Friday, February 19, 2016


Ms. Kathy Tom teaches 2nd-4th grade. She teaches Science, Math, Grammar, Social Studies, Spelling, Phonics, and additional categories for individual grades. Ms.Tom has been teaching for around 14 years now, and turns everything a kid would find boring into something fun! She focuses on getting her students to their full potential. She has been here more than any other teacher and does not plan to leave anytime soon. Many students adore her and have a hard time leaving and saying goodbye.She takes time with every grade and/or every student if they need help or don’t understand. She takes kids ideas and incorporates them with her work. She is a native to San Francisco and is Chinese-American. When she first started teaching here she worked with K-1st. She is there for every kid sad or happy. Ms.Tom is an amazing teacher and will continue to be forever.

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