Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wikipedia: The Good and the Bad

The Herald staff and many people outside of Hillwood rely on Wikipedia for information. However, not everyone understands what Wikipedia is and how it operates.

Student Assignment: Irene
Write a story about Wikipedia. First read a few pages on Wikipedia (general information page and the work-in-progress page) and then a more objective source such The San Diego Union Tribune and Scientific America.

Consider answering the following questions, in addition to the five W’s of news reporting:
  • Who (who is the founder of Wikipedia?)
  • What
  • Why
  • Where
  • When
  • How (where does Wikipedia get its information and what is the process it uses for making sure it is as accurate as possible?)
  • How reliable is the information on Wikipedia?
  • Is the information on Wikipedia acceptable for your class assignments?
  • How does Wikipedia compare to the Encyclopedia Britannica or other such research books?
Include some of image or screen grab with your story. Remember to include a photo credit. (On a Macintosh, you simply select the Command key, the Shift key, and the “4” key at the same time and they select the desired image. The image will be save to the computers desktop. On a PC, follow these instructions.)

Next week, Irene, you begin writing a Wikipedia entry about Hillwood. We will post it Wikipedia for all the world to see. But first you will have to read through this tutorial on Wikipedia.

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