Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brazil Elects a Woman for President

On Halloween, Brazil elected Dilma Rouseff as the first woman president in Brazil, in place of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva!

Rouseff, who is sixty-two, was up against José Serra. Serra is the current governor of São Paulo. Serra ran for president in 2002, and he has a history in politics. He said that he promised to improve schools and communal health.

Rousseff guaranteed to build millions of affordable houses. She also said that she would expand a communal-arranging agenda started in Rio de Janeiro. It is designed to better the features of schooling and communal health care.

In spite of the active fans of the old president da Silva, the election went on to another round when Marina Silva, a Green Party contestant and current nature-loving preacher under Mr. da Silva, got 19 percent of the votes. A lot of voters appreciated Ms. Silva’s protocol on sustainable development.

To learn more go to The New York Times.

By Alysen

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