Friday, May 15, 2009

California's Source of Electricity

Recently, I have been looking around online and I researched too. I found out California's source of electricity. So far, we use:

  • 47% gas
  • 20% hydro
  • 18% nuclear
  • seven% geothermal
  • three% biomass
  • two% wind
  • one% oil
  • less then one% of coal
  • less than one% of solar
The San Francisco County's Hunter's Point use:
  • Natural gas, our primary fuel type
  • Four generators
  • 427 MW nameplate capacity
  • 619,481 MW hours of annual net generation
Source: NPR Website

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  1. So, California uses 47 percent gas. Irene, do you know how much of that number is for cars and how much is for other uses like heating homes and other buildings? — Ms. Moorhead