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Avengers: Age of Ultron Inspired Iron Man Glove

Patrick Priebe recently created the "Iron Man Glove". For the glove using the Iron Man style, the aluminum exterior was spray painted with metallic and candy red primer. Inside of the glove, is a laser-firing mechanism, made from brass. It can shoot a high-powered laser from the palm when the wearer flexes his/her hand. Another weaker laser is deployed using a controller. Both go with exciting sound effects.
The glove can do enough damage to impress your friends. The bright blue laser emanates, from the palm, can burn patterns in wood. That's just a distraction to enable the release of a slug capable of causing serious damage. The gadget took Patrick three weeks to build.
Patrick has created many other gadget-like creation. One of his other masterpieces include an Iron Man like gauntlet that launches real rockets and a laser watch inspired by James Bond. Similar to the Iron Man glove, the laser shooting from the watch is powerful enough to burn through objects.

Hillwood Yearbooks Throughout the Ages

The official Hillwood yearbook has recenty been digitally published. One of the posts in the yearbook are about our trip to Yosemite, another about French class, and one about our school dog, Max. Our yearbooks over the years have been written by many different people other than us. This makes both the articles and wrting style very different as we progress.

2009-2010: In this yearbook, articles explain everyday life at Hillwood, including "Life at Hillwood", "A Day at Hillwood," and "History of Hillwood." There was one about Camp Hillwood, plus another about our previous dog (Zach). This is also the first yearbok available online.

2010-2011: This yearbook contains stories such as: "Mrs. Okamoto Day," "A Holiday Party Filled with Talent," and "Music at Hillwood." Of course, there are also pages filled with pictures of classmates and teachers.

2011-2012: Featuring "The Favorite Day of the Week: Fun Fridays" and "The History of Hillwood from 1949 to 2012," this yearbook is very similar to the ones we write today. It explains the jobs of teachers and the daily schedules that we still follow.

2013-2014: Articles like "Welcome to Hilwood: Meet the Teachers and Staff," "Goodbye Ms. Marta," and "Art at Hillwood," this yearbook tells the story of our lunchlady, our art teacher, and the necessary occupations of our staff.

These are simple summaries of most of the yearbooks from the very first digital ones.

Russia Victory Day

Russia's victory day parade

Every year Russia has a victory day to celebrate beating Hitler and the Nazis, it usually includes the west as working together with Russia to beat the Nazis, but not this year. Because of the conflict in Ukraine, world leaders will not be coming to the parade like they usually do. Instead of Obama and David Cameron, there ambassadors will watch the parade.
The only two major countries leaders that are coming are China and India's. This is because Russia wants to emphasise its role in making Friends in Asia.

Jet Packs! Robots! Tomorrowland's Awesome Vision of the Future

In the new movie, Tomorrowland, which will be coming out today (May 22) has many amazing features for the future. The movie is about a futuristic other dimension. It's up to a former boy genius and a teenage girl to save the world from global warfare.

 These are some of the features in the movie. One of them is jet packs. In Tomorrowland, everybody gets around on jet packs. One character in the movie, named Frank Walker, makes his own jet pack in the 1960's, but it doesn't work good as he hopes, but at least in gets him a ticket to Tomorrowland.

 Another is time-traveling rockets. The rocket in the movie apparently launches from underneath the Eiffel Tower.

 Another feature is childlike artificial intelligence. There are many robots in the movie who look like children who want to recruit children who are extremely smart to help them in Tomorrowland. The robots aren't supposed to have feelings, but one of them, Athena, starts to develop feelings after she meets somebody. The last one is evil robots. Some robots are sent to kill Casey, the main character. Luckily, she is in Frank's house and he has many contraptions in his house that save her. Those are most of the features in the movie from the futuristic land in the movie Tomorrowland

Chinese Billionaire Gives 6,400 Employees a Vacation in France

 If there would be a prize for best boss in the world it would go to Li Jinyuan. He is the chairman of China's Tiens Group Company. This leader celebrated the company's 20th anniversary by treating 6,400 employees to a vacation in France.

The people arrived in Paris on May 6th with 84 commercial airplanes. They made their way to the 4,700 rooms booked around 140 hotels around France. They went to see the Eiffel Tower and even got to have a private tour at the Louvre museum in France. They also watched a show at the world famous Moulin Rouge. On Saturday the group went to relax at hotels in Cannes and Monaco. They shopped at a mall exclusively jut opened for their group of people. Then they headed in the Promenade De Anglair in nice and managed to spell the phrase "Tiens Dream is Nice In Cote D'Azur". They also beat the Guiness World Record for longest sentence spelled by humans.  

 Christian Mantel, which was the tourist agency for the whole trip said that the CEO spent about 15 million USD during the four day visit. He says that the employees spent 5 million USD in total on shopping items.

 Planning for this trip began in December when they were waiting for the 20th anniversary of the company. The CEO says that in the future he would like to do the same for London or Rome. We cannot wait to see what this company will do for the 25th anniversary.

The Tiens Group is a company that mainly operates in biotechnology, logistics, finance, property, international trade, retail, e-business, education, and tourism. The company was founded in 1995 and was founded by the man who gave everybody their vacation Lin Jinyuan. The company's headquarters are located in the small city of Tianjin.
My opinion is that it is very cool that this multimillionaire CEO gave this amazing vacation  to his employees. I hope he does it again in the future and cant wait to see what he will do for the 25th or 30th anniversary. I think this is really amazing and sympathetic from the CEO.

By Leo 5/22/2015 10:04 AM Fri

"Letterman Earned Our Love"

After being on TV for 33 years, it;s finally time for David Letterman to leave his show.

Many people have agreed that it's time for  David Letterman to leave, but it's the fas that don't agree.  Even Jon Stewart agrees that it's his time to go.

A 90-minute special was played on Monday by CBS as a tribute to David Letterman.  It was hosted by Ray Ramano who got really famous after appearing on "Letterman."  The Monday tribute was just showing clips that were very popular.

There were clips of Dr. Phil naming the names Letterman has called him over the years, clips of of stupid pet tricks, stupid human tricks, the Velcro suit, and the Top Ten List.

The Monday showing had a whole lot of silly in it as well.  It also reminded us of what makes Letterman so special.  He's really funny and he's always being silly.

David always shared his feelings.  No matter how he felt, we knew he felt lucky to be alive.  He was very grateful for for the doctors and nurses who cared for him when he had his heart surgery as well.  Sometimes we never really knew if he was joking or not.

A line from the article said, "That's a long time for anyone to be on TV, but Letterman earned it, one stupid pet trick at a time."

Written By: Claire P.

       If you do not look before crossing, that might end you.  Andrew Wu, at the time that I am writing this, was recently run over by a Muni train.  This should be kept as a reminder to look before you cross.  It must be a painful way to die.
       Generally, you do not want to get run over.  I think that any child who is dead should get another life on Earth, even though it is not up to me to decide.  I think that this is really sad.

Congrats on finishing — publishing! — the yearbook

Check out the yearbook at, the company that is printing it.

Look at the past books here.

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TedEx talk inspires feminism

Finn Malone
April 24 2015

Tavi Gevenson is a feminist  who did a TedEx talk. She writes a blog called rookie that inspires girls, not to be perfect, not to be like someone else, but to be themselves. Tavi thanks that woman in TV and movies should have flaws and not be a perfect, 2 dimensianal character (ie. Cat Woman) that are designed to make men intriguited. She thinks that if you are a feminist you shouldn't live up to a certain standered of feminism.

Tavi has a blog called rookie that has useful arcticles for girls. She loves her website and people do to, thousands of people visit it every day. This blog dosent tell woman to be something, it tells them to be themselves. You can check out her TedEx talk here or her website here.

A Boat Sank

       As it says in the title of this post, a boat sank.  A big, jumbo crime was uncovered when smugglers were sent into a prison in Catania, Italy.  I believe 822 people died.
       The ship left on a Saturday morning in Tripoli, Libya.  As I said, smugglers put 800 would-be migrants below.  Two of the survivors was the captain and a crew member.  A Tunisian captain, Mohammed Ali Malek was the captain.  The crew member was a Syrian, named Mahmud Bikhit.

       The boat was a 66-foot long boat.  When it capsized, the captain didn't want to be identified as a smuggler and accidently capsized the boat.  It was because he was careless.

A frog was found in Costa Rica looks like Kermit the Frog

This article is about a frog  being discovered in Costa Rica looking like Kermit the frog which is from a television show and movie the Muppet's from 1955. This frog is around one inch long so it is very small. The species of the frog is a glass frog and the scientific name of the frog is Hyalinobatrachium dianae. The frog got its name is because it is translucent just like glass. You could also see its organs. The glass frog is green and it has white eyes that bulge out. The glass frog also makes a whistling noise to attract female glass frogs it sounds kind of like a insect according to a researcher named Brian Kubicki. If you want to learn or find out more about this article go to Dogo  

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Assignments for April 23 — back to regular posts

Warm your fingers up with 10FastFingers.

Proofread your yearbook story. Here is the link to the rough pages of the yearbook.

Yearbook checklist:

  • Proofread your story. Mark edits on a printout.
  • Work with an editor (Claire, Asiana, Natasha)
  • Are there two photos of each student and teacher in the book? (Maddie, Grace, Caroline, Sophia, Mia Nicole)
  • Proof yearbook headshots (Leo, Ethan, Kasama, Oliver, Finn)
    • every student included
    • every student's name spelled correctly
    • every student's year correct?

Please produce a post for The Hillwood Herald. Here are some story ideas, and of course, feel free to pitch your own:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Drone Crashes Into U. K. Prison Wall

A DJI Phantom 2 drone crashed into a prison wall.  It was trying to deliver illegal drugs, a knife, a screwdriver, and a cellphone.  It was obviously a way to break out one or more of the fugitives.

Nigel Wilson who is 42, is known to illegally pilot drones around places such as football stadiums, Buckingham Palace, and other places.  He is known to have commit 17 felonies.  He is a suspect.

The contents and packaging are still being examined when the article was written.Image result for dji phantom 2This is what the drone looks like.
The prison is British.  It can hold up to 506 guys. “Both the device and the contents of the package are currently being examined, and investigations are on-going to identify the offender. We are working closely with the prison to investigate this incident.” That is someone elses' quote.

Smart beehive

Honey is the rich gold liquid that we all love and know that it comes from honey bees. However, while the sweetener has been used for over 8,000 years, extracting it is still a process that is stressful for both humans and bees.

The process begins with a smoker to try keep bees calm. Beekeeper split the boxes from the hive, remove the famed and cut the wax caps off from the honeycombs . After the honey is drained, they reattach the frames inside the hives so that the bees can start making honey all over again. In addition to being a long process, the result is only a couple of stings. The method also disorients bees and in some cases, even chases them to abandon their hives.

Now that I is to "Low Hive," there may be a way to take honey in a less stressful way. Hailed at first change in beekeeping equipment in more than 150 years, the desighn is the brainchild of the third-generation beekeepers Cesar and Stuart Anderson. The Australia father amd son tea who have been working on the hive design for over a decade, achieved this by re-configuring honeybees. Unlike current hives that allow bees to build the entire comb, Flow Hives come equipped with sets of half built plastic honeycombs that face peach other. The need then finish the job by connecting the half-built combs, filling them up with honey and covering them with wax.

When it's time to take the honey, the beekeepers turn a key that splits open the combs. This allows the golden honey to flow sealed trough that is situated at the base of the frame and out of th dgive. Once the honey has been drained, a turn of the key resets the plastic combs back into the original positions.

While this simplifies the honey taking process, beekeepers will still need to use the smoker to ensure that the hive has a water source, healthy brood patterns and is free from diseases and parasites.

For now Flow Hive see a to have caught the fancy of millions of people all over the world. The Flow Hive cheaters have started a fundraiser. They hope to reach $70,000 US dollars but instead of that they have reached over $7 million U.S. dollars in just a couple if weeks. And the numbers are only increasing!

The X Games are Coming!!!

The X games are being held in Austin,Texas. The X games, for those who don’t know, are competitions in which extreme sports professionals compete there will be two added sections. A Moto X Freestyle Quarter Pipe and Skateboard and BMX big air doubles. These two will be added in the 2015 X Games. The festival of Freestyle sports will last four days.

The stands are also going to be closer so the public can view it better and feel more in the action. The CEO of the X games is hoping that more people will come and that there will be a bigger crowd. The full schedule will be released some days after the tickets are released. Most of the event will be at the stadium but an event will be downtown. There will be more announcements as time passes and the time has almost come!

Falklands are British, more military activity

Finn Malone

The Falklands are a British overseas territory that is 300 miles from Argentina and 8,000 miles from Britain. In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falklands and Britain retaliated, sending a large task force to this islands and reclaiming it for Britain. Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister of England during that time, and she amazingly recaptured the islands.
<< A missile similar to the one on the islands
30 years later and the islands are still being debated, Argentina saying that the islands are theres. Of course Britain has put lots of more military there, to protect the islanders from another invasion. But now Britain is putting lots of more military technology there, spending £180,000,000 (or $260,000,000)   they are stationing missiles and 2 more helicopters.

Destiny wins the 2015 Best British Academy Game award

The title of Destiny surprised many different reviews with its bare-bone plot. Destiny is a first-person shooter alien game. Bungie, the company that made Destiny, released Destiny after quitting their famous Halo series.

Some people were shocked because, lots of other big-name games that walked away with out a prize. Some of those games were, MarioKart8,  Call of Duty; Advanced Warfare, and Assassin's  Creed: Unity. Those games were the biggest budget nominees. Many of the winners of the awards were related as the David-Goliath story. Even OlliOlli, a skateboard game made by Roll7, beat FIFA 15 and Forza Horizon 2 for best sports video game.

 And the game that won the Best Persistent Game, was League of Legends, a famous online videogame. The game that won the award for original property was Valiant Hearts, a game based of WW1.  And Minecraft won for best family game.

Here are the rest of the winners.
Best gameDestiny (Bungie)
British gameMonument Valley (UsTwo)
Debut gameNever Alone (Upper One Games)
StoryThe Last of Us: Left Behind (Naughty Dog)
PerformerAshley Johnson for The Last of Us: Left Behind
Artistic achievementLumino City (State of Play)
Audio achievementAlien Isolation (The Creative Assembly)
Family gameMinecraft: Console Editions (Mojang/4J Studios)
Game designMiddle-earth Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions)
Game innovationThe Vanishing of Ethan Carter (The Astronauts)
Mobile and handheld gameMonument Valley (UsTwo)
Multiplayer gameHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment)
MusicFar Cry 4 (Cliff Martinez, Tony Gronick and Jerome Angelot)
Original propertyValiant Hearts (Ubisoft Studios)
Persistent gameLeague of Legends (Riot Games)
Sport gameOlliOlli (Roll7)
Ones to watchChambara (Overly Kinetic)

New Species of Human-Sized Salamander Found in Portugal

Paleontologists have just found fossils of a large salamander-like creature.  The fossils say that it was more than six feet long and over 200 pounds.  It also shows that it might have had a round head and thin legs that would barely be able to hold itself up to stand out of the water.  The salamanders name is Metoposaurus algarvesis.

These are the first fossils found on the Iberian peninsula, but they aren't the very first ones found.  There have been fossils found in North America, India, Africa, and other parts of Europe.  This means that the species is widely spread throughout the world.  The salamander species have always been found in large amounts which means that it may have happened because where they lived might have dried up that used to form their habitat.

The study of these fossils was led by Stephen Brussate at the University of Edinburgh.  The study has also shown up in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

I think that it is really cool that a large salamander-like creature used to live such a long time ago.  it also makes me wonder why salamaders are so small and if they have even come from the Metoposaurus algarvensis species.  If they are related then that seems pretty cool.

The math project plus the cooking project

 At Hillwood Academic Day School, the upper graders are doing a math project. Basically, we are  going to cook for our entire class!

 First, we get recipes online. Then we print the recipe out because are teacher does not want us on computers that much. After that we convert the fractions so there will be enough for everyone. Lastly, we make a groccery list and the total amount of all the ingredients.

 We have to make an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. This project is for 5th ad 6th graders only. The people who get the math all correct get to make their foods. The 5th grade have partners because these is new for them. My partner is Maddie and we have finished the project. We converted Bread and hummus, steak with bread crumbs, and banana chocolate chip ice cream. Now we just have to see if we get it all right!

When You Find Out Your Daughter is Actually Your Son

Hilary and Jeff Whittington were really excited when they found out that they were expecting a baby girl. Just like all parents, they prepared all the baby girl necessities for her. After their baby Ryland was born, they screamed out and she didn't hear anything. It turns out, Ryland was deaf. Ryland had to get a cochlear implant, which "restored the ability to hear again."

After Hilary and Jeff thought their issues are over, they found out that Ryland was transgender. As Ryland started growing, she started becoming a he. He started disliking all these "girl" toys instead, he started liking all these "boy" toys. Unfortunately, Ryland had to hide how he felt. 

 In the beginning, Hilary thought that Ryland was just a tomboy considering she was a tomboy herself. Ryland said "when the family dies, I will cut my hair off  so I can be a boy." When Hilary heard that, she knew it was time to start listening to what Ryland had to say. His parents even made a 13-minute video on him called "Raising Ryland." Two years later, they still haven't officially changed Ryland's middle name but they are moving forward with their lives. Now, Ryland is six-years-old and a very happy and healthy boy. His mom said "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life."