Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby Who Survived Car Crash in Utah River is Getting Better

An 18 month old toddler was found in a flipped car in an ice cold river with her mother.  It had flipped a half of a day earlier and wasn't found until 14 hours later.  The 18 month old, Lily, survived, but her mother did not and died at the age of 25. 

Lily could have died if she wasn't seen with her mother in the car.  Luckily, there was a fisherman who had seen the flipped car.  He noticed that the wheels were up.  Lt. Cory Slaymaker from the police said that you couldn't see the car and where it was from the road.  The fisherman called the police and they arrived with fire rescuers who jumped in to flip the car over.  Seven of them had to have treatment because of hypothermia. 

When they flipped the car over they saw the mother, yet it was clear that she had died.  They noticed the baby who was unconscious and unresponsive.  The good thing was that she was alive and the officers were happy to see that. 

If the car crash happened when officers believed it happened, Lily was strapped to her seat for 14 hours.  The night before the accident happened, a man who lived near by heard a loud sound and stepped outside to see what happened.  He didn't see anything and left it.  That happened at around 10:30 p.m. on Friday.  The fisherman came around 14 hours later at around 12:30 p.m.

The one big thing everybody wants to know is how the baby survived.  CNN senior medical respondent Elizabeth Cohen says that the biggest factor of Lily's survival was her car seat.  Lily was in the right car seat which was properly attached to the car.  Even though she was upside down for the whole time, she was still above the water and not touching it at all.  Doctors say that the low temperatures were dangerous.  It would have been much more dangerous it she were wet and in the water.

Rescuers who helped flip the car over thought that they had heard someone calling for help.  The mother was dead but they heard the voice of an adult and not a child.  It definitely helped get them to push it over.  It's the one big mystery to this rescue.

The river in which they were trapped is 10 feet deep in some places.  Fortunately they were not in that position.  There no skid marks around the accident and there were no drugs or alcohol factors of this wreck.  The car was pulled out of the river to be looked at for mechanical failures.

The family has set up a fund for Lily's mother medical expenses and a funeral for her mother.  Their goal was $8,000 but they have reached up to $35,500 on Monday.

I am very happy that Lily was able to survive a car wreck like that.  You normally don't hear that everyday.  I'm sad for her mother but at least something good came out of such a horrible accident.

Written By: Claire P.

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