Friday, February 20, 2015

Hillwood School Is have their Annual Walk-A-Thon!

Hillwood Academic Day School is having its Annual Walk-A-Thon on May 1st! This amazing event is created by Ms. Caine and Mrs. Grantz. This event has been going on for the kids to get ready to walk from the school to Crissy Fields. Some kids even bring their Pedometers and iPods to track how much they walked. Crissy Fields is 2 miles away, and the walk is about 38 minutes to get there. Crissy Fields is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco.  When the kids get to Crissy Fields, they play games like Tag and Duck-Duck-Goose.

After the Walk-A-Thon, the grown-ups have a BBQ and the kids eat food and play. Mr. and Mrs. Grantz announce the winners of donating the most money. The winners last year were Jo-Jo, Finn, and Mattigan. We have yet to find out who will win this year!

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