Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Run a Good Interview

Interviewing can help you learn a lot about a person but, all though their thoughts may be interesting to you, making it appeal to others can be much harder, or much easier, than you think. Sometimes the one being interviewed wont give you the answers you want, but lying makes things all but better. Here are some easy tips to help you get a good interview out of someone and give a good interview to someone.
          No matter their reaction keep a straight attitude. Try to give questions (or answers) that appeal to others because a rude answer or sarcastic answer only puts trouble on your behave. If you've been asked a question with an answer that isn't favorable, don't lie. put your answer n a different way to keep your reputation safe. What ever happens, don't panic. Just keep going on, and if the question really bugs you just avoid it in a civilized manner. When this occurs a good counter is to answer with a question, not harshly though.
     Well there you have it. follow these easy tips and you probably wont run in to too much trouble. Thanks for reading!
                             By Kennedy S.

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