Friday, October 14, 2011

My Trip During The Summer

We all know that the Summer is over and school, alas, starts again. One advantage is that you go on to the next grade. Anyway, it never hurts to remember what you did during the Summer. For example: I went to visit my grandmother and grandfather.

The trip lasted two and one half months. Unfortunately, I have no pictures. It was a fun trip.

I traveled to Armenia. Armenia is very small because long ago all of her
neighboring countries conquered her when they could. So now Armenia is as big as you can see in this picture.

One of Armenia's best landmarks is Mount Ararat. Even though Mount Ararat is on the Turkish territory, Armenia considers it her landmark.

Mount Ararat is very special because it is a peculiar mount. It has two tops.

As you can see in this photo, one of the tops is smaller than the other one. There is even a cognac brand called Ararat. (Not that I drink it I just saw a poster on the streets.)

Many nice places in Armenia are Erebuni, Etchmiodin, and Zvartnots.

Now, about Erebuni. Erebuni is basically the remains of a temple that had a circular figure. Now, restorers are working hard to restore the temple.

My grandparents had a family friend who was working on the restorations of Erebuni and he designed the Armenian alphabet and jewelers turned it into a tablet thing. Now, a picture of that alphabet is sold in gift shops.

Etchmiodin is a city that is full of churches. One of the churches is Gayane. Gayane is a temple that is dedicated to a maiden Gayane who was de-tongued and stoned because she fought for Christianty. She was one of the 32 maidens who were all murdered savagely because they refused to turn away from Christianity. Armenia was the first country to accept Christianity as its government religion. Ribsyme is also a maiden who was stoned and decapitated. Yuck. Anyway, if these 32 women didn't fight for Christianity, Christians would probably not exist right now.

Zvartots is a temple that has a round figure. Nobody knows what caused it to crumble. It was either an earthquake or Arabian attacks. Restorers are working on this temple too.

The last saturday of August, everybody in Armenia run in the streets and water each other. If you don't wish to get wet you can stay inside and water people from your balcony or window. Now don not forget that it is very hot in Armenia during the Summer.

Anyway, you should visit Armenia because it is totally worth it and you won't regret.

By: Rubina H.

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