Friday, February 6, 2015

Kendamas are Trending!

In the age of video games, phones, and apps, people don't play with toy that much any more. But this traditional Japanese toy is taking the west coast by storm. This toy is called the Kendama! It is a ball on a string with three cups you use to catch the ball in, there is also a dull tip you can catch the ball on. This toy is very popular in Japan and now is very popular in west coast. It has not spread to the the east coast yet but it most likely will due to the fact that it is so addicting. They aren't cheap though
the cheapest one that is decent is $17.00, and some of the more expensive ones can go up to $200.00.

The Kendama trend has even gotten into Hillwood, now some kids in Hillwood such as Leo, Ethan, Kasama, and my self have started playing with them. Leo also started Kendama Club, were he teaches people to use a Kendama.

This toy is so popular that there are now professional teams such as Kendama USA which is the most well know that are making their own brands. They make edits and participate in the Kendama World Series.

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