Friday, June 12, 2009

The Hillwood Herald Summer Assignments

For those students who asked for summer blog assignments, please check the “weekly news updates” (the beige column along the right of the blog; see image). Each week, I will add new assignments.

Follow the same reporting and writing process that you used during the school year. However, no one’s name will be tied to a specific assignment, as all of this is optional. Simply pick the assignment that most interests you. You may also post book reviews throughout the summer.

Remember to use your good judgment and to consider what is appropriate to your audience. Also, always include any relevant sources, whether for written information or for photos and graphics. If in doubt, source and include a link. Ms. Moorhead will give you feedback directly in your post(s) each week. You can also email with questions or if you forget your password.

Enjoy and have a great summer!

Click on the first batch of assignments below:

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