Friday, February 6, 2015

Your Very Own Barbecue

      If you like candy, tag, hot dogs, and other fun stuff, you can come to the all-time famous Hillwood Barbecue.  You might just get a bag o' candy with the pinata.  Or, you hang out by the bridge into the arena where all sorts of sports occur.  Some of the sports that happen there are stick wars.  Another sport that happens outside of the arena is volleyball.                                                

       Last time I was there, my good friend Finn created Newfoundland, only it was pronounced how you saw it.  I am part of it, and we had an amazing empire with a whole lot kids in it.  Or you could go down with the Rivercats with my friend Oliver.  It is set beautiful location with a cute, little waterfall and river.  

       The cabin is set in Muir Woods on a private property.  You get to go on a hike in the hiker part of Muir Woods.


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