Friday, May 20, 2016

The Future of Surgery

Being operated on by a robot seems totally futuristic, but it's actually an available option right now.

Luckily, these robots do not completely take over the career of a surgeon because the surgeon controls the robot manually.

There have been some tests using the robots on pigs. Apparently, the robot actually did better with the surgery than the surgeons were able to do. 

"The purpose wasn't to replace surgeons. If you have an intelligent tool, that works with a surgeon, can it improve the outcome? That's what we have done," says Dr. Peter C.W. Kim of Children's National Health System in Washington. 

Considering that the robots can be better than surgeons, you might think that this is more popular. It actually isn't used that much in a lot of hospitals. This is because the robots will come with higher prices than a regular surgery.

Even though the quality of the robot's surgery is most often better than a surgeon's, they do take longer to operate. In one surgery, the robot made fewer stitches when suturing, but it took much longer.

This could be the future of surgery, and it's incredible how quickly technology can advance. 

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