Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleepover at Hillwood’s Muir Woods Lodge

Hillwood’s older students, including fourth through eighth-graders, are going on an overnight trip, from Friday, May 15, until the next day. At the cabin, students will take hikes and observe wildlife at the Hillwood Lodge.

Watch The Herald for coverage next Friday, May 22, of the outing. For now, listen to Brigette, a seventh-grader, interview Darien, who will be graduating on June 12.

Darien, who recently wrote and talked about applying to high schools in San Francisco, explains what students can expect to see and do at the cabin, from spotting deer, salamanders, and banana slugs to learning about trees and tannic acid. Last summer, the Hillwood lodge had some unexpected visitors — spotted owls (see photo by Mr. Eric Grantz). The owls, which are endangered, visited throughout the summer and could often be found on the fir tree by the Zach Shack.

Filmed by Irene X., who recently wrote about the use of electricity in California and developed the survey about ice-cream flavors.

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