Friday, May 16, 2014

Playing Music in the Hilwood Band

At 3:00 every Wednesday, Ms. Shmitt comes and we get our instruments ready.  For an hour, several of the 5-8th students play different songs like:  Safe and Sound, I'll Be Waiting, and Bad Moon Rising.

"I wanted to explore music, and I wanted to be in the band to expand my capabilities."

The Hillwood Band is taught by Ms. Shmitt, our music teacher.  At the end of class, she comes back to the upper-grades and we begin the Hillwood band.  On the first day, students could suggest songs they wanted to play.  Some of them included:  Price Tag, Adele, Katy Perry, All You Need is Love, Safe and Sound, Love Me Again, and many more!  The songs we decided to play were:  Safe and Sound, I'll Be Waiting, and bad Moon Rising.  

The Hillwood Band has been practicing a lot and things seem to be coming together well.  
"I love how in band we have the opportunity to try new instruments and discover new talents."

Written By:  Natasha J. and Claire P.

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