Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irene Interviews Darien About Applying for High School in San Francisco

The Herald’s Irene interviews eighth-grader Darien C. about the high-school application process in San Francisco. In this five-minute interview, Darien (who recently wrote about NASA and the Hubble Telescope) tells how to keep calm and effective during the application process. This is a follow-up to his article for The Herald about applying for high school in San Francisco. In addition to Darien’s article, listen to Hillwood alum Jessica talk about life after Hillwood. Jessica is now a junior at Convent & Stuart Hall High School. Next year, she will be applying to colleges. Over the next several weeks, The Herald will be posting excerpts from interviews with Jessica. Meanwhile, Darien will report about the process of applying for high school from the eighth-grade perspective. Reporter Irene also wrote about a recent Hillwood Academic Day School outing for the early grades.

Filmed by Julien G., who recently reviewed a stop-motion video tale.

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