Friday, February 19, 2016


Ms. Caine is the afternoon caretaker. She watches the K-1 and the 2-4 graders from 3:00 to 6:00. After 3:00, both classes have study hall until 4:00. After, students have a choice to go play outside or inside. At 5:00 if the students haven’t been picked up yet, Ms. Caine gives out snack. The students then can go back outside, sometimes playing dodgeball.  

Sometimes, Ms.Caine will play board games with the students. They will play games like monopoly, chess, scrabble, and connect four. They will also play card games like speed. Usually, if it isn't raining, the kids can go outside. They play games like tag, basketball, the color game, and dodgeball.

Ms. Caine came to Hillwood in 2004 when her son, Darien, said that there was an afternoon job open. Ms. Caine’s son graduated seven years ago from Hillwood.  Ever since then, Ms. Caine has been working here at Hillwood. Ms. Caine loves working with the children and loves this school. All in all, Ms.Caine is a great afternoon caretaker.

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