Friday, October 14, 2011

My Trip To New York

Hi everybody my name is Asiana i am new upstairs and i took a trip to New York it was very fun i got to see a Broadway show called The LIon King.All the seats were taken so i had to get the most expensive seat i got second row but there was one sad part made me cry it was when Mafasa the father of Simba passed away.Although it was sad it was a lot of fun!But at the end i was very happy because Simba grew up and got married with his best friend Nala and had a little baby cub.

I also went to the Natural History Museum it was very cool there was a lot of stuff to touch,feel and look at but nothing was alive there which was very weird because at the aquarium all the fish were fake with fake water but i wish i could go back!

Last but not least i went on a ferry to Staten Island only for 20 minutes though but i saw the most famous thing can you guys guest what it is?I saw the Staue of Liberty.I took many pictures i felt like i cold touch it.It was so close it was magical! THE END

By Asiana D.

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