Friday, October 14, 2011

Chief Resigned After Critical Court Report

Officers were accused more than a decade ago of systematically beating and framing suspects. As a result,the alleged victims settled for 10.5 million that led to federal court oversight of Oakland police department had the responsibility, as required by U.S District Judge Thelton Henderson. To reform the department. Batts announced his resignation after receiving his crital report by a court appointed monitor. Batts's consultant Scott Brayant, said "I don't know what esse he could of done." But Oakland attorneys Jim Chanin and John Burris, who represented the victims in the civil suit said they were disappointed in Batts.

"Substantial progress hasn't been made." Burris said. This is making the court frustrated by it. Jean Quan, the mayor of Oakland, was expected to name an interim chief on wednesday. City Council President Larry Reid expects her to apponnt Assistant chief Howard Jordan. The court appointed monitor, Robert Warshaw said he and his staff had found problems in severed areas, including how the department reviewed police force used on suspects and why officers and center stopped suspects people on the streets.

By Andre

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