Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Experience at We Day!

On February 25, 2015, the Hillwood upper graders went to We Day. The We Day event was held in San Jose at the SAP Center. Last year, we went to We Day in March at the Oracle arena. For our international action, we are having an Everything Day event where we raise money for sustainable income for people in Rural China. Some of the people that attended were, Cody Simpson, a famous pop singer, Colbie Caillat, a famous pop singer, Kid President, a youtube sensation, Joe Jonas, famous singer and Free The Children ambassador, and some of the team members from the Oakland Raiders, a football team.
It was really crowded and it was really loud. Most of the students said that they didn't enjoy this We Day as much as last year. They felt that there wasn't as many people as last year and they knew more of the performers last year.
 Last year, we earn our tickets by making Kenyan art and selling it. We also had a big Field Day with a variety of different activities. This year we plan on going to an elderly home to spend time with the elderly. We are also planning to do an Everything Day which is like the Field Day. The last event we will be holding is another art sale.

We Day is not just taking place in San Jose, California, We Day will also take place in the UK, the Waterloo Region, Atlantic Canada, Minnesota, Alberta, Manitoba, Vancouver, and Illinois.
                                                                              By: Asiana D. and Sophia B.

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