Friday, February 20, 2015

About Free the Children

        Free the Children is an organization that helps children fight child labour. The organization all started with one boy who's name is Craig. In 1995, when Craig was only 12, he got a group of students at his school to help him stop child labour. Now there is a big event called We Day where public speakers come to talk about what they do to help Free the Children. Celebrities will come to give inspirational speeches and give others the chance to help too. Last year, our class went to We Day and had a great time. This year is going to be my first year to go to We Day. I am so excited to go and I just can't wait.

         Last year there were big celebrities. I forgot their names, but I know that there were cool celebrities. This year there will not be a lot of celebrities that I know. But I think I will still like them. We Day will be on February 25. I interviewed Kasama and he said he really liked We Day. He said he liked it because people said a lot of inspirational speeches. Lastly, he said that the speeches made him want to do activities to help people. I think that once I go to we day, I will want to do inspirational activites.

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