Friday, February 20, 2015

Hillwood Herald History

      The Hillwood Herald is the main blog for Hilwood School. Every week on Friday, Ms.Moorhead comes over and we write articles on the Hillwood Herald Blog. It has traveled a long way, and as of right now it has 2,085 posts in total. 10 different countries around the world have viewed this blog. The first post was on January 5th 2007.

       This is a short interview with Ms.Moorhead

Ethan:Why did you create The Hillwood Herald?

       Ms.Moorhead: I created the Hillwood Herald because I had a friend named Michelle Deval Smith and her daughter, Jordan, went to Hillwood. She was saying that it'd be nice to have a computer publication or some type of technology for the upper graders. She said since I work in journalism, how about volunteering? And so, I talked to The Grantzes, and they thought it was an good idea. And so we started started doing very simple blog posts for the website. And then a couple years later, we started the yearbook.

Leo: Did computer class exist before the Hillwood Herald?

Ms.Moorhead: Not that I know of, we have to probably check with the Grantzes, but I don't think it did.

Ethan: Who was the student that contributed the most posts?

Ms.Moorhead: Well how long has the Hillwood Herald been around, according to your digging?

Leo: 2007.

Ms.Moorhead: So thats a lot of students, and there's an awful lot, but Darien, Bridget, Irine, and Jay. I think there were a whole bunch of students, not one. Thats' the thing about publication, it needs a lot of people to make it.

Leo: Were you the one to make the first post, or was it a student?

Ms.Moorhead: It was a student. I didn't always do the weekly assignments. I think, actually, do them, there were students that would have note cards.

Ethan: Would you look forward to expand the Hillwood Herald and to more than just articles and posts?

Ms.Moorhead: It'd be neat this year to do a digital version of the yearbook. And I see the yearbook as some of our best ideas and stories from the blog packaged in a different way. It's also made to be interesting and about 20 years.

Ethan and Leo: Thank you for your time!

Ms.Moorhead: You are very welcome.

Written by Ethan.K and Leo.D


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