Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I don't know if this is good enough to make the yearbook, but if so, please feel free to shorten it. Yearbook #3

Recently, I upgraded one of the Hillwood PCs to Linux Peppermint. Over the past year, I had been learning how to use Linux, a grouping of dozens of unix-based open source operating systems. I started with Puppy Linux, a difficult lightweight OS in which the user is required to know bash commands. After installing it on the school PC, I noticed the machine was still gathering dust. The whole plan of installing Linux was supposed to increase the computer's use and make it more interesting to use, but the result couldn't have been further. After trying a handful of other Linux distributions at home, I realized that Puppy wasn't easy at all! None of us had ever used Linux before, let alone heard of it. I found the ideal OS, Linux Peppermint, which was very user-friendly. Everyone was finally able to enjoy the PC more than ever before.

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