Friday, May 22, 2009

The Creative Process: Characters of "Up" — Carl & Russel

Today, the upper-grade class got to interview Albert Lozano, one of the concept artists of the movie "Up". He created the concept art of characters Carl, Russel, Dug, & Kevin, but this post will be talking about Carl and Russel.

Carl is the "square-headed", stubborn, 78-year-old man who has a yearning for adventure. Russel is an excited, young, boyscout. The story is about their relationship and how it grows as the adventure takes place in the skies.

You can hear the director Pete Docter and the production designer Ricky Nierva talk about these characters on The New York Times. You can also see some of Mr. Lozano's illustrations on the site. In our interview with Mr. Lozano, he showed us some of his original sketches for Carl.

Source: The New York Times

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