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Assignments: October 1

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Last week articles
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Hillwood Herald, 5th grade: G5TX5W

This week, we will be writing our articles in the "inverted pyramid" format of newspaper writing:
Below are this week's assignments:
  1. College bound: Our President's daughter
  2. Water on Mars, The New York Times (Rory)
  3. Dogs hurting have special place to heal or Kitty-cats on display (Astrid)
  4. What causes a blood moon? (Leo)
  5. Don't Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste (Mia)
  6. Captain Underpants visits Green Apple (Oliver)
  7. Wacky Birds (Kasama?)
  8.  Testing Neurons With Ultrasound
  9. Students can’t resist multitasking, and it’s impairing their memory. 
  10. Have you been following news this week? Take The New York Times' quiz.
  11. Crash Course: How to videos to help you learn
  12. Science videos for fun 
  13. Can you read emotions? 
  14. What's going on in this picture?
  15. Kids National Graphics 
  16. Time Magazine for kids. Check out the kid reporters.
  17. Kahn Academy
  18. Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel
  19. Images from Pluto
  20. Indonesia’s ‘Mud Volcano’
  21. Can’t Swallow a Pill? There’s Help for That  
  22. The mementos of Ernest Hemingway 
  23. 6 Tiny Cavers, 15 Odd Skeletons, and 1 Amazing New Species of Ancient Human: The inside story behind a spectacular new hominin find, The Atlantic
  24. Homo Naledi, New Species in Human Lineage, Is Found in South African Cave, The New York Times
  25. Cats of New York, The New Yorker  Cat photography: Smile, The Atlantic 
  26. Is this 8-year-old's newspaper better than ours?, Columbia Journalism Review
  27. Cave Paintings
  28. Zombie Spiders: How a parasitic wasp larva turns an orb weaver spider into a slave that builds a web to host the larva's cocoon.
  29. Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power
  30. Shaun the Sheep Movie’: Designing the Characters
  31. Editorial cartoons (Natasha?)

Friday, October 2, 2015

   In World War 2, many houses in England were turned into hospitals, either for wounded soldiers or maternity hospitals. One of the biggest maternity hospitals was Haddo House. Over 1,200 babies were born there.    
   On August 10th, 2015, 70 years after World War 2, most of the people that were born there were reunited. For many, the reunion is a happy occasion, but for some, it is sad. Most of their mothers never told them were they were born and they only found out were they were born after there mothers past away.  
    My opinion is that I would never not tell my child were they were born and it was a bad that some peoples mothers didn't tell them were they were born.

How Concussions happen.

This article is about how concussion happen. Our brains are pretty much Jell-O. Our brain is surrounded by fluid.  When you have a concussion your brain swells. Then your brain keeps swelling and then the brain swells so much that the brain pushes against the skull and damages your brain. When you get more then one concussion you start to get memory loss, dementia, and depression. The concussion is sometimes temporarily. Then when the cells stretch it allows toxic stuff into the brain cells then it kills the brain cells.

Was the Nazi Treasure Train Finally Found?

During the last days of World War II,  Nazi officials filled a train with stolen treasure and hid it. They did this to protect it from the Soviet Red Army. The train is believed it has 300 tons of gold, diamonds, and firearms. Instead of making it to Berlin, the train got buried in old underground tunnels built by Germany.

In 1945, the search for the train began, and the theories of where it is were given by two polish residents. One resident said, the train was in Piechowice. The other resident said that the train was buried underneath the Ksaiz Castle in the town of Walbrzych. Even though many people tried, no one could find it.

Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter said that they discovered a 1926 railway map that led the way underneath Ksaiz Castle, where it is believed to be there for 70 years. Piotr and Andreas sent radar images of the place they believe the train is hiding. After learning about this, people from all over have been trying to find the train. Some people believed the discovery but not everyone.

Piotr and Andreas have asked the authorities for 10% of what they find in the train in sixteen for the location. Digging it up is expensive and the whole thing could be a joke. Some experts believe that the train is holding hazardous material like the nerve gas Tabun, so digging up the train coulee cause harm to the residence that live there.

Stay in a sandcastle hotel

Finn Malone

The Netherlands is going to be host to the worlds first Pop-Up sandcastle hotel. The hotels,which is made entirely of sand, were put in the city's of Oss and Sneak in the neatherlands. The hotels were inspired by the ice hotels that have been build around the world. The hotels wher also built because of the sand festival that was being celebrated in the Netherlands.

As I said before the hotels are made entirely of sand and and mixed with a secret ingredient to make the very strong sand that they used in the hotel. The hotel is also filled with sand sculptures and in the rooms there is sand art. The hotel is going to be deconstructed shortly because the sand festival is going to be over shortly.

When a guest checks in to this hotel, which is $172 USD, should be met with nice furniture and lavish rooms because, unlike the ice hotels where you have to sleep in ice beds and there is no wifi, the sand hotels have nice comfy beds and couches and free wifi. They did this because they did not want the sand hotels to be a challenge to stay in. The owners of these hotels have said that they have seen a lot of couples come but they have also have seen a couple of grandparents.

Hurricane Juaquin scaring the East Coast

Through the warm oceans of the Bahamas, trackers found a trace of Hurricane Joaquin exploded in intensity while becoming a very dangerous Category 4 storm. But, the forecast track for Joaquin shifted east and is now very likely to not slam into the East Coast. Even though the storm moved away from from the shore, the East Coast still remain at risk for flooding.

With the help of winds as fast as 130 mph, Juaquin became the strongest hurricane of the season. The Hurricane is expected to get stronger on Friday and the winds with go up to 140 mph. This information was obtained from the National Hurricane Center.

The official forcast for the Hurricane, at 5 p.m., shifted the path of the storm almost entirely off the Coast. Only coastal areas of southern England are safe from the Hurricane. A mojority of the forecast are now agreeing on the track farther away from the United States. Still flooding is a major concern becuase of rain linked to Hurricane Joaquin.

A lot of the Eastern United tates has received rain and now some of the areas are expecting more rain.
This will result in severe flooding, especially in areas like outh Carolina where there has been up to 20 inches of rain predicted.

Call of Champions Launched On IOS

Texas-based videogame company Spacetime Studios has just launched Call of Champions, a MOBA for mobile gamers. The game was released last Thursday and is get more and more popular.

The object of the game is to push two orbs on different lanes, when you push them into a tower it does damage to the tower, you need to destroy two towers to break the enemy wall and destroy their base. There are four towers in all and for each tower destroyed you get a point. The team with the most towers destroyed wins, and if it's a tie then what ever team had more kills wins. In the game you start with three characters Avalanche, Sheraphina, and Khalid. You can unlock more characters by saving up hold of getting platinum with money, the matches take only five minutes so you don't get stuck in a match that takes forever. All in all the game is great and even better, it's free, so, if you want to play a fun MOBA in a short amount of time, then this is the game for you.

Scientists say more sea turtles are eating plastic and dying

Sea turtles eat a very big variety of things but one of them should not be plastic. Scientists have done a study to try and see what see turtles eat. The study showed that at least have of sea turtles and seabirds eat plastic.

 Qamar Schuyler, is a scientist who lead the study about turtles. Her study turned out to say that about 13 million tons of plastic is thrown into the ocean a year. The east coast has lots if plastic caused by human pollution.

Her research is just like school. She mostly used just science and math to find her study. She used math to estimate how many turtles eat plastic or get stuck in plastic. To verify how many turtles eat plastic she would open the dead turtles up to see there was any plastic in their system, which could of caused their death.

Olive Ridley sea turtles are use to eating jelly fish but instead they have been found to have more plastic in their body then any other turtle. If this keeps going on it could cause these turtles to close extinction. Schuyler says we don't just need to protect these animals from hunters we need to protect them from human garbage.

Not just the mass of the plastic they eat can kill them but the poisons in the plastic can kill them to. Sometime turtles die because of the poison from the plastic that seeps into the water. Eating plastic can also cause them to die of hunger because they always feel so full that they don't notice they are hungry and they need food.

Selfies Can Be Very Dangerous

Selfies are getting very popular in today's world. Regular selfies are very safe. But some people are taking selfies while performing very dangerous and extreme stunts. This is cool but very dangerous at the same time.

How bad is this problem? According to a DOGO news report, a "breathtaking" selfie has killed 12 people this year. It may not seem like a lot, but it is four more people killed this year than people who have been killed by a shark attack.

This issue has been known for a while but got  more popular when Hideto Ueda suffered an accidental death in the Taj Mahal in India. Injuries have been rising in dramatic measures. This year in July Russian Interior Ministry started a campaign to prevent this. A million "likes" on social media isn't worth more than your life. Officials felt it was necessary because "When a person is trying to photograph themselves, their attention is scattered, they lose their balance, they don't look around and feel no danger."

Other countries aren't exactly doing the same thing. Altough they are doing something very similar. They are banning one of the biggest causes of this problem, the selfie stick. In the past months museum,s train stations, and theme parks are banning selfie sticks.

These things help lower injuries, but the biggest cause is not being responsible. Its not just for them. Its also for their friends. People should always learn how to be responsible for themselves and not risk their lives for a bunch of hearts on a digital screen.

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David Anders is returning to the ABC show One Upon a Time!

The actor, David Anders, star of iZombie, is reprising his role as Doctor Whale, also known as Dr. Frankenstein, on the ABC show Once Upon a Time. Dr. Whale was on Once Upon a Time in seasons 1-3. He was never in season four. He recently announced that he will be returning for season 5.

He said this on Twitter. He said five words. "The doctor will be in." It was also announced that Meghan Ory, and Jamie Chung will also be returning. Meghan Ory plays Little Red Riding Hood. Jamie Chung plays Mulan. Jamie Chung only appeared in the first two seasons, and Meghan Ory was, like David Anders, in seasons 1-3.

While Jamie Chung and Meghan Ory are officially going to be in more than one episode, David Anders is only going to be in one episode as far as everybody can tell. Either way, people are very excited about Dr. Whale returning.

Dr. Whale was last seen three episodes before the season three finale. He was delivering Snow White's and Prince Charming's son, Neal. The cast of Once Upon a Time was really happy to know that Dr. Whale will return.

If you want to see Dr. Whale on One Upon a Time, it is on every Sunday at 8:00 at night on ABC. If you also have never seen Once Upon a Time before, the first four seasons are on Netflix. You should probably heck with your parents first.

Brandon Crawford Interview

Brandon Crawfod is a major league baseball player. He plays for the Giants team. His number is 35 and he plays shortstop. He has a batting average of .245. How I got the the interview is I asked the MLB people that works for the Giants.  One of them respond and said yes. Her name was Bailey West. She said that a woman named Shana Daum would show me to him. I got to see them at batting practice. When he was done and before he went to the locker room, we sat down in the dugout to ask him a few questions on why he wanted to play.

When did you first start playing?
I started to play as soon as I could walk. I would always want to swing the bat around.

Who inspired you to play baseball ?
I think my dad really inspired me to play baseball. He took  me to all the Giants games and he coached me in Little League.

Why did you want to be a baseball player?
I wanted to do it because of my dad. He really inspired me to play baseball.

Besides you, who do you think is the best players on the team?
Well, I think that we are all good players. But if I had to chose, it would be Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner.


     When you hear the word teenagers you think impatient, irritable, and more. I describe teenagers as creative, open minded, and confused. Researchers from Berlin's Max Planck Institute for Human Development, said that teenagers act like this not because of hormones or just acting up. Teenagers act this way because two parts of their brain has not fully developed yet, it is called dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the striatum. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex plans for the future and the striatum evaluates the rewards of a decision.
     Wouter van den Bos led the study. The study involved 50 people from ages 8-25 years old. Each individual was asked the same question;"Would you rather have €20 ($30.34) now or €50 ($75.85) in a month? As expected, the impatient adolescents mostly opted for the instant cash."
     Researchers say that teenagers are reckless because they underestimate their risks. When teens take a step back and think about their decision they can make a rational choice and act like adults. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Giant Mutant Wolffish

Japanese fisherman Hiroshi Hirasaka has a weird kind of hobby, he likes to catch and eat weird fish. His latest fish is the wolffish, His fish that he caught was said to be mutated because of the size. The fish got mutated because of the earthquake that destroyed a nuclear plant and realest radioactive stuff into the ocean.

A Day for Rhinos

If you like Rhinos you can meet won. meet 41 northern white year old Nola the Rhino that lives in San Diego zoo in Escondido,California.Nola the rhino is one of the 4 remaining northern white rhinos in the whole world and the only in the western hemisphere.The other  3 live in a sanctuary in Kenya.The world Rhino day is on September 22,is to dedicated to raising awareness for Nola and the less than 30,000 other rhinos left on Earth.We need to help rhinos not tomorrow today.Nola's keeper Jane Kennedy told TFK. Last year sadly we lost over 1,200 rhinos just in the south Africa.

Rescue Center Overwhelmed with Starving Seabirds; Rising Ocean Tempertures Cited

Across Northern California, along the beaches from Monterey to Point Reyes, seabirds have been spotted very unhealthy in large numbers. Some vary from shrunken height to so skinny u can see bones. These bird have a tendency to be mistaken for penguins. Many of these birds are going to the Bird Rescue Center in Fairfield. The Rescue Center says they are taking the highest amount of birds in an estimated 18 years.

Scientists say, there is a change in the ocean's food supply. Six tanks at the Rescue Center are being used trying to help at least 250 birds back to their healthy self again. Typically they would only have to use one or two tanks at this point of year. The Rescue Center says that they have had large numbers with birds but  nothing like this.

Researchers say these birds need lots of calories to eat, and judging by their feathers they are not getting those calories. Scientists think that these birds are not getting enough calories because of the ocean food chain changing due to ocean pollution.

Scientists say they are still not very sure what is causing these birds to come up on the beach."Marine life are most likely to being stressed for six months or seven along the coast, says Montua." There is not enough wind to keep the food nutrients going, the birds have to dive deep for food now.

Some of the birds are coming with big patches of nothing but skin. Which is a symptoms of catastrophic molting. The cause of this is unknown. This crisis of marine life does not allow the birds to act normally. Many young birds were spotted first ending up on the beach but now they are seeing adult seabirds on the beach.
During the late summer adults were no longer able to fly. If the food supply is to deep or too far away the birds don't get enough nutrients to survive so they end up on the beaches."Yesterday i was at Moss Landing State Beach and so at least 50 dead seabirds in a stretch of two hundred yards. This is an unusually high level of deposition, says Hannah Nevins."

Kfog radio interview

Kfog is a music station in the Bay area that plays rock music. Kfog started in 1982 in the rock era. Kfog has three disc jockeys in morning: Renee, Mike "no name" Nelson, and Irish Greg. They wake up at 3:30 am and start at 6 am. They finish at 10 am and spend the rest of their day preparing for the next day and doing charity work. I got to sit down with them and do a quick little interview on how they are making a difference in their community.

What types of charity work do you do
Mike: I am doing a project that helps women fight breast cancer and my wife has breast cancer, so I am doing it for her. I have a son that is 8 years old and he wrote the lyrics for a song for the project and he does not play any instruments, so we are also asking rock bands to sing the song on Kfog.
Renee: We are also collecting toys for "Toys for Tots" program and we are also helping the children at the Benioff Children's Hospital.

What goal would you want to achieve this week 
Renee: I am going to train for the Bridge to Bridge run for special olympics. I haven't trained yet, so my goal this week is to run a mile.
Mike:I volunteer at my kid's school a lot and every day I try not to  mess up
Greg:I am also going to train for the Bridge to Bridge run. And I want to finish the video for breast cancer project.
 at my kids' school a lot so my goal every week is to not mess up. I also want to finish the video for the breast cancer project.
Greg: I am also going to train for the Bridge to Bridge run so I will also run a mile.


Will Anakin Skywalker be in one of the new Star Wars movies?

On December 18th, Star Wars episode VII will premiere in theaters. There is a rumor going around that Hayden Christensen who played Anakin Skywalker in the prequels might actually end up reprising his roll as Anakin Skywalker.

People have not been saying that he will return in episode VII, but he could end up in the untitled 2017 movie, episode VIII.

Anakin Skywalker may have died in the 1983 movie episode VI Return of the Jedi, but it is a possibility that he could be resurrected. His Darth Vader helmet did appear in the teaser trailer for episode VII. 

People have been saying that the villain for episode VII, Kylo Ren, appears to be after Luke's first lightsaber, which was originally Anakin's. Putting those two together, seeing Darth Vader's helmet, and saying that Kylo Ren is after Anakin's lightsaber slightly says that he could end up in one of the new movies.

Even if he does get resurrected, it doesn't mean that he will immediately be evil. He died as Anakin Skywalker, not as Darth Vader. He died to save Luke so that he could redeem him self. Nobody know's for sure what is going to happen, but it is something fun to think about.

The article was written by 



Six People Go On A "Yearlong Mission To Mars"

On August 28th, six people, three men and three women, went to Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. Instead of vacationing there they are locking themselves up in a solar-powered dome, with everything they need. The six people volunteered for NASA's experiment to see what would happen when they have been isolated for long periods of time. This is the fourth program to ready people for the journey to Mars.

The simulated Mars-like environment has a two-story dome that is 36 ft in diameter and 20 ft in height. It is located at an 8,000 ft elevation in a rocky volcanic landscape. The downstairs area of the dome has a lab, kitchen, a shared workspace, an exercise room, and a bathroom. On the upstairs floor, there are six small bedrooms. The food they have include a year supply of freeze dried food and drinks. When the people have to step out of the dome to collect soil samples they have to pretend they are astronauts.

The dome has been equipped with cameras and body movement trackers to watch the crew. NASA's Principal Investigator Kim Benstead says that he hopes the trip will help with the Mars trip in the future. This is not the longest trip NASA has sent people on. In 2010, the European Space Agency's Mars 500 mission sent six people to a 1000 square foot unit for 520 days. The volunteers did suffer sleep deprivation and health problem. Of course, they are going to address this problem and many others that occur before the real trip to Mars.

Rare Lunar Eclipse Happening On Sunday, September 27th

On Sunday, September 27th, the finale of a very rare lunar eclipse named Tetrad will happen. This is a consecutive series of four lunar eclipses. This will be quite amazing. This one involves a full moon and a perigee. This means that the body of the moon will appear way larger than a regular full moon. The last time this happened was in 1982, and the next one will be in 2033.

The best view of this eclipse will be in the Eastern and Central United States, and Canada. The moon will start the phase at 9:07 p.m. and will be totally eclipsed by 11:07 p.m. Residents in the West Coast will miss the initial stages because they will occur before the moon rises. Africa, Europe, and the Middle East will also be able to watch it, but they would have to wake up before sunrise. They will not be able to see the full eclipse, but they will only be able to see short glimpses of it.

Lunar eclipses happen when Earth gets in the way of the sun and the moon. The moon has no light of its own. It reflects light from the sun. When Earth gets in the way,  a shadow causes it to "disappear" for a short period of time. This is called a Lunar eclipse. Full eclipses of the moon are very rare. For them to happen, there has to be a full moon, and the sun, Earth, and the moon have to align perfectly together.

Scientists say nothing is strange about this natural happening. It is just Earth casting a shadow on the moon. They also say you should enjoy it, because there is nothing dangerous about this. Unlike a solar eclipse that will damage your eyes, watching a lunar eclipse is perfectly safe.

My opinion is that this is amazing. I will make sure to stay up to watch this amazing and rare sight.

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