Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Creative: The Characters of 'Up' — Kevin & Dug

I'm sure you have heard about the up and coming movie 'Up'. And today, I got information about two characters from the movie: Dug the overweight dog and Kevin the colorful bird.

Dug, the dog from 'Up', was inspired by a Golden Retriever that Ricky Nierva, the Production Designer, discovered on the internet. He is drawn by Albert Lozano, a Production Artist Illustrator. Many times, Albert would have to redraw Dug if Pete Docter, the director of the film, wanted a different image. He had wanted to draw this "big, happy, gullible dog."

Kevin, a 13 foot tall bird, was based on the Himalayan Monal Pheasant. According to The New York Times and Albert, "Pete wanted a complex character. It had to be vulnerable, it had to be scary. It had to be colorful, and it had to be huge."

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