Friday, October 21, 2011

Should Babies Watch TV?

Are parents harming their children by placing them in front of the TV to get things done around the house? There are many media products and programs for their children to help them learn while it is hurting their kid’s eyesight. Most popular shows toddlers spend their time watching are Yo Yo Gabba Gabba,Seasame Sreet and Barney and Friends. While kids can spend many hours being active and playing they get plopped write in front of the TV screen, ipad or a computer. Most parents put their kid’s right in front of the TV just so they could do something.
American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) has no evidence that this could cause a mental problem. In a survey the AAP took not long ago parents said their children under age 2 watch some form of electric media. So a video isn’t going to help your child it would hurt them.

If parents want to make their toddler be quiet there is a way there are thousands of ways and also two baby channels BabyTV and BabyTVfirst for infants and toddlers.Parents don’t need to assume that all those learning shows it will make their kids very smart.If parents want their kids to learn the AAP says free play actually helps them learn and entertain themselves.About one third children have TV’s in their rooms. The AAP is just trying to say parents should limit their kids on TV for their own safety
            By:Asiana Duong

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