Friday, January 12, 2018

Hundreds of BART Cars Just Became Short People Friendly

Have you ever been in a BART car? Well I have, and it was horrible. I almost got separated with my parents. People push other people and trample them. They also trap you in a corner. Nowdays, BART officials are making BART trains more friendly.

One of the latest improvements in BART trains is that they have longer straps easier for smaller-sized people. These hand holding straps have been installed in 187 cars with seating plans, BART announced Thursday. The new carriages include one row of seats until new BART cars are out. Ellen Miller said, "Thank You, I'm sick of having to stand on my toes."

 There is more to come because BART cars are near the end of there useful lives. The new BART cars are going to be quieter, cooler, more comfortable and easy to use. The seats are going to be padded,  routes are going to be color coded, cooling systems will be put in, and micro-plug in doors will help seal out noise.

My opinion is that I think it's great how they did it for smaller people because they can't reach the straps. I'm so glad they did this and I think it's cool that they are changing there BART cars with new ones.

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