Friday, September 9, 2016

Harvard professor agrees that wage gap is a myth

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You've probably heard the ¢77 to the dollar statistic over a hundred times, and most of you probably believe it's true, well it's not, at least according to Harvard professer Claudia Goldman and many others. First of all, let me tell you how they got this statistic. They got all the wages of men and all the wages of women and did some simple math and got this number. So there is a couple of things wrong with this, first of all, women don't make the same choices as men and most women want to be mothers, thus changing their priorities. If a woman finds out that she is earning less then her male counterpart she can sue, as she is protected by the wage discrimination act. Women also don't negotiate as much as men. There is also that if corporations could pay women less, why wouldn't companies hire mostly women? They could save 23%. Women take lower paying jobs than men: the top ten highest paying jobs are dominated by men and the top ten lowest paying jobs are dominated by women.

Feminists might point to this fact and say that the patriarchy pushes women into lower paying jobs. This notion is insane! Women can think for themselves, and they mostly choose to go into jobs that make them happier. That's why women dominate teaching and nursing. Women also choose to be mothers, as I mentioned earlier, so they choose lower paying jobs with more flexible hours.
 Ok so maybe you've read this entire thing and still say that women get payed less. Well don't just agree with me, agree with Harvard economics Professor Claudia Goldin. As one can imagine, Goldin has come to the conclusion that I and many others have: the gap is not because of discrimination, but because of the different choices men and women make.

"Does that mean women are receiving lower pay for equal work?"
  After watching Obama's speech about pay discrimination, Professor Goldin said that "that is possibly the case in certain places, but by and large it's not that, it's something else."

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  1. I would also love to discuss this with other people! I'm far from being an expert on the topic, and I appreciate you expressing your opinion and providing supported evidence from outside sources.

  2. This was a pretty good article. It does state that the gap might be real, but it does state a good reason why. I think you did really good with this.-Maddie P.

  3. This article was very interesting and had many informative facts about the gender wage gap.- Nicole

  4. I liked this article and it was very good. It was backed up with lots of good facts.

  5. And I also think that the gender wag gap might possibly be real but it might not.