in the normal world. As many are familiar, this need for fun and excitement will sprout a brand new idea in their minds: imaginary friends.

Maybe you're a parent and have a child who sometimes talks and plays with their invisible friend. Perhaps this concerns you, and you wonder if this is means that they are lonely or has a social disability. This seems logical with evidence from those baby books from the child's younger years, but there is no research that supports these ideas, and in fact, it's just the opposite. 

According to Marjorie Taylor, psychologist at the University of Oregon and author of Imaginary Friends and the Children Who Create Them, having a relationship with someone who your child creates can actually lead to some emotional and intellectual benefits. Taylor researched children with and without imaginary friends, studying their behavior. "In a lot of ways they're very similar, but when we do find differences, they tend to show an advantage for kids who have imaginary friends."

Communication becomes more developed in children with invisible friends, as they have the opportunity to control both sides of a conversation. Since there are no rules in their imaginary lands, children can thoroughly explore communal skills without borders. This doesn't mean that they will forget about rules and manners, in fact, most children will tell off their imaginary friend if they do something rude - a sign of understanding the correct thing to do.

In addition to it not being a sign of stress or disability, imaginary friends are also incredibly common. Taylor find that 37 percent of children admit they had - or currently have - imaginary friends at the age of seven. In a group  of 86 children with imaginary friends, 77% eagerly admitted they had one, and they almost always know they're not real. Only one of the children in that large group was sure their friend was real.

Here at Hillwood, a few little girls were excited to talk about their imaginary friends. 

Parents with imaginary family members: there's absolutely nothing to worry about. It's best for your child in the long term to encourage this phenomenon and include their mindful habits in your day-to-day life to assist cognitive skills. Although it's great to have an imaginary friend, you shouldn't force one if your child doesn't invent one. Kids can get similar benefits by going to school and making real friends.

Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon, London is one of few public areas that actively encourages imaginary friends. This video narrated by Chris O'Dowd displays Heathrow's recently included business habits.

For more reading about imaginary friends, you can read some stories from the public. This one from Buzzfeed is on the creepier side, and this one from the Listener is a bit funnier.

In conclusion, imaginary friends are no taboo, and if your child has created one, simply allow their minds to run wild.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nowadays kids have electronics to entertain themselves. For example computers, phones, Ipads and other devises. But our grandparents or our great grandparents didn't have any of those devices. They had to have other things to entertain themselves. Kids might actually still be using some of the toys today if they don't want to use any of the new things today. Here are some of the old toy names that they used back then. The piano which kids still use today and the pinball machine or riding a bicycle and painting and playing hide and go seek or playing the board game chess or checkers, or read.

The  piano is a musical machine that kids enjoy.  The pinball machine is a thing where you have to keep hitting the ball back up and not let it fall. The bicycle is a vehicle that kids ride on to get some where to another and its also really fun to ride on. And kids still paint too. Painting can be really fun to do when your bored. Its where you get brush and dip it in paint and draw with your paint brush. Hide and seek is where kids go out side or play inside and they try to hide from one person who is trying to find them. Reading is fun too for some people. If your bored then you can go to the library and get a fun book to read.

The dog

Social concept

"The dog was turning five, not the boy." My computer/art teacher had just come to start the class and we were prepping to try to find articles as we do every Friday morning when she stopped us "Last week I read you a book, and even though I read the entire book out to you and gave you all the information  I still made you believe it was the kids birthday party, not the dogs" the book she was referring to is a sweet little childrens book called 'Toby the Tortoise'. It was about a boy who loves animals and finds a lonely tortoise. The book also talks about a dogs birthday party, she made us believe it was the boys. This social concept, distracting people and making them think that your choice is the right choice, while still giving people all the information they need to come to a different conclusion, is used a lot in countries ranging from the hermit kingdom North Korea all the way to the United States.
She gave an example "when you see a billboard advertising toothpaste, do you see the sparkling white teeth or do you see the gorgeous woman" it's almost like the billboard is inadvertently making a mental note that the next time you go to the store, get this toothpaste as it makes you better. Now you may still think I'm crazy, but you can see this kind of manipulating happening in North Korea. When the Soviet Union collapsed, North Korea stopped receiving funding, they could not afford food for the army, so they convinced the public that they were at a constant war with the we stand to donate most of there crops to the army. This was very effective, and is still in use today.

Land Tortoises

Image result for land tortoise

The land tortoises also impact religion for example in Hinduism Kurma who was the second avatar of Vishnu. He was half man half tortoise a mountain was placed on his back by the other gods to control the sea to find treasures. Also in Greek mythology Hermes symbol was a tortoise. And in the Chinese culture they used the tortoise shells for predictions. Here is a fun fact about the land tortoise they can smell with their throats by pumping and circulating air threw the roof of their mouth. If u want to learn more about tortoises you can go to  and type in land tortoises.

The land tortoises are a very interesting group of species. Like all tortoises and turtles haveshells for protection. Also mainly all land tortoises are herbivores and they feed mainly on fruits, vegetables, and flowers but some land tortoises are omnivores meaning they feed on both animals and plants

Parenting Then and Now

Parenting in the last 25 has changed a lot. Parents have grown to be more worried about their own children. In cities like San Francisco and New York, it can get to be very scary. For example, some kids have been kidnapped or hurt while walking home from school. As more of these things happen to kids, the parents get more scared about letting their kids walk alone or do something by themselves. Even at an older age like 16 or 17, teenagers have early curfews like 8 or 9.

Parenting hasn't just changed, the children have. Kids can now be easily distracted by anything on their phones or iPads. Checking Instagram or watching Youtube is common for kids to do this generation. It can distract kids from anything going on outside of their screens. For example, if they are walking around and they're playing Pokemon Go, they are oblivious to their surroundings.

By: Grace, Layla, and Sophia