Friday, October 29, 2010

Judy and Adam's Visit with The Herald

Today, on the celebration of Halloween, Judy and Adam, who have been creating design challenges for PBS Kids' DESIGN SQUAD,  took time out of their day to come and talk to us! Judy and Adam are both mechanical engineers who also have a show for kids where they make experiments and film them to show kids everywhere how to build all of the projects they made on the video. As I've written before on The Herald, these projects have been pretty fun. As reporters for The Herald, we asked  Judy and Adam about their inventions, and we showed them the inventions we made. We also interviewed them to figure out some of their favorite times on the show. (Their actual show on PBS airs in January, with a confetti launcher, but many of their challenges are already online at the DESIGN SQUAD website.)

It was very interesting to hear about all of the projects they made and all the places they got to visit to make the projects. Both Judy and Adam went to New York, where they got to make dresses for a fashion show. The dresses were made with mechanics inside of the dress to make the dress shorter.
They also got to go to Nicaragua to help build a playground for a school that had a jungle in front of it instead of a play structure. They even went to Boston to made a cake that got up and actually walked around! It was seriously mind-blowing.

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