Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flashback: The Herald Interviews Pixar’s Albert Lozano, Concept Artist

As you may know last week we talked to Pixar concept artist Albert Lozano. We video chatted with him through the webcam program iChat. iChat is an apple application that allows Mac users to chat with each other live, through a continuous video stream.

Some of the questions we asked Albert last week were , "What is your favorite character from the movie "Up"?, and, "What was it like doing the concept art and drawing up the ideas for the movies Monster's Inc. and Ratatouille?"

Albert said that his favorite character was Dug, the dog from "Up". Dug is a dog that the main characters in the movie find in the jungle. He has a a special collar around his neck that allows him to "speak" his mind. Albert also mention another character he worked on, Kevin, the 13-foot-tall rare bird the main characters also find in the South American jungle. In response to the second question Albert showed us some sketches from Monster's Inc. (see one below), and he also explained the reactions that let him know if his picture is good, okay, or not needed and needs change.

See part of our interview, as posted on The Hillwood Herald.

Here we also have a survey of some people's favorite Pixar movies. What's yours?

Last week's special package about "Up" included the following stories:

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