Friday, May 16, 2014


                       Ms.Tom works her hardest to make sure everything is fun when she is teaching 

Ms.Tom is the teacher for the 2nd through 4th grade class. She likes to help her students get the most out of every lesson. Ms.Tom likes to make everything fun. Some of the subjects she teaches are math,grammar,science and social studies. Ms.tom is a Chinese-American and is a native to San Francisco. She has worked at this school for 11 years,7 years ago,she worked with the kinders and 1st graders.

Ms.Toms class likes to play all sorts of games. They play popular card games like Yugio, a game were you fight with big monsters. They also play Pokemon, a trading card game were you send out these little creatures. They like playing dodgeball and other fun games outside.-Finn

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