Friday, October 21, 2011

Wildlife Nightlife Captured on Video

At Stanford University, video cameras are capturing hidden life.  An example of wildlife captured on cameras was mountain lions.  Mountain lions are also known as pumas, cougars and panthers.  The preserve is 1,189 acres and a mile or so or west of the I-80 freeway. Animals are getting spotted at night and during the day.  A staff specialist, Trevor Hebert, at the preserve said, "It's an informal project".  He is trying to learn the mountain lions movements' during the night.  This is an informal project because the data           that was collected was collected was unplanned.

Hebert installed the first camera about two years ago and is planning to install more.  With these cameras he has collected more than 60 video images.  Last year, Hebert believed that he caught two different mountain lions crossing the preserve but found out later it was only a single animal.  Hebert is also trying to see how other creatures behave around them. Another thing the specialists are trying to see how the mountain lions react with busy human life around them.

The cameras do not impact on the environment, there is an infrared beam that catches the animals, there is no light that breaks the darkness.  Some other animals caught at night were: deer, bobcats, possums, jackrabbits, skunks and owls.  No hikers or public visitors are banned on the preserve, except on infrequent guided tours.

There are also other studies going on the preserve for quakes,insects and trees. With the earthquakes, a network of buried electroeds is in place to determine whether underground radio frequency signals if a quake occurred.  With the incects, there has been 40 years of research on the checker- spot butterflies.

By Claire P.

Scott Forstall - mini Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs rocked Apple and left the iPhone 4s hanging by thread.  Tim Cook, the company's new chief  executive officer took the stage to kick off the 90 - minute show to introduce the iPhone 4s but spoke slowly and deliberately. The key for success will be putting manager Scott Forstall's ideas into action. Forstall's name is on about 50 Apple patesnt that cover everything from how applications are laid out on the iPhone screen to the method of turning off a device with a swipe of your finger. In many ways Forstall is like a mini steve.

by: Nikita

Big Names on hand to honor 'AL'

This article is about the honor of 'Al' Davis. 57, 300 raiders fan people came for the memory loss of Al Davis, the once owner of the Oakland Raiders. More than 36 former players came in memory of 'Al'. The most stirring moment was when Former Head coach John Madden lit a touch for 'Al' durning Half time. Many people brought R.I.P. signs and wore 'Al' T- shirts. John Madden is also a former broadcaster and he said " The fire that burned with "Al" and burns within the Raiders is the will to win." The Raiders wore down Cleveland 24-14 victory on the field. Before the game, Jerry Davis, 'Als' older brother said" We were lucky to him as long as we had him.
 Rappers Ice Cube, Mc Hammer and Hall of fame Joe Morgan resented non-foot ball celebrities. Ice Cube said " I don't know if 'Al' would approve of this but, to me, he was the first gangster, he always spoke his mind. There was a 4 minute tribute video and video clips throughout the game. At half time, several Raiders came from all different directions. The current head coach said " We'll always talk about 'Al'.

By Andre
 Source: S.F. Gate

MLK Statue in Washington D.C.

In Washington D.C., thousands of people gathered around a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. to hear a speech by President Barack Obama. But Obama wasn't the only one to speak, MLK's son, Martin Luther King III, spoke of how the country lost its soul by allowing teen bullying and economic problems.

Around 1.5 million people were estimated to have visited the statue. The statue is a 30-foot-tall mountain with MLK coming out of it. The statue is a symbol of a line in MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech: "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope." The statue is in the National Mall, and is the first statue of an Black leader on site. The statue was sculpted by Lei Yixin, a Chinese artist.

Obama, who was just 6 when MLK was assassinated, feels he owes his presidency to MLK. Obama also feels MLK pushed the nation to what it should be and changed people's hearts and minds.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
By Anya J.

Cyrano de Bergerac

This month the upper-graders finished reading the play Cyrano de Bergerac y Edmond Rostand.
Cyrano de Bergerac is about a man named Cyrano who falls in love with his cousin Roxane. But Roxane is in love with a handsome man named Christian. Who will Roxane chose? I won't ruin the story for you. This is a picture of Puccini.

There is also an opera be Franco Alfano. Franco Alfano was the student of Giacomo Puccini. Puccini wrote many operas before. He wrote Turandot, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, La Bohema, Manon Lascaut, and Gianni Schicchi. Those are not all of his operas. He has much more. His Turandot was not finished by him. Franco Alfano finished him. Franco Alfano wrote an opera Cyrano de Bergerac.

Edmond Rostand was born on April 1, 1868 and died on December 2, 1918. He also wrote Les Romanesques.
This is a photo of Edmond Rostand.

Placido Domingo sang Cyrano at the San Francisco Opera this season.

Written By: Rubina H.

Should Babies Watch TV?

Are parents harming their children by placing them in front of the TV to get things done around the house? There are many media products and programs for their children to help them learn while it is hurting their kid’s eyesight. Most popular shows toddlers spend their time watching are Yo Yo Gabba Gabba,Seasame Sreet and Barney and Friends. While kids can spend many hours being active and playing they get plopped write in front of the TV screen, ipad or a computer. Most parents put their kid’s right in front of the TV just so they could do something.
American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) has no evidence that this could cause a mental problem. In a survey the AAP took not long ago parents said their children under age 2 watch some form of electric media. So a video isn’t going to help your child it would hurt them.

If parents want to make their toddler be quiet there is a way there are thousands of ways and also two baby channels BabyTV and BabyTVfirst for infants and toddlers.Parents don’t need to assume that all those learning shows it will make their kids very smart.If parents want their kids to learn the AAP says free play actually helps them learn and entertain themselves.About one third children have TV’s in their rooms. The AAP is just trying to say parents should limit their kids on TV for their own safety
            By:Asiana Duong

New Cubs Bring Hope to Tigers

Hope has been brought to a rare species of tigers called Sumatran. Three female and one male tiger cubs have been born in the Oklahoma City Zoo after three years of waiting for there to be cubs. There are less than 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. These cubs are bringing hope for the almost existent tigers to come back from "the brink extinction". Three out of nine species of tigers have already gone extinct in the past 70 years. The Amur, Bengal, Malayan, South China, and Sumatran are the six remaining species of tigers still left. All of them on the "endangered or critically endangered list".

They tigers are being lost mostly because of habitat loss or poaching. Tiger bones, eyes, teeth and other parts are used in some Asian countries as medicine for malaria and meningitis. Tiger are also hunted for there skin to be sold by group or individual poachers. Some roads that are built make the tigers territory smaller and prey might be to small for the groups of tigers. The World Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation Society are attempting to get a "top-level" Asian government official to get involved in tiger conservation. Conservation is being helped by individual members of villages who patrol forests to make sure there are no illegal poachers. Also, there are programs in zoos to help increase the tiger population.

Source: Life Science

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chief Resigned After Critical Court Report

Officers were accused more than a decade ago of systematically beating and framing suspects. As a result,the alleged victims settled for 10.5 million that led to federal court oversight of Oakland police department had the responsibility, as required by U.S District Judge Thelton Henderson. To reform the department. Batts announced his resignation after receiving his crital report by a court appointed monitor. Batts's consultant Scott Brayant, said "I don't know what esse he could of done." But Oakland attorneys Jim Chanin and John Burris, who represented the victims in the civil suit said they were disappointed in Batts.

"Substantial progress hasn't been made." Burris said. This is making the court frustrated by it. Jean Quan, the mayor of Oakland, was expected to name an interim chief on wednesday. City Council President Larry Reid expects her to apponnt Assistant chief Howard Jordan. The court appointed monitor, Robert Warshaw said he and his staff had found problems in severed areas, including how the department reviewed police force used on suspects and why officers and center stopped suspects people on the streets.

By Andre

My Trip To New York

Hi everybody my name is Asiana i am new upstairs and i took a trip to New York it was very fun i got to see a Broadway show called The LIon King.All the seats were taken so i had to get the most expensive seat i got second row but there was one sad part made me cry it was when Mafasa the father of Simba passed away.Although it was sad it was a lot of fun!But at the end i was very happy because Simba grew up and got married with his best friend Nala and had a little baby cub.

I also went to the Natural History Museum it was very cool there was a lot of stuff to touch,feel and look at but nothing was alive there which was very weird because at the aquarium all the fish were fake with fake water but i wish i could go back!

Last but not least i went on a ferry to Staten Island only for 20 minutes though but i saw the most famous thing can you guys guest what it is?I saw the Staue of Liberty.I took many pictures i felt like i cold touch it.It was so close it was magical! THE END

By Asiana D.

Activists Leave Before Raids on Vacant Hotels

In San Francisco police searched in two hotels on Tuesday. About thirty officers

first looked at Cathedral Hill Hotel at vaness avenue. But the activists left over night. For most of their afternoon looking at 600 rooms but they found out that they left earlier.

But the activists did go to Cathedral Hill. California Pacific is planning to demolish building a new hospital. After, they searched through Charlie's Hotel. After looking at both hotels the police started to gather in numbers.the police went back to Cathedral Hotel even though they were sure that the protesters left.

then the police escorted repairemen inside to turn on the elevators. then police things that shot beanbags.about 30 officers arrived three hours later.officers ran to the front door making orders.they closed roads which caused traffic.

"We attempt to make contact with them earlier in the day." That's what officer Carlos Manfredi said. the protesters want to make contact with the officers.

By Claire P.

My Trip During The Summer

We all know that the Summer is over and school, alas, starts again. One advantage is that you go on to the next grade. Anyway, it never hurts to remember what you did during the Summer. For example: I went to visit my grandmother and grandfather.

The trip lasted two and one half months. Unfortunately, I have no pictures. It was a fun trip.

I traveled to Armenia. Armenia is very small because long ago all of her
neighboring countries conquered her when they could. So now Armenia is as big as you can see in this picture.

One of Armenia's best landmarks is Mount Ararat. Even though Mount Ararat is on the Turkish territory, Armenia considers it her landmark.

Mount Ararat is very special because it is a peculiar mount. It has two tops.

As you can see in this photo, one of the tops is smaller than the other one. There is even a cognac brand called Ararat. (Not that I drink it I just saw a poster on the streets.)

Many nice places in Armenia are Erebuni, Etchmiodin, and Zvartnots.

Now, about Erebuni. Erebuni is basically the remains of a temple that had a circular figure. Now, restorers are working hard to restore the temple.

My grandparents had a family friend who was working on the restorations of Erebuni and he designed the Armenian alphabet and jewelers turned it into a tablet thing. Now, a picture of that alphabet is sold in gift shops.

Etchmiodin is a city that is full of churches. One of the churches is Gayane. Gayane is a temple that is dedicated to a maiden Gayane who was de-tongued and stoned because she fought for Christianty. She was one of the 32 maidens who were all murdered savagely because they refused to turn away from Christianity. Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity as its government religion. Ribsyme is also a maiden who was stoned and decapitated. Yuck. Anyway, if these 32 women didn't fight for Christianity, Christians would probably not exist right now.

Zvartots is a temple that has a round figure. Nobody knows what caused it to crumble. It was either an earthquake or Arabian attacks. Restorers are working on this temple too.

The last saturday of August, everybody in Armenia run in the streets and water each other. If you don't wish to get wet you can stay inside and water people from your balcony or window. Now don not forget that it is very hot in Armenia during the Summer.

Anyway, you should visit Armenia because it is totally worth it and you won't regret.

By: Rubina H.

Max the New Puppy

Welcome back to the Hillwood Herald! The Grantz have gotten a new puppy! His name is Max and he is a 9 week old black Labrador retriever. They had gotten him when he was 7 weeks old. He can also be known as Maxamillian. He is a calm, floppy-eared pup who loves to play. Some of his favorite toys include whiffle balls, a bone with small treats at both end, another bone he enjoys chewing, a lobster that makes a bubbly sound when you squeeze it, and a Frisbee that squeaks if you press it in the middle he plays tug-of-war with.

By: Angela and Claire

The New Puppy

Hi, and welcome back to the Hillwood Herald!

This summer our school dog, Zach, passed away. The school got a new puppy named Max. Max, a black lab, is only 9-weeks-old. He was adopted when he was 7-weeks-old, so cute. Max is mellow, most of the time, and when he is not mellow, he is running around the schoolyard chasing the children. Max sleeps most of the day, but loves it when children play with him.

Here are some pictures in memory of Zach.