Friday, May 22, 2009

Gamer Review: Merit Badge Mayhem

Merit Badge Mayhem is a game with a lot of mini games in the main game. You are a boy scout doing boy scout things like fishing, navigating, swimming, and more.

The game is a very basic. It is easy to play but hard to win. When I tried I only got to the baseball mini game. I think a kindergardener can play this game because it is easy to play and not violent. I think kids would enjoy doing the mazes, puzzles, and the batting in Merit Badge Mayhem.

Albert Lozano, an illustrator and production artist at Pixar, who help draw some pictures in Ratatouille, Monsters inc, and The incredible. One of the creatures he made in the game was the colorful bird Kevin.

The Herald interviewed Mr. Lozano through two computers and using iChat. iChat is the Instant Messaging, IM application, that ships with the Macintosh OSX operating system. iChat lets people talk to people using ".mac," AOL's AIM, and a few other services. When you iChat, you are video-sharing with someone else. You can hear and see the person you are communicating with.

IM is a type of communications service that lets you send written messages to other people. You are communicating in real time, or right away -- like when you are on a telephone with someone.

This image is from the official Pixar site and it is the character Kevin and one of the characters that Mr. Lozano drew.

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