Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enjoy Scrabble? Try DeepLeap

This incredibly basic game can provide a great deal of learning fun. But you’ll have to think fast!

Student Assignment: Irene X.
Play and review the basic game of DeepLeap. It is still in beta — explain to readers what means for something online (hint: the programmer, or person, developing the game is not done yet and “beta” testers are playing it to find bugs, or mistakes). Consider the following questions:
  • How does this game work?
  • Who might like to play it? (Could a kindergartener play this game?)
  • What did you like about playing this game?
  • What would change about this game?
  • What was your top score?
  • Is this game really a “time-waster” as its tagline (under its name) suggests?
Remember to include a screen grab or image of some sort. It can be a picture of you from the Hillwood website or a screen grab from the game. (On a Macintosh, you simply select the Command key, the Shift key, and the “4” key at the same time and they select the desired image. The image will be save to the computers desktop. On a PC, follow these instructions.)

Irene, if you finish your post early, please write an article asking for story ideas or requests for The Hillwood Herald. This short article should promote the "news" box that Ms. Woods brought it. Ideally, we want teachers and the lower- and middle-grade students to give The Herald ideas for stories. Your will need to also tell people about the blog (again, answer the five W's of a good news story). In addition, give two or three examples of your favorite Herald stories.

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