Friday, May 22, 2009

Pixar's Sky High with New Movie "Up"

First it was Toy Story, then Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. next, Cars in 2006, Wall-E in 2008, and now Pixar has done it again.

Coming to theater's on May 29, Pixar's newest wacky adventure, "Up," is going to be a movie that will be a great adventure all the way through.

The main plot is about an adventure taken by and 85 year old widower, Carl, and an overly-excited 8-year-old Widerness Explorer, Russell. These two unlikely heroes take an adventure that no one has ever taken before. When Carl, an idealist, releases a huge mass of ballons from his house, his house takes off into the sky. Russell had been hiding on Carl's front porch and joins Carl on his adventure. The floating house takes them to South America. There they discover not only the fat, lovable, glob of a dog, Dug, who is part of a pack of dogs hunting down a rare bird, but also the rare bird, Kevin.

The Hillwood Herald crew also interviewed Pixar concept artist, Albert Lozano, and asked him some questions. He says that Dug was his favorite character. (You can see some of Mr. Lozano's sketches of Dug on The New York Times.)

This movie will be great for the whole family and everyone will enjoy this adventurous comedy. Parents of kids 5- should be around if you let your kids watch this.

The image is from the official Pixar website, and anyone can download free screensavers and posters from the site.

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