Friday, October 16, 2015

Dog Breed Selector

Animal Planet has recently added a new survey. This survey is a dog breed selector! What happens is you take a survey about what you look for into a dog. I know that I am super excited to try this and so are my friends.

I have come back from taking this survey, and I absolutely loved it! On the survey, there are 10 questions: what size dog are you interested in, how energetic do you want your new dog to be, how much time can you devote to exercising your dog daily, how often will you be able to play with your dog, how affectionate would you like your dog to be, do you have other pets, how trainable would you like your dog to be, how protective do you want your dog to be, how much maintenance and grooming are you able to provide for your dog, and what kind of temperature tolerance does your new dog need to have? 

What I have realized while I was taking the survey was that they have your most common matches as you are taking the survey. Not only that but, after you take the survey of you don't like your dog breed that added runner ups of dog breeds that you might be interested in which are similar in personality to your top dog. When I finished the survey, I got a German Shorthaired Pointer-I got a 98% match. 

What did you like most about the survey?

Sophia: "I like how the quiz made you really think about what dog you would want." 

Kasama: "I like how the questions were really easy to understand and how they show your matches as you are taking the survey."

Finn: "I like that they asked you how your going to train your dog." 

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