Friday, June 19, 2009

"Schooled" By Gordon Korman

Hey Herald readers! It's summer! How's your vacation so far? Well, if you have time, you should catch up on some reading. I just joined a summer reading program at a nearby library and read a book called "Schooled".

Capricorn (Cap) Anderson has been living with his hippie grandmother, Rain, in a farm commune named Garland ever since he could remember. Living alone by themselves, Cap was taught by Rain for years. Although he knows much about tai chi and Zen Buddhism, Cap has never eaten pizza or watched t.v. So, when Rain slips and broke her hip while picking plums, Cap experiences things that he has not known before.

While Rain is in the hospital recovering, Cap is sent to live with a guidance counselor and attend the local middle school. He is autmatically named as "the biggest nerd" by his new classmates and pranked on as he wears hemp clothes and has long,shaggy hair. He gets nominated as the 8th grade president but he barely knows anything about regular schools. How is he supposed to be in charge of one?

When I was reading this book, it made me realize that you shouldn't judge someone by their looks (though I probably already know that, it refreshed my memory). Cap was this shaggy-haired, hippie-looking boy who was homeschooled. But, he taught everyone about wisdom and thoughts from the heart. It's narrated by different people in the story to get their points of view of Capricorn Anderson.


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  1. Excellent book review, Irene! I like the idea that the book is narrated by different people, so that the reader can get a rounded view of Capricorn Anderson. It probably makes all the notions of bullying, cruelty, cliques, and stereotyping, which come out in the book, all the more interesting to discuss.