Friday, October 29, 2010

Interview with Adam and Judy!

Today Adam and Judy came to our classroom at Hillwood Academic Day to talk to us for just over an hour. They are mechanical engineers, and mechanical engineers figure out how things works.

Judy and Adam are part of PBS Kids' DESIGN SQUAD, and they have been working with the television show and the website to highlight some design challenges — challenges that kids can do. Judy’s favorite episode of was working with the fashion designers. She liked it because they had a skill she did not have.
Adam and Judy met all sorts of interesting kids with amazing talents — a pilot, a welder, skate- boarders, and fashion designers.

The fashion designers did a fashion competition. Judy and her teammate made a modern dress. They made it out of paper-like material that has been used in making astronaut outfits. They folded the material to made it very compacted. Adam, on the other hand, made a dress that was an evening gown with motors hidden in the dress. When the model pressed a button it turned in to a short cocktail dress.
Adam's favorite episode was in Nicaragua, where they met kids from a school. At this school, instead of a playground, they had a jungle. The kids wanted a playground in the jungle, so Adam and Judy helped them build one. There were swings and lots of other sets.

In January, their show goes live on PBS television, and you can see them building a skate park in Arizona and custom bikes at Crucible in Oakland.

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