Friday, February 19, 2016

pennies for patients

Pennies for Patients is an event that Hillwood dose every single year but not just HIllwood a lot of other schools do it to. Pennies for Patients is a event to raise money for medicine that are very sick. a cording to the Pennies for Patients website 10 million elementary middle schools and high schools do it to. Students across the country are collecting pennies,nickles,dimes and quarters during the Pennies for Patients campaigns benefiting the Society.

In the Pennies for Patients campaign, the class collecting the most change in each school receives a pizza party. Prizes such as computers,electronics and sports equipment are presented to the top schools in each area. The Pennies for Patients campaign began in the Society's North Carolina Chapter in 1995. Hillwood has a guess speaker to come in and talk to all the classes about the event of raising money.

The teachers give us a box from Pennies for Patients. The box is for money, we put money in the box like pennies,nickles,dimes, and quarters and maybe checks. when all of are little tiny box's are full we dump all the money into are teachers big white box. which ever class raises the most money wins a flag first place wins a gold flag second place wins a silver flag last place wins the Bronze flag. To win first place you have to raise 300 dollars and second place has to raise 200 dollars  and last place raises 100 dollars.

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