Friday, January 5, 2018

Avengers Infinity war

My article is about the upcoming movie Avengers Infinity War. It will be released May 4,2018. This isn't just an ordinary superheros movie, it is a mixtures of all of the marvel super hero's you have seen sense the first Marvel movie Iron Man which was released in 2008. This move will be part one part two will release in 2019. I don't when part two will come out unfortunately. 

The big bad of this movie is named Thanos. Who is Thanos? I am 99% sure that he is one of the most if not the most powerful character in the Marvel cinematic universe. He will be stronger than any of the villains that we have seen before. The producers have been setting this villain up ever sens Iron Man one. I can already tell that the minute the movie comes out, everyone will want to go see it. And not just because there big Marvel fans but because this movie will be the hugest superhero's movie.

Now your probably wondering what this movie about. This movie is mainly about Thanos. What he is doing he is trying to collect all of the infinity stones. The infinity stones are separate little stones that can be gathered into the infinity gauntlet which could destroy anything. All of the infinity stone are found through out the galaxy. There's six infinity stone. These stones are called the space gem, reality gem, power gem, mind gem, time gem, and the soul gem. If I am correct we have only seen five. I'm not sure which ones. When he destroys the avengers, I'm not sure what he will do next.

My opinion of this movie is that I'm really excited for it. I'll see it Saturday a day after it releases. Hopefully it is a little more than two hours long. Also Marvel will have competition because DC will be releasing movies too.

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