Friday, May 16, 2014

Nichole Reinbolt

If you were wondering who thinks of all the crazy and fun ideas for the 5th-8th graders, it's Ms. Reinboldt!"

Ms. Reinboldt is the teacher for the grades 5th-8th at hillwood school. She thinks of cool ideas like the field day for Kenya and the timeline project. Ms. Reinbolt is fun and creative. The students in her class are fun, creative, and full of different peronalities just like their teacher.

Ms. Reinboldt has a younger sister. She was born in Vriginia. She went to Vriginia Common Wealth University. Ms. Reinbolt wanted to teach because teaching is one of the best ways to help people in our community.

This is Ms. Reinboldt's first year at Hillwood, but she will be teaching next year. Ms.Reinboldt's class learns math, ratios, language arts, history, science, atoms, current events, and more. For break, the kids in her class like to okay dodgeball.

Ms.Reinboldt didn't like school when she was younger. "Sometimes people who didn't enjoy school become teachers because they wanted to make school be better than it was for them."

5th-8th graders like Ms. Reinboldt because she is fun, nice, creative and a good teacher.

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