Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Names on hand to honor 'AL'

This article is about the honor of 'Al' Davis. 57, 300 raiders fan people came for the memory loss of Al Davis, the once owner of the Oakland Raiders. More than 36 former players came in memory of 'Al'. The most stirring moment was when Former Head coach John Madden lit a touch for 'Al' durning Half time. Many people brought R.I.P. signs and wore 'Al' T- shirts. John Madden is also a former broadcaster and he said " The fire that burned with "Al" and burns within the Raiders is the will to win." The Raiders wore down Cleveland 24-14 victory on the field. Before the game, Jerry Davis, 'Als' older brother said" We were lucky to him as long as we had him.
 Rappers Ice Cube, Mc Hammer and Hall of fame Joe Morgan resented non-foot ball celebrities. Ice Cube said " I don't know if 'Al' would approve of this but, to me, he was the first gangster, he always spoke his mind. There was a 4 minute tribute video and video clips throughout the game. At half time, several Raiders came from all different directions. The current head coach said " We'll always talk about 'Al'.

By Andre
 Source: S.F. Gate

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