Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My second story for the yearbook


Field Day has been a recent tradition at Hillwood. For the first time, Field Day was entirely organized by the upper graders. It benefitted the charity "Free the Children," a nonprofit program to end hunger, provide medical help, and eliminate child labor in certain countries. Since September, we had been avidly discussing, planning, and building for Field Day. Students were encouraged to suggest anything and everything; that no idea would be too outrageous. The selection of ideas was beyond brilliant, though we still had the fun/hard part ahead: designing and building. In honor of Kenya, the country which we donated all proceeds to, the theme for Field Day was "Safari in San Francisco." 

On April 11, 2014, the streets were lined with about two dozen original posters. Visitors entered Alta Plaza Park, in which they were greeted by cardboard giraffes and hippopotami. The trees were entwined with colorful streamers and balloons. Guests were kindly encouraged to donate in turn for tickets, which allowed them to purchase baked goods, play games, or buy thematic artwork. Entertainment included everything from a spectacular magic show to freeze dance to custom balloon creations. Food, games, art, and prizes found at the event were all handmade by the students over the course of several months. 

The reward for hosting a fundraiser was earning tickets to We Day, an amazing concert where all guests contributed time and donations to Free the Children.

While getting ready for Field Day, our class had a blue moon (correct usage?) experience: we were broadcasted on the news. At 9:15 on (insert day), an interviewer and camera crew came to Hillwood and questioned us on every detail of the upcoming event. A handful of students were interviewed on their opinions and speculations of the event. After nearly forty five minutes of filming, we earned ourselves a good two minutes on KTVU.

Field Day was a success; we raised about $200 (?) and everyone had a wonderful experience!

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