Friday, September 23, 2016

Ups and Downs of having Siblings

There are many Ups and Downs of having siblings. Maddie and Nicole are here to list those Ups and Downs. Maddie has an older sister and Nicole has a younger sister. Maddie will write the positives and Nicole will write the negatives.

Maddie: I have an older sister. She is extremeley protective of me. I think this is a really good quality that an older sibling should have. When ever I accomplish something she is always really happy for me and shows that she is really proud.

Nicole: I have a younger sister which can get a little frustrating. My sister might copy me, yell at me, and touch my stuff without asking. My sister is very loud and sassy towards me all the time. It's hard to do my work sometimes becuase she would be watching TV in the other room and she wouldn't make it quieter.

Maddie: My sister always wants to do something with me. If we haven't been doing anything all day, she always tries to get me to do something with her weather it's a board game, or we play outside, or we just watch YouTube together. When ever we do anything together it always brings us closer.

Nicole: My sister would sometimes want to do things with me even though she was rude to me before. She sometimes thinks that it doesn't matter that she was rude to me and I don't like that. It's hard for me to say no to her but it's hard to play with her because I'm older and it's boring for me to play dolls with her. I usually say no to her becuase I want to show her what happens when she says something rude.

Maddie and Nicole have siblings that both have good days and bad days. Even though siblings have fights and there's unfairness, we love them anyway. Even though Nicole's sister takes from her and yells at her, she loves her anyway. Even though Maddie loves her sister, she can make her very mad when they argue, but in the end, they always manage to make up and they never stay mad at each other for long.

By: Nicole and Maddie


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  3. this is a really interesting article for me to read. I don't have any siblings but parts of my family are like my siblings. and no bond is better than with the ones you really love.