Friday, October 14, 2011

Activists Leave Before Raids on Vacant Hotels

In San Francisco police searched in two hotels on Tuesday. About thirty officers

first looked at Cathedral Hill Hotel at vaness avenue. But the activists left over night. For most of their afternoon looking at 600 rooms but they found out that they left earlier.

But the activists did go to Cathedral Hill. California Pacific is planning to demolish building a new hospital. After, they searched through Charlie's Hotel. After looking at both hotels the police started to gather in numbers.the police went back to Cathedral Hotel even though they were sure that the protesters left.

then the police escorted repairemen inside to turn on the elevators. then police things that shot beanbags.about 30 officers arrived three hours later.officers ran to the front door making orders.they closed roads which caused traffic.

"We attempt to make contact with them earlier in the day." That's what officer Carlos Manfredi said. the protesters want to make contact with the officers.

By Claire P.

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