Friday, February 6, 2015

French For The First Time At Hillwood

   In languages, the whole school is learning French. Every Thursday, Mrs. Miliken comes in to teach the school French. Mrs. Miliken had just started last semester and has gotten pretty good at teaching us. Every time she comes,she has a special prize. How it works is she gives tickets to people if they can say something in French. She then puts the tickets in a jar and picks a ticket from the jar. When she picks the ticket she will give that prize to that student. It is really fun.

The prizes are usually fancy designs on tape, scratch sheets, pens, erasers, and post cards. Two years ago, Mrs. Miliken taught the upper graders. We interviewed a student and asked her what it was like. She said "It was really fun and filled with surprises." We have learned a lot of things from her like the seasons, food, months, the alphabet, and numbers. Soon everyone will be speaking French. Mrs. Miliken is a great teacher. Sometimes she will take her son, Paxton to class. He is one year old right now . Sometimes, the students enjoy holding him.

By Grace M. And Maddie P.

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