Friday, January 5, 2018

Bomb Cyclone

In the past week, we have heard of the new bomb cyclone over on the East Coast. Everyone in the East Coast has been taking pictures how they are spending their time with the bomb cyclone. Not only is it happening in the East Coast, but the whole entire country. States like Florida who haven't seen snow in their state are showing what it is like there.

Even though many people are making jokes of the storm by making snow angels, many do not have power because of this storm. Also, the weather is worse in the night than in the day. While it is in the tens during the day, it is below zero during the night time on the East Coast.

Other places have also had chilly weather. In Los Angeles, one of the sunny cities, it is around 54 degrees. And since the storm is coming into the US from the north, some parts of Canada like Toronto are in the negatives as well.

In conclusion, this week is one of the coldest weeks in about 100 years. Some places are even colder than it is in Alaska. Some places in Florida have even been issued warnings because of the storm.
However, Saturday is predicted to be the coldest day this week, so bundle up with some hot cocoa and hope it gets warmer!



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