Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facts about North Korea

There are two parts of Korea. There's the north and the south. Many people say that the south is better than the north. North Korea's first leader was Kim ll-sung. He was born April 15, 1912. He had one son Kim Jong-il who would be the next leader. Kim ll-sung said he wanted to live until 100 but died at age 82. He died July 8, 1994. Kim Jong-il was born February 16, 1941. He had three sons Kim Jong-un,Kim Jong-nam, and Kim Jong -chul. Kim Jong un is the current leader of north Korea today but Kim Jong-nam was supposed to take the throne because he was the first born. He wasn't interested so that's why Kim Jong-un is the leader. I don't know why Kim Jong-chul isn't the leader.

Kim Jong-nam died February 13, 2017. Cause of death was a chemical weapon attack. He has children but they're not really important.  Today North Korea is considered a threat because of their dangerous nukes. There's also a bridge that connects the two Koreas, which is called the Freedom Bridge. And just recently a troop member from North Korea escaped and the South Koreans helped him once they got him. That's all I'm going to talk about, if you want to learn more just go online.

Some Glee Stars Now!

Glee was one of the most popular shows ever made. It first started in 2009 but ended after six seasons in 2015. However, most of the stars of Glee are starting new projects or have already done projects and are continuing with them. Before we get into what the stars are doing now, let me tell you what the plot of Glee is.

A Spanish teacher named Will Schuester starts a new glee club at William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio, and is called the New Directions. At first, he has a hard time finding students who are interested in this club, but students gradually start to sign up. When he has enough members for his club, they head to different competitions to compete against other show choirs in the state and country. Throughout the series, the glee club goes through hard times like the schools cheer leading coach trying to destroy the glee club and dreams being destroyed. However, the glee club sticks together through all of the hard times

The lead in the show, Lea Michele, plays a girl named Rachel Berry who has a big dream of being a big Broadway star like her idol, Barbra Streisand. In real life, Lea Michele actually started out on Broadway before being a star on Glee. She was in productions like Les Miserables and Fiddler on the Roof. However, the actress is now on the show The Mayor that just started about a month ago. She also released her album, Places, in April this past year.

Another lead in the show, Chris Colfer, plays a boy named Kurt Hummel who also has a dream to go to New York and be in Broadway with Rachel. Right now, Chris Colfer is working on his book series, Land of Stories, that he started in 2012. He has six books out and is continuing the series.

There are so many other actors like Darren Criss who is going to be in the new season of American Crime Story which comes out January 17, 2018 and Melissa Benoist who is in the hit show, Supergirl and is playing the lead. And even though most of the stars are doing other projects and are busy with their work, hopefully they all get together again and do a reboot.


Thanksgiving is normally a very busy time of year .Last year my mom experimented with many new foods.(not all of them were good)Mashed celery and no cornbread!!!!!!This year we are going to so many people's houses that we are only eating two dinners at my house .My schedule is so busy that I don't even know when and where my dinners and lunches are. But I am excited for my grandpa's honey ham!   I am going to see many old friends and beloved family. And I might eat my Weight in turkey. Now if you'll excuse me I need to nap because I'm tired just thinking about it!!!         


Thursday, November 9, 2017

More art (kelidoscopes)

In art today we are making kaleidoscopes. Here is some history and some general knowledge! In 1648 an experiment was conducted by athanasiu kricher with two mirrors which sparked another experiment by sir David Brewster conducted on light polarization. He forgot about the results but noticed the beautiful reflections . This triggred experiments to find semetricaly perfect conditions. The next step was conducted with colored glass which created the kaleidoscope.


In 1816 a Scottish inventor named David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope while studying physical science and the properties of light. While looking at objects at the end of two mirrors he realized that there could beautiful, colorful, different patterns to be formed. Sir David Brewster named the kaleidoscope after a Greek word meaning beautiful form watcher.

Kaleidoscopes became popular during the Victorian age as a parlor division. Sir David Brewster specialized in many light and optical advances and invented many lenses for lighthouses.

My opinion on kaleidoscopes is that they're not very entertaining. Maybe a couple centuries before they were more entertaining but with computers and phones the  kaleidoscopes become easily old.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Today in art we let our creative spirits free!!!! Here is an interview with my freinds and a few pictures to. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Spirit Day!

    For those who don't know what Spirit day is, it is a day when anyone can wear purple to show their support to the young LGBTQ community and to go against the bullying of people because of who they are.

   To put this into a bigger picture, let's view the percentages. Around 85.2% of LGBTQ students have reported that they have been verbally harassed because of their identity. However 57.6% have not reported the bullying because they doubted that there would be an intervention.

   Even though Spirit Day was October 19, you can still spread the word about bullying the LGBTQ youth community and donate to to help spread the word and donate.

Before execution, Alabama inmate defiant with words, actions

An Alabama inmate, who was currently in the middle of suing the state for its lethal injection death penalty. The state claimed that it had to move fast because it would not like to get sued.

The inmate was convicted of killing a police officer, whose name was Gordon, or more commonly known among his coworkers as "brother," and had two daughters, a wife, and a brother.

Before the inmate was executed he proceeded to show two middle fingers to the police, and said "I hate you."

The inmate, McNabb, appeared to be breathing for 30 minutes of the 45 minute procedure.

Kitten Finds its Mamma and Home

My cousin decided to keep the kitten. I will tell you the heart touching story. On Friday October 13th at about 10 am, a cat jumped up on my cousins window sill and it started staring at the kitten . About ten minutes later the cat started nursing the kitten.When my cousin tried to shoo her away she wouldn't leave. Then my cousin realized it was the mamma of the kitten. So my cousin decided to keep the family together.😺❤️😺 πŸ’•

What failed-and why?

A deadly disaster on the scale of the Wine Country wildfires needs a probing examination. How it started is unclear, though wind snapped power lines are a prime suspect. Lives were lost, homes burned and businesses destroyed. It'll be up to the state Public Utilities Commission to take matters farther. PG&E has paid hefty fines in the past for cutting back on maintenance that led to blazes.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Our bake sale

Last week at Hillwood the upper graders (5-8) had a bake sale. With all the hurricanes and fires going on we felt like we had to do something. We might do an other one but that is not for certain. We raised a little over 200$!!!! If your feeling generous than you should donate too. Stay safe!!  🍩🍩🍰🍰πŸͺπŸͺπŸ¬πŸ¬πŸ§πŸ§πŸ‰πŸ‰


Fleet Week!

      Fleet week is one week of the year where different parts of America celebrate the navy and other military people. The airshow that they do for the week is called the Blue Angels. This year, I went to go to check it out.

      When I first went to the event, there were a lot of activities to do and lots of tents to see. The first thing I saw was a tent showing how to make slime. One of the people who were helping make the slime was a biologist and the other a communicator for the navy. When they were done making the slime, they put it in little bags to give to others.

      Next I went to a PG&E booth where they showed me how to turn off the gas in an emergency and told me what to do in case a loose electric wire lands on my car when I am inside of it. The people also told me to spin the PG&E wheel to get a prize. I spun the wheel and got a stress toy in the shape of a PG&E car.

      Lastly, I sat down and saw the Blue Angels and they were pretty amazing. I also saw some people parachuting out of the planes which was also awesome.
      My opinion on Fleet Week this year is that is was very fun. I really enjoyed all of the booths and people that were there. I hope to come again next year!

Fleet Week

The 4th through 8th graders went to fleet week this past Friday. We walked down from our school and it was about 20 too 30 minutes. We saw they used for the army. We saw army cars, army drones and and electric car which was a hybrid which was better for the environment. They also gave us blue fidget spinners. 

We walked around a PG&E booth and they gave us this card and we had to get 5 stamps all around different sections of the booth. Once you get all of them, we go to this wheel and spin it. Then whatever it lands on, we answer a question and if we get it right we win a prize. And I also found out there was no Ps4 booth so I got really sad. We then went to get pizza.

My opinion of the fleet week was that I did not enjoy it. Last year's was a lot better then this year's because there was a Ps4 booth. The Ps4 booth is what made me have a good time. I enjoyed playing all the games they had and that their was a virtual reality section. Hopefully they have the Ps4 booth back next year.☻

At least 31 dead due to Northen California's Fire

In Santa Rosa, the hardest hit by the devastating fires, firefighters were stunned by the severity of the fire. An estimated 2,835 were destroyed alone in Santa Rosa. Atleast 31 bodies have been found while hundreds are still missing.

 According to officials, the average age of the death by the fires, is 75 years old, which means elders and people with disabilities are at high risk while these fires are still ablaze. On late Thursday night officials confirmed that out of the 31 people dead, 17 people died in Sonoma, 8 in Medocino, 4 in Yuba county and 2 in Napa County.

Added together the death toll has over taken, The 1991 Oakland Fire Hills Fire, and The Cedar Fire which swept, and destroyed San Diego County in 2003, atleast taking 2,800 structures with it.

Overall the fires have been devastating taking the lives of many. If you would like to donate to help the the Red Cross, who harbor many evacuation shelters, click this link;

A classic weekend

Fleet Week,bluegrass fans undaunted by Las Vegas attack

Due to the recent attack in Las Vegas, people are concerned about a recurrence of a massacre in the crowd at the Fleet Week event at Marina Green in San Francisco. This message is spoken through the article, "By land, sea, air: a classic weekend" written by Jenna Lyons, Lizzie Johnson and Steve Robenstein. While many people said they appreciated the response of an offer from the police and organizers to seek strong and visible security, they were determined not to let fear deter them from gathering together and getting on with the business of boats and bluegrass. Fans took their positions on the turf leaving the idea of a gun brawl behind while they listen to legends such as Laurie Lewis, Billy Brag and T Bone Burnett. My opinion is that to even consider a maniac latching his gun into a mob of people saddens the patriotic spirit at the Fleet Week Convention. 

Horses and fire do mix!!!

One day in Sonoma county a large property started to go up in flames.As soon as the owners got word they told their landscaper to let out their dog and horses so they could escape.But the fire surrounded them.They escaped via helicopter but they were told they couldn't take the dog. So the landscaper put him in his truck hoping he would survive. They were just now allowed to return to their house and everything was distroyed ,ruined. But guess who poped their head out of the truck? The dog!!!!!And their horses were just munching on the burnt leaves!!!

               The end


Notable structures destroyed by blazes

       On Sunday, October 8th 2017 a devastating wild fire started and it took the lives of many.

         More than 1,500 structures have been damaged or destroyed in the raging fires across Napa and Sonoma counties. In addition to homes, the blaze have ravaged a number of notable structures. In Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa had suffered minimal damage, but the classrooms and the centers of east end are destroyed. Also Fountaingrove, Hiltion Sonoma Wine Country, Signorello Estates, Chateau St. Jean, and Cardinal Newman High School had suffered the same problem .Plz help the fire victims😷😷
                 -   Ziza                                    

! Help a kitten find a home !

My cousin found a kitten abandoned in a box on the side of the road. He is looking for anyone willing to adopt . He is unsure of the gender . Most likely a girl. The kitten is small and requires lots of attention. It needs a quiet and patient household. Since so young the kitten needs shots. If you are interested in adopting the kitten you must let children know that it should be held in a quiet environment and not thrown or held by neck. If you are willing to adopt make sure you have your parent's permission. I am not responsible for you getting in trouble.


Hello!!! I'm Chloe I'm a new student and Hillwood Academic more than anything. I love horses
and all animals. Bye for now!!-Chloe🐴🐴🐴🐴

Friday, September 29, 2017

Trends of 2017

2017 might have been a good year for some of you, but it also might have been a bad year. Either way, lets recap some of the trends that have happened this last year... so far. But beware, some of the trends might be to much for you to handle.

#1, the wavy eyebrows trend.
     The wavy eyebrows trend has been around for a couple of months, and all the makeup artists are going crazy about it. It all started on July 2 with a creative instagram post. It was all for good fun, but people started taking it to the next level. In fact, the wavy lip trend was also born because of this.

#2, the holographic nail trend.
      Now, the holographic nail trend has been around a little before 2017, but has still been a trend in 2017. Although it is not a big trend, it still has been worn by many and shown off in instagram posts. If you look around instagram, I am sure that one of the pictures of these nails will show up. 

#3, the furry nails trend.
      The furry nails trend was a very interesting trend. Even though I am not into this trend, many other people were. Again, this trend was a wacky thing and can be found somewhere on instagram if you do enough digging.
     I know that these weren't a lot of trends, but these are some of the most famous trends of 2017 so far. Hopefully, we won't have a many crazy trends next year.